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iMac 5k 2020

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Configuration List
It was a custom iMac, but it only took a week, which I found very efficient.

CPU and GPU two pulled full, i9-10910 and 5700XT.
The memory was chosen with the lowest configuration of 8G, then two extra 32G OWC’s were added to make up a total of 72G of RAM. If the memory gets tight, it’s not too late to swap the 2 4G’s for 32G’s.
The 512G SSD is enough for me, and it comes with a 10G network port.
The TB3 Pro line that came with the order was only available with XDR, no way, the temptation was too great.

Accessories Out of the Box
OWC has always been my first choice for mac accessories, my TB3 Dock is theirs and it works great. I bought the 32Gx2 kit to give myself a fallback. But this package was designed for 32Gx4 at first glance.

Double-sided particles, one 2G, 16 exactly 32G.

This TB3 Pro came out before the iMac update.

The back of the package draws one. By drawing a Mac Pro and an XDR, does it imply that ordinary users like us don’t deserve to have one?

All of my existing TB3 cables are the same one that came with the LG5K monitor, but it’s true that the braided cable doesn’t feel bad and the durability is hopefully all improved.

Mac Out of the Box

But this time the Fedex, giving a bad review, the case I usually keep, ended up smashing two holes.

How do you think this iMac is new? The wallpaper of the box can be seen

Pity about the packaging.

The first rip of the package is always the happiest.

iMac packaging form these years have not changed, the first piece is the accessories box, which contains the keyboard and trackpad. I forgot to say that I didn’t choose Apple’s Myriad Control Mouse, I’m not used to it.

Open it up.

The power cord placement was a bit random this time around.

Some perspective.

It’s wrapped tight.

That’s probably the layout, right?

The keyboard and touchpad should still be stuffed back in the original packaging. You can use them, but you can’t not buy them, right?

This plastic distorts everything, but it shows me the truth.

It’s really beautiful in its non-powered state!
The power connector on the back seems like maybe it hasn’t been updated in a long time?

4 Type-A ports, the right network port has been upgraded to a 10G port.

If I’m not mistaken, this is a microphone, right?

The power-on button. It’s not very good.

I was going to buy the VESA version of the iMac, but placed the wrong order, just get the configuration right, and the VESA version of the iMac will be harder to sell in the future.

Turn it on.

At the end of a busy day, look at the new iMac and the fatigue is gone!

Just ran the scores with Benchmark 5 and then see how the new 5700XT performs under OpenGL and Metal!
To be clear, it’s positioned as a Mac up to mainstream specs, and I’m not surprised that it scored well, because that’s all it can be!



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