Logitech Craft wireless keyboard experience

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The keyboard has been released for a long time and has not been used. One of the reasons is that the various bugs and software imperfections in the early stage of this new product will affect the actual use, and the reason is second-class price cuts. 
The final option update is still higher than the temptation to cut prices, let me place a single order last week. 
Regarding such peripherals, the cheaper the better, the better, no need to consider the channel, but I will worry about the damage in the new products with the knob. After the damage, I will see the after-sales. At this time, the value of the after-sales will be experienced. Said, you know. 
I am not a professional drawing worker. I have the need for batch photo editing. I have been looking for a keyboard that supports lightroom on the market. Before the United States had a comment, I didn’t dare to start the review. I recommend it to you. If you have the strength, you can try it. . 

Of course, this is not exclusive to adobe, and the support for the office suite is more complete.
Looking back at Logitech, look at the outer packaging first.

Open cover

Type-c line and excellent adapter

There should be more than 5 such adapters in the home, which is more convenient and accurate than Bluetooth.

Keyboard overall


Similar to chocolate and higher

There will be a breathing light when the charging interface is charging.

I don’t know what to do, there is no asymmetry on the left side.

The most important part is that the knob can adjust the damping (I won’t adjust)

Friendly Apple button support, see the level of the big factory

Weight must be said, this professional keyboard will inevitably have people on a business trip, look at the weight, don’t scare you.

Start talking about the software part. There should not be many people using this dell special stand.

Tucao: There is basically no technical support for this keyboard. I can’t connect to the software at the beginning. I have been communicating with Logitech customer service for half an hour. It belongs to the state of three questions. The keyboard has been out for a few months. In this respect, there should be no specialists. Maintenance, it can be seen that the amount of possession is extremely polar.Everything depends on you.
The official introduction of me here is not a waste of time, just put four pictures, leaving a link to Logitech Tmall official website, everyone to see the Logitech Tmall official

Mainly said that the most important thing is that the software that is not mentioned by the official part of the official website of the two software must be downloaded to the latest.

software interface

Here are a few of the default support software

The previous lightroom was not supported, the reason was unknown, and the uninstall was replaced with a version.

After the software installation is completed, the new software is automatically detected in the program.

Automatically install configuration files

Enter the default using the software

Can be turned on or turned on as required

Still not satisfied, Logitech provides a developer interface that can be customized.

Several keyboards at home are casually patted

In the final summary, the price does not talk, there is no comparison of the same price, you can not buy other, that is good product advantages 1. Apple Microsoft button dual support
2. Switching support for three devices
3. There is a forced automatic backlight
4. The damping of the knob is adjustable (the method of adjustment is not found temporarily)
5. Support mouse compatibility with Logitech flow
6. Provide an official development interface to meet your deep customization needs.
Disadvantages 1. Although the latest receiver firmware has been updated, there is still a situation where it cannot be connected when waking up.
2. For a long time, I am used to the high-key position and the mechanical rebound feeling. The feedback of this keyboard is still poor.(volume compromise)
3. No technical support, customer service has no actual product experience, when it comes to software problems, all the questions are subjectively pushed to the support of Microsoft and Adobe, and it is very unsatisfactory to tell that they need to solve the problem.
Follow-up support for the office suite, I will not be busy after a while, I will continue to update. Just sent a circle of friends, many friends do not know where the efficiency is improving, let us use lr as an example.
When you use the mouse to operate, the eyes are moved from the picture to the button operation menu that needs to be adjusted. After clicking, the picture changes in the back, and each parameter needs to be repeated. If you use this knob, you can save it.
It’s the time you move your line of sight. The increase is the time you pull the mouse left and right. After all, the knob is faster than the mouse and can change according to the minimum value. Personal experience.

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