IdeaPad 15/2020/Ryzen 4600U Performance Test

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The r5-4600u is the final piece of the puzzle for the new generation of Ryzen.

The CPU is very powerful, already equal to the performance of the i7-10750h of the y7000p-2020.

The graphics card is much worse than the r7-4800h of the yoga 14s.

Cons, plastic body is soft, no second hard drive bit, power button feels terrible.

Pros, high color gamut screen looks great, Western Digital black disk performs well (manufacturer mix out, people may receive other hard drives), has a numeric keypad, large battery

cinebench r15, has faintly surpassed the y7000p’s i7-10750h

burn in

Two heat pipes, one fan

No second hard drive bit.

Other screenshots

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