SteelSeries Arctis Pro out of the box and a week of experience report

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Arctis Pro is the basic model of the Arctis Pro series of gaming headsets sold by Seri. The other two models are Arctis Pro+GameDAC and Arctis Pro Wireless. They are equipped with sounding units that can play back the frequency range of 10Hz~40kHz, and they all support the sound of DTS Headphone X v2.0, which is designed to give users a better sense of positioning.

    As the foundation of the new series, Arctis Pro does not have the same gold-plated Hi-Res certification and ESS Sabre chips and amplifiers as the Emperor version of Arctis Pro+GameDAC , but its sounding unit and the latter remain consistent – ​​high quality units and high density 钕magnet. So what is the main sound quality of Arctis Pro, let us see, this so-called Hi-Res high-quality generating unit of the thousand-level gaming headset, can bring us some surprises.

feature of product

  • Sounding unit with a frequency range of 10Hz~40kHz. ——Hi-Res high-quality sound unit, the audio and video is sharper.
  • DTS Headphone: X V2.0 surround sound. – Accurate game positioning.
  • ClearCast microphone. ——Exclusive game microphone, no worries in the game.
  • Lightweight aluminum design and tempered design. ——wearing comfortably, eliminating the fatigue of wearing headphones.

Packaging and unpacking accessories display

Arctis Pro continues the simple and stylish design language of the Cyrus Arctis series. The packaging has changed from the previous color mosaic mode of the Arctis 3/5/7 series to a more fresh and lively minimalist graphic design style. Compared with the Siberian series of headphones, it has lost a lot of game flavor and added more fashionable atmosphere.
    In addition to the appearance display, the packaging information also includes the design features of the product, such as Airweave woven earmuffs, aluminum alloy frame, Hi-Res sounding unit and so on.
 Arctis Pro front display
 Arctis Pro back display
 Arctis Pro side display
▲ Unpacking is always exciting
▲The headphone body can be seen out of the box, and the upper and lower sides are fixed with hard plastic, which makes the earphones perfectly protected during transportation.
▲The lower layer of the package is the accessory box. The accessories include USB cable with ChatMix knob, double-head USB cable and 3.5MM interface adapter cable. There is also a very simple multi-language manual, and a feedback card that sells Meng.Now it has been nearly 3m after the combination, and it can handle various usage situations at will.

Appearance detail display

 Arctis Pro’s overall design is very round, all black, yes, even the headband of the ski band is black, the overall feeling is very strong.
 Arctis Pro’s headphone suspension structure allows the player to be more comfortable when hanging headphones, preventing the top of the earmuffs. It also makes storage more convenient.
▲The earphone earmuffs are made of matte black plastic. The material is unknown, but the texture is very strong. The Steelseries logo is darkly processed and does not emit light, which adds a bit of low-key and restrained to the stylish Arctis Pro.
 Magnetic structure means that the shell earmuff shell can be easily removed. Does this mean that you can play “Technology for shell-based”?
▲The function keys are concentrated on the back side of the left ear cup. From top to bottom are the microphone switch, volume adjustment knob, USB jack and 3.5mm jack.
▲The soft and comfortable Airweave woven earmuffs will bring high comfort to the wearer.
 Telescopic ClearCast microphone is convenient and beautiful.
▲The detachable ski headband has always been the selling point of the Arctis series. Adding personality elements to small accessories is also a major feature of Sairui.
▲The head beam is made of titanium-gray aluminum alloy, which is very strong compared to the plastic head beam of Arctis5.

