eye protection without border, vision new experience: BenQ EW2770QZ display

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The deceased is like this, staying up late, and has been graduating for more than seven years. Everything around him is changing. When I think about college time, I feel very emotional. At that time, after school, I took a Lenovo Y and my roommate. In the world of Sword Spirit, every time the forces of war, dozens of hundreds of people, the card flew up, I thought, if there is a good computer, it’s a pity, it’s a shame, it’s been working for so many years, Continued with a few computers with different divisions of labor, no longer have to endure the small 14-inch screen notebook, but unfortunately no longer play sword spirit, and now even the game is less play, but it is necessary for work, need a high-definition The monitor, then a heart, bought a Dell 4K, got a lot of joy, used for a while, lost, the resolution is high enough, watching movies is very cool, but a lot of software does not support 4K, text applications are used every day Is to enlarge 200% to use, some web pages, applications, even the input method, or display is not normal, too small, see the eyes hurt, think about it or use a 2K display There are 1080P old monitors in the house. I used to use 4K and then watch 1080P. I feel the graininess is obvious. This has the BenQ EW2770QZ display.


The yellow corrugated carton, with the original face printed with the original shape of the display, 27 inches (panel diagonal length 68.5cm) screen, native 8bit panel, non-6 shake 8, there are many 8bit panel displays, in fact, the use of FRC technology, In fact, it is less than 8bit.

In the lower left corner, the corresponding product selling points are printed: extremely narrow border, 100% sRGB, QHD2K high-definition screen, no flash screen, blue light filtering, and smart dimming.

Eye-care, eye protection technology is a big selling point of this display.

The side of the box is printed with information such as the corresponding specifications of the display, including the energy efficiency rating.

The attached accessories are: three-pack card, drive disk, quick start guide, power cord, HDMI cable.

The panel part of the display base is made of plastic material, silver black is painted and polished, and the bottom left corner is printed with a “stupid ball” LOGO.

The bottom plate of the aluminum alloy, the base and the bracket connection are screwed.

Non-slip feet are distributed on the bottom plate.

The bracket is also the inner core of the aluminum alloy, and the outer casing is blackened plastic.

It is also very simple to assemble. Align the bracket and the base of the base, push it firmly on the front, and tighten the screws. I think this can also be saved. It is not as good as the one-piece base.

The display and bracket connection are the most common VESA international wall-hanging holes, which support third-party bracket wall hanging.

Hang the monitor on the two buckles on the top of the bracket and gently press it down. You will hear a click and the button on the back of the monitor will automatically pop up, which is fixed.

The extremely narrow borders of the four sides are quite interesting. It is found that many monitors now claim to be extremely narrow borders, but they are never said to be extremely narrow. The first monitor that was originally entered is also a very narrow border. By the way, the original extremely narrow frame is also narrowly divided into several sides, there are two sides, there are three sides, and finally the four sides are extremely narrow. The narrow sides of the four sides seem to be beautiful and comfortable, and the screen ratio is much larger.

The pure black front face, pure silver back, looks a little apple wind, more business.

The switch/adjust button is distributed in the lower left corner of the back of the screen, with a total of 6 rectangular buttons.

There is also a Kensington keyhole in the lower right corner.

The LOGO of “BenQ” is printed in the middle of the top.

Let’s take a look at the interface part. The interface is not rich in analogy. Basic daily is enough. From left to right: power switch, power supply hole, two HDMI interfaces, DP interface, 3.5mm headphone jack. There is no USB interface, in fact, the USB interface is still more commonly used.


With the increase of things, I found that the use of desktop space is more and more a problem, especially at home. Usually I don’t say a bunch of things. Sometimes women’s tickets have to throw a bunch of cosmetics on the table. The table became a hill, exaggerated to say that the code can not move the mouse, and then just put a storage box on the table, this monitor has a benefit is to bring its own speakers, for myself, usually listen to the song There are smart speakers on the table, basically no need to listen to songs on the computer, and sometimes even open the phone to play songs. The use of computer speakers is only used to watch movies and browse the web, so the monitor with its own speakers can save a part of the desktop space. Nowadays, a large part of the all-in-one machine is the same, with its own speakers, which is also in line with the aesthetics of modern people.

