XDR6080 01

TP-LINK XDR6080 listed for pre-order with dual-band AX6000 + 2.5G custom port

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TP-LINK XDR6080, dual-band AX6000, then 2.4G and 5G are 4x4mimo, the CPU should not use IPQ5018, because IPQ5018 only supports up to 6 spatial streams. Therefore, the CPU of XDR6080 is likely to be IPQ5038 or IPQ8072A. But from the heat dissipation performance of this mold, not to meet the heat dissipation requirements of IPQ8072A.

XDR6080 01

So it’s definitely Qualcomm? Look at the band capacity and OFDMA data and you will know. Dual-band supports a total of 74 OFDMA users, 2.4G also supports 37 OFDMA users?

The 5G chip is definitely the QCN9074. The 4x4mimo 2.4G chip must be a standalone chip, most likely also QCN9074 ah QCN9024. if this is the case, 2.4G signal quality will certainly be enhanced.

XDR6080 07

1024 units with machine capacity.

XDR6080 04

Same 2.5G custom port as XDR5480. We recommend buying it together with the 2.5G optical conversion model for a discount. Even if you don’t have a 2.5G NIC, you can still have a spare and have an extra port to use.

XDR6080 05

Support dual WAN and LAN port aggregation, but this feature requires a firmware update, the XDR5480 has not been updated, right?

XDR6080 08

Price, the listing price of $ 140, is it worth it? When the dismantling of the machine to see a clear to know. Qualcomm too many chip models!

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