Drive details and RGB effects

▲ The Arctis Pro driver is still the Engine 3 of Sai Rui. It is worth mentioning that to use the Dolby 7.1 sound of the headphones, you need to install the corresponding software in Engine 3.
 Enter the configuration interface of the headset, you can see that the aura of the left and right headphones can adjust the RGB light effect, the effective color is 1680w color. In addition, the microphone position also has RGB effect lights. But unfortunately, the words on the side of the steelseries can not shine.
▲The side ring of the earphone and the microphone can adjust the RGB light effect separately. The effect is divided into monochrome constant light, COLORSHIFT (RGB conversion mode) RGB conversion mode (default), multi-color breathing mode, and light effect mode. The variety of settings provides players with a very high level of playability for customizing their favorite headphone lighting effects.
 Light effects in COLORSHIFT mode.
Headphone sound and mic settings are on the right side of SSE3. The top-down setup options and their driver descriptions are as follows:
  • Speaker (DTS HEADPHONE: X 7.1) Switch : When turned on, DTS HEADPHONE: X Virtual Surround Sound simulates the sound source mixing sound field 3D environment.
  • Equalizer : Set the audio according to your personal preferences. The adjustment controller increases/ decreases the number of each frequency. Presets can be made to quickly set the sound range for a variety of different scenes. Presets include: Custom, Straight, Performance, Immersive, Entertainment, Music, Sound, and Modes. PS: Only one custom mode storage is supported.
  • Dynamic Range Compression : This feature adjusts the headphone volume so that all your audio is presented at the same audible volume. Relevant, low, medium and high four adjustable. PS: Here is a description, this is the FPS artifact, which can increase the footsteps, but the corresponding ambient sound will increase accordingly, which can be adjusted according to personal preferences.
  • Real-time microphone preview : Instantly hear your own voice in your own headset for real-time preview of your microphone settings.
  • Microphone volume : Increase or decrease the volume of the microphone so you can adjust the microphone volume according to the game or VoIP client without entering the system settings.
  • Noise Reduction : Microphone noise suppression reduces the background noise received by the microphone and improves the clarity of your sound. Relevant, low, medium and high four gears are adjustable.
  • Microphone sounding : Allows you to hear your own voice in the headphones. Many people like low-level sounding so they know that the microphone is working.

▲ Rich sound and microphone setting options are simple, intuitive and powerful.

▲In addition, in the Engine application, you can set PrismSync to synchronize, and you can also set the V-Aerobics game CSGO and DOTA2’s halo effects (I wish CNDOTA TI all the better this year, refueling CNDOTA). There are also many interesting applications that are highly playable.

▲ The database provides different presets for each game, which is undoubtedly the gospel for omnivorous game lovers like me.

Thanks to the simple and straightforward yet powerful Engine 3 driver, the Arctis Pro setup is very easy. Players can easily get the sound they want, and it’s easy to set up the microphone. Although these functions are the basis for a gaming headset, but like the Sairui, from the simple usability of the driver UI interface to the driver option details and playability, there are not many manufacturers. As a veteran gaming headset manufacturer, the foundation is still very deep.

Sound test 

1 game experience 

Watch Pioneer Overwatch 
As one of the most popular first-person competitive FPS games, Watching Pioneer is a very team-oriented game. Such a competitive game is naturally very picky about the positioning of the headphones and the effect of the microphone. 
In the case of using DTS Headphone: X V2.0 7.1 sound by default, Arctis Pro is used. In the game, the enemy’s footsteps and the direction of the shot are very clear, and it is easy to recognize the orientation; then open in Engine 3 7.1 special effects, the sound field in the game instantly increases a lot, and the subtle sounds that feel far away from you can be easily captured. It can be said that the positioning is more clear, which undoubtedly increases the detection of the enemy. Scope, for the competitive FPS game is undoubtedly a kind of “physical cheating.” As a LYB McRae player, I am very pleased.

▲Listen to the voice, let the opponent meet the wheat ring every day.

    Jedi survival: big escape
    Jedi survival (hereinafter referred to as eating chicken) can be said to be the most dark horse phenomenon level game in 2017, no one thought of a hole in the blue hole, such a little-known game workshop after the sand table survival game H1Z1 launched a game, actually hot north and south .
    Eating chicken as an FPS game, although there is no support for 5.1 and 7.1 channels, is just a stereo game, but it requires higher positioning and details of the headphones. I believe that everyone has such a chicken experience, killing themselves all the way, relying on superb marks and coquettish positions, insisted on the finals, but was stolen by a Voldemort, and finally hated missing “eat chicken”; or in the landing When entering the room to search for equipment, the corner meets love, and is forced to ambush at the corner by the old Yin. I believe this is something we don’t want to encounter. With a headset with accurate positioning and super-resolution, it has become the strongest weapon for eating chicken .
 Thanks to the superior resolution and accurate positioning of Arctis Pro, I found that the probability of my recent chicken eating has also increased greatly.
2 music experience

Generally speaking, a game headset is not suitable for listening to music. Because of the purpose of the game and positioning, the manufacturer must debug the game headset to ensure its accurate positioning in the game. This will affect the sound quality of the headphones more or less, the most intuitive is the lack of bass, the lack of realism. But for the Arctis Pro series, the Seri designer is not satisfied with designing a good gaming headset. From the Hi-Res sound unit, and its 10Hz~40kHz frequency response range, Arctis Pro is a game-oriented game. A top-of-the-line headset for audio-visual entertainment.
All the music in this audition is high-quality lossless music, and the audition software uses foobar2000 which can restore the original audio stream.

