Xiaomi router AX6000, $95 do not have to ask whether it is worth

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Price $95, but also with a 2.5G network port, without looking at the wireless, see 2.5G port and $95, there is nothing to pick. So far it is the cheapest WiFi 6 wireless router with a 2.5G network port.

小米AX6000 02

The shell is still with the old Xiaomi AX3600, each have their own preferences.

From the official website of Xiaomi can see the specific wireless parameters. CPU model also has, with the IPQ5018, the frequency is written 1GHz, reduce the cost to reduce the frequency, did not say dual-core or quad-core, I think it is dual-core. I think it is dual-core or quad-core. No detailed parameters of IPQ5018 were found. Whether dual-core or quad-core, IPQ5018 is weaker than the IPQ8071A used by Xiaomi AX3600.

Wireless rate, there is also a detailed description. The following chart.

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小米AX6000 03

2.4G is 2x2mimo, the highest rate of 574Mbps, the chip good may be with the Xiaomi AX3600 used QCN5024, may also be QCN5022, anyway, Xiaomi AX6000 2.4G with only two space streams.

5G is 4x4mimo, the highest rate of 4804Mbps, meaning that in 160MHz support to 4x4mimo, and Xiaomi AX3600 in 160MHz bandwidth only support to 2x2mimo.

Together with the AIot antenna the rate is composed of 6000Mbps, as shown in the following screenshot of the commodity description.

小米AX6000 04

AIoT antenna rate 583Mbps, retaining the AIoT of Xiaomi AX3600.

Wireless parameters are not finished, continue to look at the modulation method QAM. note the description of the red box location in the following screenshot.

小米AX6000 05

“Rate set: MCS0~MCS11 (support 4 streams).4096QAM. Rate set: MCS12~MCS13 (support 2 streams)”

MCS11 is 1024-QAM, support 4 streams, that is, 4x4mimo, meaning that in 1024-QAM support to 4x4mimo, this time plus 160MHz bandwidth, wireless maximum rate is 4804Mbps.

MCS13 is 4096-QAM, support 2 streams, that is, 2x2mimo, meaning that in 4096-QAM can only support 2x2mimo, then add 160MHz bandwidth, the wireless maximum rate is 2882Mbps.

For a table of 4096-QAM rates, see this article.

What is the wireless rate of WiFi 6E?

So then, the Xiaomi 11 phone just happens to match this Xiaomi AX6000, and we all support 4096-QAM (mobile WiFi is 2x2mimo).

This feature matches well with the QCN9074 wireless chip, intercepted from a line in the QCN9074 parameters.

“Supports up to 1024 QAM (4SS) and 4096 QAM (2SS)”

Qualcomm’s 4096 QAM (4SS) new chip will soon be available, right? Broadcom is likely to be released as soon as 4096 QAM (4SS).

Finally, plus support for 2.5Gbps speed network port, can be WAN can also be LAN, the user chooses, very good.

So called the enhanced version, meaning support 4096-QAM, so that the rate of 2x2mimo increased by 20%, of course, your receiving terminal should also support 4096-QAM, there is no wireless card support, intelAX210 just support 6GHz, but still 1024-QAM. xiaomi AX6000 did not say support 6GHz. so not called WiFi 6E .

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