Summary of the differences between Xiaomi AX6000 and AX3600

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Often asked which of these two should buy, according to their own needs to buy it.

Xiaomi AX6000 and Xiaomi AX3600 difference between the following chart.


Some people ask if there is any effect on the total bandwidth of 1Gbps from CPU to multiple LAN ports. For everyday use, there is no impact.

The real test Xiaomi AX6000 2.5GbE network port is a problem

Some people ask if the CPU has become weaker. How weak is it?

How weak it is also dual-core A53 architecture, weak in many interface features were removed, the frequency down, the number of cores shrunk, how gigabit broadband can also meet the use of;.

2 gigabit broadband words, well simple you buy two Xiaomi AX6000, a 2.5GbE WAN access, another 5G wireless bridge to its 5G, and then 2.5GbE LAN output, and then connect a TPLINk 8-port 2.5G switch ($ 80), it is OK.

The price came down. Making the Xiaomi AX6000 the cheapest 2.5G port WiFi6 and is 4x4mimo 160MHZ and supports 4096-QAM, that’s a fact.

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