    The first, “One I Love”, the beginning of the female voice, Arctis Pro can clearly show the singer’s breath, saliva and other details, showing its high resolution. It is worth mentioning here that there is a break in the high-pitched part of the girl. It is still unknown whether it is the equalizer debugging problem or the problem of the lossless music file I downloaded from the OpenCD website.

The second, “Hotel California”, the version is the 94-year live version, the famous audition music, used to test the sound field performance of the headphones. The 20s applause sounded, and Arctis Pro was perfect for the live performance of the song. I felt like I was in a bar and listened to The Eagle band to perform this classic repertoire. Bass, guitar, and sand hammer are all in place.
The third, “Duokou”, Cai Qin this old song can be said to be a perfect test of the bass of the headphones, plus Cai Qin’s graceful atmosphere of the mid-range female voice, the whole song is simply the classic “high exam questions” in the headset test industry. The bass drum part, Arctis Pro performs well, the bass dive is enough, the amount is enough, the drum point has the meaning of tapping the chest every time; the vocal part of Tsai Chin, Arctis Pro is accurate and very delicate, it sounds soft, very good ear.
3 audio and video experience
The three classic film bridges are selected as the “Dust Mission 4” Dubai sandstorm chase bridge section, “Avatar” JAKE in the jungle survival bridge section, “Dunkirk” last retreat naval battle. The above three movie resources are all Blu-ray original resources, which are the original works of the CMCT and HDSky stations. The sound source is the original disk with TrueHD and DTS-HD sub-era audio, so the bottleneck of the sound source is not Existence ensures the reliability of the assessment. The player uses the latest version of potplayer, output channel: source (input) as output, 24-bit output.

Bridge Section 1: “Mission Impossible 4” Dubai Sandstorm Chasing Bridge Section
    Source: Mission.Impossible.IV.Ghost.Protocol.2011.Blu-ray.1080p.AVC.TrueHD.7.1-CMCT
Classic movies, no need to say more. The bridge section chased by this sandstorm can be said to be a major test of the resolution of headphones. The sound of the wind and sand hitting the ground and the car body, the noise of the crowd, the wind ringing, the motor sound of the car, and the intense BGM, are all resolved by Arctis Pro, and the various background sounds are perfectly separated. It can be said that A gaming headset, Arctis Pro has achieved good results in this test.
Bridge Section 2: “Avatar” JAKE first involved Pandora jungle
    Source: Avatar 2009 Extended Collector’s Edition 1080p Blu-ray AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1-FiNalHD@HDSky
This paragraph is selected to test the sound field of the headphones. The scene is the original Pandora’s virgin forest, the ambient sound is noisy, and the unknown creatures vocalize in all corners of the jungle, comparing the headphone positioning. Experience this scene with Arctis Pro, which has a high sense of space and a strong sense of surround. It can be said that good headphones have improved the viewing experience.
Bridge Section 3: Dunkirk’s final retreat naval battle
    Source: Dunkirk.2017.BluRay.1080p.AVC.DTS-HD.MA5.1-bb@HDSky.iso
Nolan powder, I moved out of my regret, last year for various reasons did not go to the theater to watch this war film filmed by idol director Nolan. “Dunkirk” is a new type of war film that does not see the enemy without seeing the blood. Nolan relies on his own control of the rhythm and exquisite editing to create a war-torn and cruel atmosphere for the audience. Of course, another highlight of the film is the soundtrack of Hans Zimmer. It can be said that the majority of the success of this war film is attributed to the great god Hans Zimmer.It is not enough to say that Dunkirk is a war film about music narrative. This is undoubtedly a big challenge for headphones.

    This time, the selection of the bridge section is the late stage of the film. The story lines of the early stage of the film intersect, air combat, naval battle, shipwreck, dock retreat lens. At this time, the tone of the background music is getting higher and higher, and the tension of the war has reached the peak with the tone of the soundtrack. With the emergence of civilian vessels that spontaneously pick up soldiers, the soundtrack has become a triumphant melody. It can be said that the change of the rhythm of the soundtrack creates a wave of climax and tension on the battlefield. Arctis Pro once again excels, the outstanding dynamic experience, the emotional changes brought by the rhythm of the soundtrack is very good, let people enjoy the “immersive” war experience brought by the film every second.


