Make one wireless router into two, enhanced version

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This is an article that follows on from the previous article:

Make one wireless router into two with seamless roaming

Some people have said you can connect power amplifiers, looking for them, they are not cheap, if I want to get 2x2mimo, I have to buy two, the cost is heavy. For example, there is a 5.8GHz power amplifier that can amplify 5W power for signal enhancement of drones for $60. I looked for what looked like small DIY boards:.

Frequency range 5-6000MHz, so 2.4G and 5G can be used, gain 20dB, external 5V power supply. 20 yuan a piece without shield, with cover 4 dollars. In order to save the effort of removing the shield, I asked for one without the shield. There is only a small chip, it seems to be a booster tube, and it, only one direction of amplification, no transceiver, transmitter switch.

I want to connect the end of the two extension cables, the two boards have to be soldered power supply, so the bare board is not good to put. Find a piece of DIY soft routing when the acrylic board, cut a small section is enough, as follows.

Add a few small screws and brass coding to fix them both.

Because it is 5V, I directly bring a cell phone charging cable modification, over 3A current no problem:

After some manipulation, it looks like this.

Because the two ends of this small board are external screw inner hole, and bought an adapter. And then connected to the adapter and then with the antenna looks like.

Useful or not? I do not know

USB plug in the mobile power, power up and see, measure the voltage and current: 5V, 0.15A. Everything is ready!

I’m afraid that this small board of power will break the Netgear R6800, heartache ah, when the 50 dollars to buy, or take a cheap WDR8500 do test it, in case of bad, I will not be too sad.

The following test, the following figure, the two extension cables from the “WIFI” position in the figure below to the “L” point location.

R6800 EA7500V2

In the L point position 0.5 meters away from the antenna, test the signal strength, not connected to the “amplifier”, through the extension cable directly connected to the two antennas, Xiaomi 10 signal strength is -67dBm, connected to the amplifier, after. The signal became stronger, with -57dBm, and then look at the connection rate also rose a lot, the following chart信号强度1

Separate speed tests to see.


Through the speed measurement results show that although the signal strength is enhanced after connecting the amplifier, but no warp speed did not increase, but significantly reduced, and the upstream speed decreased significantly, indicating that only through the Tx, not through the Rx, to verify the previously mentioned only amplified a direction. But the speed did not improve ah. When the distance to 1.5 meters, the speed will drop to single digits.

Obviously, this so-called amplifier does not play a substantial role. But you can not find the seller theory ah, because the title of the product is indeed “signal amplification”, did not say that the wireless speed also has a gain.

In short, do not connect the damn thing, the actual test are better than connected, really is useless “power amplifier”. Please do not buy, a waste of money!

After the extension cable directly connected to the antenna, I rely on the phone on the antenna, found that the wireless speed can be close to 600Mbps more, this speed is very good:.

If I take another wireless router and connect two antenna extension cables directly to the antenna connector of the router, set this wireless router 5G wireless relay 。。。。。 If this wireless router is a tri-band, there are two 5G, one 5G for wireless relay, the other 5G for power amplification, then I can save a few hundred dollars to buy a wireless power amplifier?

Based on the numbers on the dielectric filter, it was determined that this group of RF output was low frequency 5G, because my router was changed to a Netgear R6800 and set to 44 channels. So to connect to this group of low frequency 5G.

The picture above is a small piece of circuit board broken off in the following corner, but I test wireless is no problem, when the shield shield accidentally hurt.

The appearance of the SAM adapter after plugging in.

Put back into the bottom shell of the router, because there is a heatsink, boot without the heatsink, I’m afraid of smoke:

This will allow you to connect the antenna extension cable. Put it on the end of the extension cable at the L point position, connect the line and set the wireless relay.

This 15-length extension cable attenuation is very large, equivalent to the role of an attenuator. Because of this can be directly connected, if you use a short line directly connected, I’m afraid it will burn the amplifier, and the power is too strong to go LNA, directly from the bypass to the wireless chip, but also burn the wireless chip. I guessed it!

Netgear R6800 brush of Pandora firmware, then you can view the quality of connected devices from the system: (This is exactly the reason to use the Netgear R6800, you can view the rate. With Asus routing is also OK, but AX86U shed, AC86U for a new back has not been unboxed)

荣耀猎人5G中继 R6800 信号质量

As you can see, the signal quality is very good, and the connection rate is full 867Mbps.

Now take the laptop and connect it to the LAN port of the router, and test the speed to see.

荣耀猎人5G中继 R6800后 lan测速

Very good well. The feeling of full speed, 5G relay quality is very good!

Take Xiaomi 10 connected routing 5G2 (high frequency 5G), respectively, in the distance from the route 10CM and 1.5M distance speed measurement, as follows.


Both are about the same, with a downstream speed of about 450 Mbps, and a further distance to stay at that speed.

I can say that this method is feasible, but the result is “useless”. Connecting an extension cable is better than pulling a network cable, connect a cheaper dual-band wireless router is better.


After finally tossing it out, my conclusion is that this tiny extension cable is useless. Maybe I will continue to test once I can find a cheap real 5GHz power amplifier later.

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