Huawei H6 Distributed Panel ap Signal Amplifier Mesh Whole-House WiFi6+ New Product Launch

Huawei H6 Distributed Panel ap Signal Amplifier Mesh Whole-House WiFi6+ New Product Launch

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Huawei H6 CPU.

The host is a quad-core 1.4GHz, which is Huawei AX3 pro using the Heisi Hi5651T, A54 architecture, process 28nm, so the heat is a bit large, the performance is relatively strong, well there may be a new chip out this year using 14nm process, so the heat can be significantly reduced. This is also what I hope. Integrated 3 gigabit ports, 3, the number is derived from 4-1 = 3, because I saw AX3 Pro more than one RTL8211F, so there are 4 full gigabit ports.

The host has a total of 8 Gigabit ports, 6 LAN, 1 WAN, and one IPTV.

华为H6 07


The extension (subrouting), dual-core 1.2GHz, which is the CPU of Huawei AX3, Heisi HI5651L, integrated with 4 Gigabit network ports, because I have not seen AX3 has RTL8211F, so this number 4 is derived.

The extension has a total of 2 network ports, a WAN port and a LAN port.

华为H6 04

The WAN port of the extension is connected to the POE power supply, with the word 48V.

华为H6 05

There may be two versions of the extension, a standard version and a pro version, the difference may just be the difference between 2 network ports and 1 network port.

Because there is no more information, so you can only guess and play.

Wireless specifications are still AX3000, which is 2x2mimo, 5G support 160MHz, this has met 99% of the phone, the remaining 1% is those who support 4096-QAM.

You can understand the AX3 into the AP panel, so it is good to understand this new Huawei H6 products.

华为H6 03

But when you think about it, now in addition to the Huawei AP panel, there is no one that can support 2x2mimo 160MHz.

WiFi6+ and WiFi6 Enhanced are manufacturers’ own definitions and promotional slogans, and there is no such standard in the WiFi Alliance!

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