Microphone test

    For competitive games, the voice communication between teammates is very important. Having a stable and clear microphone is very important for gaming headphones.
Arctis Pro uses the predecessor of the ClearCast bi-directional microphone, which uses the proximity effect to directionalally capture the sound of the user’s mouth. Compared to traditional directional microphones and omnidirectional microphones, Sairui’s ClearCast microphones are more effective in avoiding raw noise. The actual test results are also very obvious. When I was playing OW and eating chicken games and teammates, my voice was loud and full, and of course it was very clear, and the background noise was effectively filtered.
It is also worth mentioning that the engineers of Sairui said that the Arctis microphone designed by the company has a higher frequency response than the other gaming headphones. This is the origin of the ClearCast name, the clear, broadcast-level micphone.

Although ClearCast itself is a very powerful noise-reduction microphone, the engineers of Sairui give players deeper noise reduction at the software level. In Engine3, we can turn on the noise reduction function to further enhance the noise reduction of the microphone. Features. It is worth mentioning that although the software noise reduction can give us a more sharp noise reduction function, it will bring the problem of sound distortion. It is recommended that it is not in the high noise environment such as Internet cafes, it can not be turned on. After all, ClearCast is enough. Satisfactory.

▲Sairui Engine3 can provide powerful microphone enhancement options
    Of course, the communication in the game is two-way. Although the game core ClearCast can provide clear voice to your teammates, the voice of the teammates may be very unclear and illegible. Don’t worry, Sairui designers design the ChatMix function. With the ChatMix knob, you can separate the game volume from the call volume in the game, which means you can completely turn off the game sound and listen to your teammate voice for better communication. Of course, even such a good use of ChatMix can not save the garbage microphone such as current wheat, this time you can do is silently for your teammates Amway Rui Rui Arctis series gaming headset [manual funny].

Wear comfort experience

Evaluate whether a gaming headset is a good headset. In addition to accurate sound positioning, good sound and a perfect microphone, wearing comfort is also a top priority. Because the game is not like audio-visual entertainment, the songs can be paused, and a tight competitive game can make people pay attention to other things, and can’t take off the headphones to rest. Therefore, the comfort of wearing headphones for a long time is very important for the player.
First of all, a qualified gaming headset should be as lightweight as possible. Thanks to the lightweight aluminum frame Arctis Pro, the weight is controlled to 350g, which is acceptable for a gaming headset. Wearing it for the game did not cause discomfort.
▲ weight control at 350g
Secondly, most of the headset earphones on the market are made of cortical material. Due to the small contact area with the skin, it will feel uncomfortable to wear for a long time. The Sairui Arctis series earphones use Airweave woven earmuffs. To put it plainly, it is a breathable cotton earmuff. This is my favorite design, not only because the woven earmuffs are soft, but also enhances the wearing comfort. The woven breathable material will also greatly alleviate the embarrassing situation of the summer summer leather earmuffs. The measured long-term wear is very comfortable!
 Airweave woven earmuffs
    Finally, and most importantly. In order to enhance the sound insulation effect, the game earphones will compare the design of the earmuffs. Of course, such a design needs a balance point, so that the people of different sizes can not feel the headphone too chucks, and go to the street. I am a big type, wearing Arctis Pro, you need to adjust the ski band to the maximum to be comfortable to wear. Even so, the Arctis Pro headphones don’t have a too much chuck feel. After all, the super soft Airweave woven earmuffs have a considerable relief.
Sai Rui Arctis Pro gaming headset, as a main sound quality gaming headset, continues the predecessor Arctis3/5/7 in the game’s perfect performance, but also in the audio and video entertainment and the hand opened the gap. Although the basics of the Pro series, Arctis Pro and the real Hi-Fi headphones still have a big gap, but the sound quality in the daily use process has been very powerful, which makes people look forward to the top version, with Hi-Res The certification gold standard Arctis Pro+GameDAC Emperor Edition. There is a high demand for sound quality, and the well-funded Gamer can consider buying the Arctis Pro series.
Finally, I would like to thank you for being able to watch the altar friends. I wish you all a happy life and happiness~

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