What is the wireless rate of WiFi 6E?

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Xiaomi 11 cell phone WiFi specifications will be to support 4K QAM encoding (4096-QAM), 160MHz bandwidth, total rate of 3.5Gbps. 4096-QAM is one of the standards of WiFi 6E, Xiaomi did not specify whether to support the 6GHz-7GHz band, even if it gives you, if the band is not open, it is not used. 6GHz-7GHz band. 7GHz band, the advantage is to have 14 80MHz and 7 consecutive 160MHz available, when your mansion to use more than one wireless AP line network, do not worry about the channel is not enough.

This article will mainly talk about 4096-QAM can bring how much rate increase and the specific wireless connection rate is how much. Because 4096-QAM can also be used at 5GHz.


In short, 64-QAM, 256-QAM, 1024-QAM, 4096-QAM, each level can bring 20% rate increase.

Let’s take Xiaomi 10 and Xiaomi 11 as an example.

Xiaomi 10 with WiFi 6, the maximum 2.4G rate is 574Mbps (40MHz bandwidth) and the maximum 5G rate is 1201Mbps (80MHz bandwidth).

Xiaomi 11 under WiFi 6E, the maximum rate of 2.4G is 688Mbps (40MHz bandwidth) and the maximum rate of 5G is 1441Mbps (80MHz bandwidth).

As you can see from the above data, the wireless rate is increased by about 20%.

Xiaomi 11 supports 160MHz, so the maximum 5G rate will reach 2882Mbps (160MHz bandwidth). 688+2882=3750Mbps, so the total wireless connection rate of Xiaomi 11 is 3.5Gbps, but the official wording of Xiaomi is “network speed up to 3.5Gbps “, so it’s not right. Wireless speed is not equal to “network speed”.

Finally, we will list some rate comparison table.

2.4G rate table in 802.11ax mode: (40MHz)

2.4G ax 40MHz速率

Because the 2.4G interference is too serious, the rate is even higher, and it is hard in the actual usage environment.

5G rate table under 802.11ax: (80MHz)

5G ax 80MHz速率

5G rate table at 802.11ax: (160MHz)

5G ax 160MHz速率

4x4mimo+160MHz+4096-QAM=5764.7Mbps, which is attractive.

When 8x8mimo becomes popular (maximum wireless rate of 11529Mbps), the speed after using wireless networking will be significantly higher than that of Gigabit ports, and Gigabit LAN becomes the bottleneck.

Finally, to emphasize: “4096-QAM is not a mandatory standard for WiFi 6E”.

WiFi 6E can be seen as a preparation for the next generation “WiFi 7”: to support 320MHz bandwidth. By then the wireless rate will have easily doubled.

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