8-core 16-thread 13″, IdeaPad Pro13 2020 Ryzen R7-4800U Performance Testing

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Performance is definitely to the max, with sustained performance that exceeds only the yoga14s

The workmanship and mold precision are improved.

In the actual game, because of the resolution, large games are more difficult, and the actual performance after reducing the resolution is about equal to yoga14s 4800u.

It can be considered as the doubled performance version of the previous generation product.

The battery should five hours of light use is OK.

computer configuration

Performance Testing

burn in

Performance is significantly better than the yoga14s, very close to the i7-10875h

The CPU actually has too much excess performance, and the difference in the core graphics is a noticeable difference, as the 4700u feels far less comfortable playing games than the 4800u.


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