XDR3060 01

TP-LINK XDR3060, the cheapest wireless router with 2.5G network port

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I’m also curious about what this wireless chip is like. Is it a single SOC with integrated 2.4G and 5G, or is it a standalone 5G chip? Both are possible. The point is also support 2.5G custom port, and all support 160Mhz, in 2x2mimo rate of 2402Mbps, as Huawei Heisi Hi1152.

At present, in addition to Intel and Heisi, to this Qualcomm support 2 × 2 @160Mhz.

XDR3060 01

The following chart already describes the wireless parameters in great detail.

The number of OFDMA users supported is 8, with a carrying capacity of 192 units.

XDR3060 02

If you add the conversion module, this XDR6060 will be the cheapest Wi-Fi 6 wireless router with 2.5G network port.

The system may change ah, because the description added three modes of switching, may be a separate option, not the same as the current XDR5480.

XDR3060 03

Also supports dual WAN and dual LAN aggregation, simultaneously. Support IPTV single line multiplexing, game dedicated network port, which means that the network port supports a simple QOS policy of small packet priority, right?

XDR3060 04

Listed pre-sale price of $ 60, configuration to wait for the dismantling of the machine to be clear.

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