vleop AC4400评测

A wireless router can’t penetrate multiple walls no matter how strong the signal is

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A wireless router can’t penetrate multiple walls no matter how strong the signal is, this statement I use the actual test data to analyze. First of all, the Asus AX86U 2.5G network port, and my Intel X550-T2 is not compatible, after repeatedly reconnecting some, the rate is stable at 1Gbps, the surface is not 2.5Gbps, the same network card connected to the TP XDR6060 stable 2.5Gbps, AX86U and AX6600 the same situation. Asus routers usually give others the feeling of a stronger signal, so there’s nothing wrong with using it as an example, right?

To overcome multiple walls, we must use multiple wireless routers, in the absence of wiring, only 2 can be used to do wireless networking, as a reference example, the choice of Velop tri-band version of the two installed, that is, the VELOP AC4400.

Two samples to a group photo.

vleop AC4400评测

The front is not as good as the AC86U, this black is not as good as the AC86U black, the test phone only took 2 are Apple’s cell phone IPhone 6s (WI-FI5) and IPhone SE2 (WI-FI6), the same body. SE2 WIFI chip is Apple to the Broadcom custom, the specific model is not known, only know Broadcom chip. AX86U The AX86U and and Velop AC4400 are set to the United States region, set the United States region, the high-frequency channel signal will be stronger, so the AX86U 5G channel set 161, Velop is wireless networking, wireless backhaul in general I recommend 2 5G set the same name on the line, but 2.4G and 5G must not be united.

The home is two layers, Velop sub-nodes are divided into two places to place, depending on where you need to enhance the signal quality. This time, only 5G speed is measured, not 2.4G, this acwifi has another motto: not 2.4G if you can use 2.4G.

First of all, the same level of remote location “L”, with an AX86U and a pair of Velop AC2200 to see the speed difference between the L point, AC86U and a master node velop placed in the WIFI position in the figure below, another Velop placed in the L position wireless networking, with 2 cell phones to test the L point 5G speed respectively.

The floor plan is as follows.

pingmian L

Use self-built speedtest server to simulate gigabit upstream and downstream bandwidth connected to the router’s WAN port, continuous speed test 6 times, take the average value for comparison, two cell phones a location L point speed test results are as follows.

ax86u ac4400 01

Average Comparison: (Unit: Mbps/s)


Here you can also see how much difference there is between a WIFI6 router with a WIFI5 phone and a WIFI6 phone, for example the Apple 6S (267) is twice as slow as the Apple SE2 (130) in the picture above. The difference in speed between the Apple SE2 connecting the two is not much, as the Velop ac2200 only supports WIFi5, which is only like 60 megabytes higher than the AX86U, although the uplink speed is much higher. When connected with WIFI5 Apple 6s, the speed difference between the two is obvious, more than double.

velop for a change, placed downstairs in the D point location, to see how much difference in speed, the plan is as follows.

pingmian D

If we want to have a wider coverage and faster internet access downstairs, we put the vleop sub-node downstairs and then measure the speed of “D” and “E” locations respectively. All the results for both phones are shown in the table below.

velop ac4400评测

Comparison of average velocity at point D position.

velop ac4400评测

The Apple SE2, which supports WIFI6, is still not significantly different from the 5G speed of the two wireless routers, with a large difference in uplink speed. The Apple 6s that only supports WIFI5 still has a big difference in 5G speed connecting the two routers. Apple 6s connected to AX86U’s 5G only 75 megabit speed, well 。。。。 Apple phone’s WIFI has always been worse.

Then the most remote E point location.

velop ac4400评测

Why is AX86U all 0? Because the two Apple phones are not connected to its WIFI signal, so the speed can not be measured, the signal is “poor” state, even if the connection, the measurement is also not moving. The state of the following chart.


The above is just an example made with wireless networking, if it’s wired backhaul it’s even a huge difference. If you want to make wireless networking also have high network speed, you can consider some 4x4mimo mesh products, for example, if you use MR9000X, the speed will be higher.

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