TOTOLINK X5000R disassembly

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Is the X5000R the first Wi-Fi 6 wireless router from TOTOLINK? The wireless specification is AX1800, and I don’t know what chip solution. Take it apart and see!

Outer packaging.


Everything was taken out and the router had a dense heat sink hole in the top cover.


The power output specification is 12V/1A, and the measured standby power is 6.3W. From this standby power, we can first rule out the BCM6755 from Broadcom.


Now there are few models with complete network ports, the so-called complete is 1WAN + 4LAN.X5000R拆机

Bottom label.


Router front.


After removing the four screws at the bottom you can pry open the housing:


There are four 16V 470uf capacitors in the DC power input circuit area.

There are two wireless chips on the right side of the capacitors, and the heat sink above the chips is a silicon carbide ceramic chip. Look at the array of such a pro-troopers are arrayed in front of the lineup will know that the MTK wireless program.


Why do not use aluminum radiator?

one, in the same volume unit, heat dissipation is better than copper and aluminum, itself does not store potential, direct heat dissipation.

Second, insulation, high temperature resistance.

Third, to reduce the problems caused by EMI (electromagnetic interference).

These I saw in Taobao, because today just placed an order for a few pieces back to spare. (20x20mm 5mm thick 1.5 yuan a piece)

These three pieces of heat dissipation are used to stick on the chip, it is impossible to take down with bare hands. Ignore it first!

There are four fixed screws on the motherboard, after screwing out, take out the motherboard.

Front of the motherboard.


Back of the motherboard.


No chips on the back of the motherboard, so do not look.

Back to the front of the motherboard, first find a way to remove the heat sink it. Blow it with an electric gun, blow half a minute after taking the pliers to twist hard left and right, done:


After clearing the residual glue on the chip with the blade.X5000R拆机

First look at the CPU, the model is MT7621AT, dual-core 880MHz, we are familiar with.


Next to the CPU is the memory chip, model NT5CC128M16IP-DI, with 256MB capacity.X5000R拆机

The flash memory model is EN25QH128A-104HIP with 16MB capacity.X5000R拆机

Wireless chip is MT7975DN + MT7915DAN, composed of MT7915D. 2.4G and 5G wireless are integrated in the chip at the same time, both 2x2mimo, 2.4G rate 574Mbps, 5G rate 1201Mbps.

Some programs will use the MT7905DAN, which is less than the MT7915DAN Bluetooth function and automatic DFS function, the other the same.


MT7915 heat generation is considered high, but this case, the top cover and bottom shell have dense heat sink holes, touching the top of the body will not feel very hot.

There is no independent FEM chip outside the wireless chip, using the built-in PA and LNA.


There is nothing else to see.

I bought many sticks of thermal adhesive when I DIY soft route cooling, this time can also come in handy to glue the heatsink back. No more, the thinner the better, this is my wake up call after gluing the heatsink!


Too much is put in to affect the thermal conductivity.X5000R拆机

The last do is the chip model summary chart:


Take three cell phones downstairs D point speed test to see: the


No external FEM, this speed is not bad, Xiaomi 4C results with TY6202A almost, but wfii6 is 20% slower than TY6202A a few, but TY6202A is a 5G independent amplifier.

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