How much speed is left in the NIC after the PCIE X1 transfer? NIC selection for soft routing

How much speed is left in the NIC after the PCIE X1 transfer? NIC selection for soft routing

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3865U this motherboard with M2 adapter board, turn out the PICE X1 slot, connected to a four-port network card I340-T4, in WIN10 system speed measurement, to see how much speed the four network ports can run at the same time.



4 ports running simultaneously in both directions.

3865U接I340-T win10 四口双向

The CPU is not yet 100% occupied, and it is estimated that this speed is close to the limit of the interface. Each port sends and receives around 800Mbps, the sum is a little more than 3.0Gbps of bandwidth.

This is also the data after using the minipcie adapter pcie x1.

The dual-port NIC is a no-brainer, and the following is a test using the I350-T2. As you can see from the chart below, both ports are sending and receiving over 900Mbs, with a total bandwidth of 1.8Gbps more.

3865U接I340-T win10 两口双向


Testing the other day, took out a few intel NICs and found some differences in bandwidth.

The soft routing packet forwarding performance test article is as follows.

Test the packet forwarding performance of soft routing, you can see before selecting a soft routing motherboard

From the process of small package testing found that intel82576 this dual-port network card on several motherboards are bi-directional 1.4Gbps or so, not normal. Looked up the information, saw the pcie parameters, although it says PCIe V2.0, but the transmission standard is 2.5GT / s

intel82576 01

Starting with I340 using 5.0GT/s.

I340 01

I350 series, not to mention, is also 5.0GT / s. I340 and I350 power consumption is also lower some.

So if you pursue the ultimate, intel82576 before the model do not buy to transfer with, directly I340-T2 above, I340-T4 these prices are pulled to a good high. Fujitsu has a model I350-T2 in about $ 90 cost-effective, and the transfer without external power supply.

Intel82576 although the total bandwidth to the port is only 1.4Gbps, but you gigabit broadband, but also up to 100Mbps uplink bandwidth, right? Also enough to use


Even cheaper is the HP331. Not much more to say!

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