This translucent strip at the bottom of the display is actually a work indicator.

Product information plate on the bottom.

Heat-dissipating holes on the sides.

A little dissatisfied is that the gap in the border is a bit large.

The light sensor directly below the screen, this is the soul of this monitor smart dimming function, mainly used to detect the color temperature intensity of ambient light.


Install the monitor, and weigh about 5.9kg together with the bracket, and feel the heavy feeling on the hand.

The display tilt angle adjustment range is shown in the figure, and the up and down adjustment and 90 degree rotation are not supported.

The ground height was measured at 12.5 cm.

Although it is a very narrow border, it still has a border. After the bright screen, the measured border (excluding the black side of the outer casing) is about 7mm. If the outer casing is counted, it is basically the same as the officially declared 8.3mm.

The narrow borders on all sides make it look like you have a bigger illusion.

Compared with the two monitors currently in use, AOC’s three sides are extremely narrow. Dell’s is not a narrow border, which makes it bigger than AOC and BenQ. In contrast, BenQ in these three monitors. EW2770QZ, it seems to be smaller and more beautiful, the display with a large screen, the visual effect is really better.

The support hole of the bracket is convenient for accommodating the wire.

Featured features:

In the past two years, BenQ has been launching eye protection products. The previous eye protection lamp, the current eye protection display, will not know whether it will form an eye protection ecology. The eye protection function of this display is divided into three parts. It is a blue light filter, one is not a flash screen, and the other is a smart dimming. In the low blue light directory, there are four optional sub-options corresponding to four different application scenarios, which can be switched freely according to their actual conditions. Each one corresponds to a different color temperature. Speaking of blue light, the individual has a deep understanding. Because of work, I may have to face the computer for 12+ hours every day. The large screen of the computer is more tired than the mobile phone. I personally have always used Blu-ray products. The Blu-ray technology of BenQ EW2770QZ monitor has passed the certification of TÜV Rheinland, and it still has certain credibility.

Since it comes to filtering blue light, by the way, two ancient things are displayed. One is the AHQ filter blue screen display protection screen, and the other is Ray Zun’s anti-blue light glasses. It is said that when I played LOL every day, because Westdoor bought this eye protection screen. Because Faker, bought this goggles, the belief bonus is fake, the effect is not to say how specific, but the installation is really better than not, the eyes look a lot more comfortable, this set is used with 1080P display, there are With the new display, the eye protection screen can be retired, and the goggles can still be worn.

Wisdom dimming, this function should be no stranger to the friends of BenQ WiT desk lamp, the same technology, it detects the change of ambient light through the light sensor on the product, adjusts the color of the display for different color temperature and brightness. The gentle brightness makes it match with the ambient light, which makes the display brightness and ambient light transition naturally. This function is actually a very practical function. Now there are many mobile phones that are supported. When we use these electronic devices for a long time, we will follow As time goes by, the ambient light will always change. Turning on and off the lights also affects the ambient light. At this time, the function of this function is highlighted.

The “eyes” icon will float from time to time in the lower right corner of the screen. This is because the light sensor detects ambient light changes, indicating that the display is adjusting the color temperature. This is smart dimming.

No flash screen, BenQ passed another technology certified by Rheinland. About stroboscopic, the most impressive thing is the black-and-white TV set when you were a child. You can see the stripes one by one, even now you can see the stripes one by one. Now it is basic. I can’t see it. Now, whether it is a TV screen or a computer screen, it has become an LED. The technology is refined. Now I can’t feel the flicker of the screen with my eyes. This is because the flashing time of the screen exceeds the reflection of the human eye. Time, so in the eyes, the picture is very smooth and clear, but in fact, the splash screen still exists. By not using the flash screen technology, the screen flicker is reduced to a certain extent, which has a better protection effect for the eyes. .

Performance Testing:

In order to test the quality of the display, here we use the Starscream 5th generation color meter to see how the actual quality of this screen.

Through the comparison between the school color and the school color, it can be clearly seen that the color reproduction after the school color is more accurate, the color of the character becomes more rosy and natural, and the color level around is more vivid.

BenQ EW2770QZ this monitor achieves 99% sRGB, 78% RGB color gamut coverage, and the official nominal 100% sRGB color gamut coverage is slightly different, the actual measurement will be affected by the light and color correction instrument itself, only reference.

