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Zen+ R5 2600 & Vega56 installed

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good news! good news!


The original price of more than 2,000, more than 3,000 AMD Ruilong processor, now


Still have two or three thousand


However, one year is full, the afternoon has arrived, and the Ruilong processor has all been upgraded to a new generation of Zen+.


The biggest change is the name.


Secondly, some unimportant things such as IPC, memory controller, and lithography process are really bad.


So I bought it again.


Since I bought it, I still have a machine to give him a home.


First, out of the box + introduction

The first is a brand new AMD Ruilong Zen+ R5 2600 processor, the package is basically no change, even the radiator is still the original formula, the original taste



Still, as always, the small black box, the sticker on the fan was replaced with a reflective one. After I looked at him, I threw it into the cabinet and put it together with the R5 1600 radiator…



Amd must have 7352w boxes in the warehouse, this century should not change the packaging, but the stickers are upgraded, it looks better, hope to upgrade to the noble metal stickers in the next generation



In addition to the number 2600, the CPU does not see any difference.



The motherboard is using my old motherboard, B350m-Tuf, durable and durable, because the early purchase, brushed Bios to use a new generation of processors, here also reminds the old players of Ruilong, remember to upgrade Bios



Full-size Matx, Strix with the same power supply, the price is still cheap, nothing good






The memory is also old memory, bought before the price increase, before lending to friends, not long ago, the memory dropped a little, let him return the memory to me to buy a new one.



The heat is used in the HR02m that has been used on the R7 1700, and several cool FP120



Antec’s HCG850, originally intended to use the X650 to install the machine, think about it or buy a new one, HCG850 is not very expensive, upgrade the platform after the big wattage is also convenient



There are quite a lot of features, and there is a more detailed introduction on the back.




850w Gold Certification



After opening, it is a normal paper box.




Wire can not ask too much, it is convenient to look good or have to customize the line




This Hybrid control button is a bit familiar, because I bought an 850fx before. Now I look at the Hybrid button and think of the rhyme that I bought before. After checking it, I know that this power supply is a sea rhyme foundry. The biggest change is package……



The video card is a new Vega56 ultra-platinum. This card is very tangled when it is bought, because the price is high, the hand of the payment is very fierce, but the heat and materials are very luxurious, the hand shake is shaking, and finally paid



Comes with a stand, and the workmanship is more refined than the graphics card.



Three fans, the thickness is comparable to the big bread of the year



Extremely luxurious heat sink, even with two heat pipes on the power supply module



Second, the installation begins

First of all, the motherboard, here I want to blow a wave of people’s am4 buckle, if it is not this buckle, I may not be able to put my graphics card into the narrow chassis.




Apply cool nano-diamond grease to prepare for the case



The chassis is my old chassis, the graphics card is limited to 310mm, and the length of sapphire ultra-platinum is 310mm. It can be said that it is very limited.




Put it into the motherboard and install the heat sink



The graphics card just coincides with the fan panel of the chassis, the card is very tight, just plug it in, the bracket is saved.




Install a huge radiator…



Install the power supply, the FP120 has a dedicated fan controller, and there is a magnet on the back that can be sucked on the power supply.




Black and grey color scheme



Look at this fin and see me.



The ultra-platinum LOGO can finally shine




Light up at once, very comfortable, but the graphics card’s lighting can not be controlled



Graphics performance is not important, there is faith in the light





The brightness of the FP120 is a bit large, but it can be adjusted. It is much softer after adjustment.








In addition to the difference in frequency, the limited edition has two more light panels that can be illuminated.



I think the overall cyan light is pretty good.



Third, the test <br /> A lot of friends spit me this B350M-Tuf, I was angry, so I bought C7h and a 2700 overnight, ready to do a special test, here is a simple test CPU

The temperature control of the new generation of Ruilong is great. The 4.0G only has the power consumption in the early 100s. A stuffy jar is baked out 65 degrees.

Memory is not high, frequency is not high, CR15 score is for reference only

Next is the running score of the graphics card.

Then test the game, the Tomb Raider shadow is so expensive, touch my more than 200 tombs 10 do not dare to speak

Civilization 6 is a good game

The optimization of eating chicken is also coming up.

AMD’s specially optimized FC5, bought it for less than 20 hours, I have no other meaning, how can the game be installed?

Thank you for your guidance.

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