H3C NX54 01

H3C NX54 New Launch, AX5400 Wireless Router

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H3C launched an NX54 with six external antennas, which looks like a version of the BX54 with external antennas, but the price is significantly cheaper compared to the BX54. The appearance is a bit strange, the stand up placement is a bit like the Asus 86U series.H3C NX54 01

The hardware description is best summarized by the following diagram.

H3C NX54 02

CPU is IPQ5018, dual-core 1GHz, integrated single-core 12-thread NPU, this CPU also integrates 2x2mimo 2.4G, the highest rate of 574Mbps.

Support 640 terminals access, should be the sum of dual-band.

H3C NX54 03

Support 4K-QAM and 37 OFDMA user number.

The 5G chip model is QCN9074, which supports 4x4mimo 160MHz, with a maximum rate of 4804Mbps. the most powerful 5G chip I can see in Qualcomm.

Memory capacity 512MB. flash memory capacity is not known!

FEM chip model is also unknown, if the FEM chip is the same, then the NX54 can be described as an external antenna version of the BX54.

Pre-launch price $80

Reminder, this does not yet support Mesh networking, wait for the firmware update.

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