TP-LINK TL-SH1005 Five-Port 2.5G Switch Disassembly and Simple Testing

TP-LINK TL-SH1005 Five-Port 2.5G Switch Disassembly and Simple Testing

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TP’s TL-SH1005 is currently the cheapest 2.5G rj45 interface switch you can buy, and the size is small, with an external power supply.

TL-SH1005 2.5G交换机

Power supply output specifications: 12V/1A, the power supply is not small. DC plug connected to the electronic load, adjust the output current until 1.17A maximum, more than the output will be cut off. In 1.17A current output voltage value is 11.8V, resulting in a maximum output power of 13.8W.

TL-SH1005 2.5G交换机

Switch size: 16x10cm.

TL-SH1005 2.5G交换机

Metal housing with heat sink holes on both sides

TL-SH1005 2.5G交换机

Panel interface.

TL-SH1005 2.5G交换机

Unpacking the housing.

TL-SH1005 2.5G交换机

Five network ports correspond to five realtek chips.

TL-SH1005 2.5G交换机

Unscrew the heatsink, and you will find a larger realtek chip.

TL-SH1005 2.5G交换机

The main control chip of TL-SH1005 switch is RTL8371, information is not available.

It has a SN74LKVC245A chip next to it, bidirectional level conversion chip?


The smaller chip is: RTL8221B.


Realtek has three 2.5G chips that support the same interface, so they can be applied to different forms of products. They are.

The RTL8156B which supports USB, such as USB3.0 to 2.5G NICs.

RTL8125B which supports PCIe bus, such as PCIE 2.5G NIC.

This RTL8221B supports HSGMII at 2.5Gbps.

The Realtek RTL8221B(I)-CG is a highly integrated Ethernet PHY transceiver that is compatible with 10BASE-Te, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T, and 2.5GBASE-T, and is fully compatible with both the IEEE 802.3 standard and the NBASE-T™ Alliance PHY. It provides all the necessary physical layer functions to transmit and receive Ethernet packets over CAT.5e UTP cable.

So the MAC is inside the RTL8371?



The model number is EN25QH32B-104HIP with 4MB capacity.

TL-SH1005 2.5G交换机

Two 74HC595D near the flash. 8-bit serial input/output or parallel output shift registers with high resistance shutdown states.


DC power input circuit.TL-SH1005 2.5G交换机

Turn over to look at the back of the motherboard, there is no chip, but there is a larger piece of heat-conductive silicone gasket to help the heat of the main control chip to the shell conduction:

TL-SH1005 2.5G交换机

At this point, this SH1005 switch is disassembled. A very single RTL8371 + five RTL8211B.

A brief list of the power consumption of this switch.

Power on, not plugged into the network cable, power 3.9W

Insert four 2.5G port power 9.7W, when speed measurement, the power will not fluctuate, unlike the wireless, low power when idle, full speed when the power soars.

The following simple speed measurement.


One RTL8125B, one AQC107, and one X550-T1.

I found that the X550 NICs on both computers require a custom 2.5G rate to connect to the switch, otherwise auto-negotiation fails. the AQC107 and realtek 2.5G NICs do not have this problem.



There are 5 ports, but I can only measure 4 ports to transfer data at the same time, I do not know how the fifth network port mixed in the transmission.



Each port has 2.33Gbps.

The results for the four 2.5G ports when transmitting in both directions are as follows.


For a switch priced at $70, this performance is already very good

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