Seasonic Focus850fx power

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In the second half of last year, I assembled a X399+VEGA belief host. At that time, I didn’t change the power supply because I thought the X650 was enough. Recently, AMD’s new U came out and was ready to install a new machine. The power of the X650 was just right, so I thought about changing the X650 and changing it to a higher-end power supply for TR.

As soon as I talked about changing the power supply, I immediately thought of several Haiyun power supplies I had used, especially several x series, which were not stable. the sound was low and the temperature was still low. I wanted to change to X850 or something, but when I went to Taobao, I found that the Focus series of Haiyun had completely replaced the original x series and became the mainstream gold power supply of the new generation. So in the end, I chose the cheaper 850w in Focus, that is, the gold medal efficiency 850FX, as the new power supply for X399 and VEGA.

I used up all means on JD, and spent less than 1,000 to buy such a power supply, which is a little more expensive than the previous x series, but the introduction seems to be more powerful, and the cost-performance ratio should be the same (in fact, I can’t afford platinum of PX)

Out of the boxThe packaging style is the same as that of the original X series, all of which are gold, but my X650 is a special edition of ultra-white gold, so its length is different.

The size of the package is still the same, but the way it is opened has changed. The new package is divided into two layers.

Font and LOGO parts are gilded, gold efficiency with gold special effects

The side is the introduction of specifications and contents.

On the back of the package are introductions of various features, too many of which will not be explained one by one, because there is a special multilingual translation at the bottom, which I believe all Chinese top 10,000 leaders can understand.

I think the dark gold packaging is good.

After opening, there was another black box. In order to facilitate pulling, a smiling face-like opening was also designed, which was somewhat magical by accident.

The opening mode of the black inner box is different from that of the past, and the black inner box is vertically opened

Clean up all the contents. A power supply body, a pack of original cables, a warranty card, and a brand-new cable tie that you have never experienced before seem to have inherited the excellent tradition of X650.

A sticker was also turned out of the bag.

Gold plated terminal of original wire. The original wire obviously listened to the complaints of the vast number of players, not only from the original flat wire into a full mesh bag, flexibility and plasticity have been greatly improved

After looking at the packaging of the power supply, I may have taken the budget of the power supply packaging to make the thread. I still remember when the X650 was unpacked, the most surprising thing was the black velvet pocket, which has now turned into black non-woven fabric. I may have left the budget to the original thread

The body is still handsome. Apart from the decorative pattern around the fan, there is also a metal sticker with a sea rhyme LOGO in the middle, and each side has a sea rhyme Focus logo.

There are punched decorative patterns on the two main sides. The well-designed Focus LOGO has greatly increased the color value of the sides.

As always, the fragile stickers are not allowed to be torn down, and the warranty is required.

The golden LOGO on the fan face, the new FX series power fan is no longer Sanyo 9S, but still supports Hybrid mode.

In addition to the 220V interface and switch, the rear of the power supply also has a Hybrid switch. The X650 Hybrid switch is at one end of the module line. The rear switch will make this mode easier to open and close.

In the module line interface area, CPU+PCIE is only given 5, which feels a little small. ……

At the bottom of the power supply is the nominal power, so there seems to be no problem supporting 1920X and VEGA.


He said he didn’t want to tear it down, but actually turned the power on honestly.

The fan is not a 9S, but a 2-wire Honghua fan, which is not to say that this fan is not good, but I miss the 9S in the X series a little.

Secondary filtering at input

Full bridge resonance, two rectifier bridges

The main capacitor is 680 microfarads with sufficient margin.

The main transformer and the two branch transformers are insulated

5V and 3.3V use DC-DC

The official propaganda says it is all-day capacitance. Let’s look at all the capacitances.

Main Capacitance and Output Filtering of nichicon

DC part and output filtered daily chemicals

Then look at what capacitors are used for EMI filteringUnfortunately, it is a UTX capacitor

The output end is connected without wires, which is more reliable and saves space.

Fan control, connect the fan and Hybrid control line at the same time, the two-wire power supply realizes Hybrid, the chip should be on the PCB of the power supply, and no further disassembly is required.

Assemble 850fx, disassemble X650 and compare it.

850FX is shorter than X650, but it has high efficiency and power. Since then, X650 has stepped back to power Ryzen platform and 850FX is ready for TR4 platform.

In fact, I planned to make custom-made thread at the beginning. I struggled for a long time, because the original thread had improved a lot compared with the previous generation, but finally I gave in to Yan value and opened the thread maker’s shop. the thread maker told me directly that the thread order of Focus FX series is the same as that of x series KM3 series.

So what does this mean, it means that my X650 custom line can be used directly for 850FX

Save money, cool!

Line management? There is no such thing as this. We players who don’t care only look at the front. Thank you

Positive indeed as expected or as usual comfortable, pretending to be behind the line out of full marks

Before switching to this power supply, I never exceeded the frequency. after switching to 850FX, I felt refreshed, so I quickly pulled the CPU to 4G. regardless of the voltage problem, I will first see if the power supply can withstand this overclocked CPU.

First of all, look at the CPU toaster

AIDA64 obviously didn’t display completely, waiting for less than 100w on the power consumption machine, and overclocking increased power consumption by more than 300 W. Indeed, high voltage is still too dangerous, so it is better to use 3.9 at ordinary times.

Let’s bake a GPU. It’s nearly 200w more and the power consumption meter has reached 640w W. It seems that X650 can’t perfectly support 4.0G TR and a VEGA56, but 850FX can perfectly support it.

After upgrading, overclocking TR4 and overclocking VEGA can be used, which is great.


Focus’s FX series has been upgraded to a 10-year warranty, which is the longest warranty of all my accessories. After I die, I still have my son, my son has left and my grandson, which can be passed on anyway.

The power supply power is 850w, that is to say, even with a top-level CPU of 300w and a top-level graphics card of 250w, it is within 80% of the load, and there is no pressure at all. If you are at ease, you can also install two VEGA64 cf and even 1080ti sli with higher power consumption. It is even more difficult for players on general platforms to feel any pressure on this power supply.

Hybrid fan mode is really good, low load does not rotate, high load sound is much smaller than other heat dissipation, the power supply can be said to be completely inaudible. Efficiency this I this ordinary player use not to come out any difference, does not have the specialized equipment in hand, other ripple characteristic these I dare not speak even more. So I will comment on this power supply as an ordinary player:

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