TPLINK NT521开箱评测

TP-LINK 10GbE Network Card NT521 Unboxing Test

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TP-LINK This 10 Gigabit NIC is priced at just $80, cheaper than the ASUS XG-C100C, and the NIC chips are the same: AQC107.

NIC packaging.

TPLINK NT521开箱评测

TPLINK NT521开箱评测

There is a heatsink on the network card, necessarily, otherwise it will not work, there is no fan, this one paragraph 10 Gigabit network card heat is really low, high voltage test a few minutes after touching the heatsink with your hand is not hot, if the Intel X550 is very hot. The package comes with a driver CD, and a half-height baffle, also known as a short baffle, for me to use, I have three test machines are MATX chassis need half-height baffle.

TPLINK NT521开箱评测


The PCIE interface specification is X4, 3.0 specification, and the total interface throughput rate is 3.938GB/sec, which is very sufficient for single-port 10GbE, even for bi-directional transmission.

TPLINK NT521拆机评测

In the same day of the order of this TPLINk I bought a X550 on the idle fish, but a single-port, because there is already a dual-port X550-T2, so buy again is a single-port is sufficient. (The dual-port is installed on the speedtest server machine, the system is ubuntu, one port fixed IP address, the other port dynamic allocation, so easy to use, no need to set the IP back and forth)

NT521 and X550 group photo.


The two interfaces are the same PCIE3.0 X4. TPLINK’s heatsink is rather larger. x550 is hot, but the very old 65nm X520 temperature is much lower and power consumption is lower.

First disassemble the NT521 of TP to see what chip is.

TPLINK NT521开箱评测

Under the heat sink there are heat-conductive silicone pads, zoom in to see the network control chip is: AQC107

TPLINK NT521拆机评测

AQC107 supports five speeds, that is, 100M, 1000M, 2.5G, 5G, 10G, as follows.


On how many types of network cable can be transmitted in the maximum length of how many meters how much speed, you can see the following table, the chip of the network card I have not measured the length of.

AQC107 2

The above chart illustrates that a Category 6 card can support 10G at 100 meters, a Category 6 card also supports 10G at 55 meters, and a Category 5 card supports 10G at 30 meters. I have tested the super category 5 network cable in 59 meters of length support 10G rate, but with the INTEL network card.

The same in the hands of no more 59 meters long super category 5 network cable, has become 2 pulled the bright line from downstairs to the downstairs D point location. If you are interested, I can buy another 100 meters of Category 5 cable to test AQC107.

intel X550拆机

Remove the heat sink.

Intel X550拆机

Look at the chip model is X550AT, the model of this cottage network card is Intel X550-AT, 28nm process, so than the X520, X540 are low temperature.


Its parameters.

Data rate per port 10/5/2.5/1GbE (NBASE-T in Linux Only)

System Interface Type PCIe v3.0 (8.0 GT/s)

NC sideband interface Yes

Jumbo frame support Yes

Supported Interfaces 100Base-T, 1000Base-T, 10GBase-T

The same five-speed, but it can not manually set the rate in the WIN system, only adaptive, while the AQC107 will be able to manually specify the operating rate.

I previously mentioned two ASUS routers, AX6600 and and AX86U, both of them 2.5G speed network port and Intel X550 network card is not compatible, will restart from the beginning of the 2.5G rate disconnected reconnect, and finally stable at 1G rate, and connected to the Netgear XS508M switch, other devices connected to the switch can not get the AX86U IP.

AX86U with TP this NT521 (AQC107) will be no problem, stable at 2.5G rate. XDR6060 with X550 but no problem.

Simply test the speed of TP this 10 Gigabit network card. The following use of two computers directly connected, the other computer is installed X550, NT521 manually set how much rate, X550 will be how much rate. The hard drives of both computers are cottage Samsung SM961 256G.

Z170, I5-6500, NT521, SM961 256G

Z270, G4560, X550, SM961 256G

The network cable used, a few meters of super 5 cable to find a direct connection between the two machines.

The file transfer speed at 10G rate is as follows.

10G link

5G rate file transfer speeds are as follows.

5G link

2.5G rate file transfer speeds are as follows.

2.5G link

Finally, the 2 computers were connected to the Netgear XS508M and ran at 10G rate with the following speeds.

10G XS508M

Connected to a Netgear XS508M, the 5G rate is as follows.

5G XS508M


Connected to a Netgear XS508M, the 2.5G rate is as follows.

2.5G XS508M

Connected to a Netgear XS50M, at 10G rate with IxChariotr hitting the stream, the total throughput rate when transmitting in both directions is as follows, reaching the 10 Gigabit limit, right?

ixchariot 10G

5G two-way hit stream results.

ixchariot 5G

2.5G bidirectional hit stream results.

ixchariot 2.5G

From all aspects of test data, good satisfaction, no problems found for the time being.

If you think TPLINk NT521 is not cheap enough, you can consider COMFAST CF-P100, the same chip, the chip description is with AQC107, I tried to remove the heatsink, but can not take down, there is a good strong adhesive. Eventually did not dismantle into.

The outer packaging is as follows.


There is also a short half-height baffle, and the heatsink is significantly smaller than that of the TPLINk NT521. the PCIE interface specifications are the same.


Back label.


This COMFAST 10 Gigabit network card bought a little late, recently did not have time to test it, are busy with AX5 to go. Since the chip is also AQC107 there is nothing to test.

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