Xiaomi wireless router AX9000 listed, Xiaomi's first tri-band wireless router

Xiaomi wireless router AX9000 listed, Xiaomi’s first tri-band wireless router

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Xiaomi AX9000 is priced at $150.

小米AX6000外观 2

Xiaomi AX9000’s wireless specifications are

2.4G 4x4mimo Maximum rate 1147Mbps

5G1 4x4mimo max rate 4804Mbps, 160MHz support

5G2 4x4mimo maximum rate 2402mbps, support 80MHz

There is also an AiOT wireless, 2.4G + 5G total 583Mbps

So the total wireless rate is AX9000, not counting the AIoT words is AX8400, later to find the same level of comparison, just look at AX8400.

Because the three frequencies are a total of 12 spatial streams, so to use the Networking Pro 1200 Platform or 1210 series CPU.

Qualcomm quad-core 2.2GHz, there are dual-core 1.7GHz NPU, this model is good may be IPQ8072A.

小米AX6000 CPU 2

Xiaomi finally added USB3.0 interface, with a quad-core 2.2G CPU, 2.5G network port is likely to let the USB read speed run full, but the speed of USB3.0 high and low, but also with the money, you give more money, USB3.0 will be faster. Really!

小米AX6000 USB

The 2.5G network interface, which can be defined as WAN or LAN, is chosen by the user. the LAN port also supports link aggregation.

小米AX6000 2.5G网口

Active cooling with a built-in fan, yes. ipq8072a heat generation is more!

小米AX6000 风扇


Two 5G, which shows that this Xiaomi AX9000 does not support 6GHz, and it is not WiFi 6E.

Bandwidth 1000 units, no suspense, a 5G chip is already 512 units, from the bandwidth can be seen QCN9074 this wireless chip, I hope so.

小米AX6000 参数1


IPQ8072A + QCN9074 + 2.5G network port + USB3.0 interface for $150, which seems pretty good so far. (Hardware chip information to future teardown articles shall prevail)

All this, but also not with a 5G network interface, expensive 50 dollars or ah.

Those who do not have cloth network cable, this Xiaomi AX9000 tri-band wifi6 used for wireless networking, there will be a significant improvement, after all, 4804Mbps rate wireless backhaul, more horrible, if Xiaomi optimization is good.

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