Color accuracy test, the smaller the value, the better. The factory default color average deviation is 0.89, the maximum deviation is 2.96, the average deviation after correction is 0.79, and the maximum deviation is 2.78.

The tone response measurement should be as consistent as possible with the “luminosity 2.2” curve. The closer the better, the above figure shows that the BenQ EW2770QZ performs quite well, the basic and luminosity 2.2 curves coincide, and the gray scale is normal.

BenQ EW2770QZ has a maximum brightness of 338.6 cd/m2 and a minimum of 37.6 cd/m2. The white point color temperature is about 7200K, and the color is cold.

The color difference of this display is in the normal range, and the maximum color difference appears in the area No. 9, which is the lower right corner of the screen, with a maximum deviation of 5.1.

Brightness uniformity reflects whether the backlight setting of the display is reasonable and whether the screen leaks light. Under 100% brightness, the maximum brightness difference is 14%, which is within an acceptable range.

Bad point detection:

The highlight of the last pure black background is not a bad point, but a power indicator light, luck is better, the screen that gets the hand is a perfect screen, no bad points.

Light leakage measurement:

The work indicator in the lower right corner is too bright, and it is still light-transmitted with tape. The IPS screen light leakage can be controlled like this, which can be called excellent.

Viewing angle:

In terms of viewing angle, BenQ EW2770QZ supports horizontal/vertical 178°, which is close to the viewing angle of the flat angle. The above picture is a real shot, which can be seen as very good.

Actual display effect:

The above two sets of pictures are the actual display effects after color correction. Without any post-processing, only the crop size and color reproduction are more accurate. The 4K screen and 2K screen details are actually more delicate than 1080P, so it is not obvious. But if the same picture is enlarged, the difference is seen.

Sample display:
The following samples have no post-production, including brightness, size, saturation, contrast and other parameters, only for resolution reduction, easy to upload, shooting equipment: Canon 70D + 18-135, IOS, aperture, shutter uniform value, equipment is relatively simple The shooting effect is for reference only, some of the images look slightly striped, and the actual display is not.

Power consumption test:

When the brightness is up to 100, the power consumption is 28.2W; the brightness is 75, the power consumption is 23W; the brightness is 50, the power consumption is 19.2W; the brightness is 25, the power consumption is 15.4W; when the brightness is 0, the power consumption is 11.4W.

Summary: It can be seen that the power consumption of less than 30W provides the maximum brightness output, and the first-level energy efficiency is indeed more energy efficient.

Thermal performance test:
Before the test, the monitor has been working normally for more than 7 hours. The indicators are most close to the normal use. The infrared thermometer is used to measure the temperature for the four corners and the center of the screen.

Room temperature 27.3 ° C

The temperature in the upper left corner of the screen is: 31.2 °C

The temperature in the lower left corner of the screen is: 35.3 °C

The center temperature of the screen is: 34.3 °C

The temperature in the upper right corner of the screen is: 31.6 °C

The temperature in the lower right corner of the screen is: 36.6 °C

Summary: Through the initial temperature test, the difference between the highest temperature and room temperature is within 10 °C. As a display with nearly 30W power consumption, the temperature control is quite excellent.

Game experience:

In addition to work, occasionally a small squat, used to play the game is also possible, although only 60Hz refresh rate, 5ms gray-scale response, the actual game body, thanks to high-resolution blessing, good color rendering, to Blizzard’s “Watching Pioneer” is an example. The game screen is quite delicate, and the character mode and scene rendering are very realistic and beautiful.

As a display with 2K HD resolution, BenQ EW2770QZ has a good appearance and performance, audio and video, office, entertainment, games, design can be taken into consideration, as one of the main selling points of this display, the eye protection function, in practice In the experience of using, there is a different feeling, it is indeed a very practical function, especially for the people who need to face the computer for a long time, a great gospel. Of course, if the details can be more perfect, the price/performance ratio will be upgraded to a higher level.

Extremely narrow border on four sides, 8bit panel.
Wisdom dimming, blue light filtering, no flash screen, excellent eye protection.
Comes with a speaker to save desktop space.

No USB interface, no support for lifting, rotation adjustment.

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