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PHANTEKS 314ETG installation

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At the beginning of this year, a small steel cannon studio PK217 was set up for use. It was posted and displayed before, but the temperature control of the whole machine in the later period was not very ideal due to insufficient preliminary work. Fortunately, the weather was still relatively cold when the machine was installed, and it could barely be used for a few months. At present, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Daily use can only remove the glass on both sides. Otherwise, it is really too hot to need, so it is time to tidy up and improve the main machine.

The original plan was to replace the video card with an integrated water-cooled version. However, since the thickness of the cold row of the pirate ship H80I in use is larger than that of the conventional cold row, there will be a fight with the cold row of the integrated water-cooled video card currently on the market. Both have to be replaced! And if the standard cold row is replaced, I feel a little tight for the 8700K CPU, mainly because all hardware is a large heating source! Finally, we simply replaced the motherboard and chassis, and chose MATX platform. The accessories moved into the big HOUSE, and the heat dissipation would be safer if the space was larger.

Specific configuration:
Motherboard: asus ROG STRIX Z370-G (new)
Memory: 3200C16 8X2GB for Zhiqi slide show
Graphics card: EVGA1080TI FTW3
Power supply: pirate ship RM650X (new)
Storage: Samsung SM961 512GB/West 3.5 ” 1TB
Chassis: Wind Tracker 314ETG Advanced Edition (New)
Heat dissipation: fans TC14PE/F140XP+hallos ring 140 (new)

Installation process:
After installing so many ITX chassis, install 314ETG chassis again. The process is really too worry-free, especially for wiring, you can get good results with little effort!

First of all, the international practice is still to display some packaging boxes.

I will have the hardware photos before and after unpacking in my installed files! I feel that this is the only way to smell like a WORKLOG.

Motherboards are still made of ASUS’s national series motherboards, and MATX specifications are used to replace the previous ITX specifications! Personally, I think this specification can meet all the expansion needs of everyday life for ordinary players.

Hong Kong is really! After playing DIY hardware for such a long time, I haven’t tried dual-card SLI or CROSSFIRE. From the perspective of ordinary players, it is really enough for MATX motherboard. It is also appropriate to expand a sound card or PCI-E fixed disk or something in the later stage of single video card. The standard ATX motherboard serves more than one video card user.

4 memory card slots are consistent with standard ATX motherboard! Compared with the previous ITX motherboard, the later upgrade is more flexible. Sadly, the current memory price! What will it take to get back to before liberation?

Main board IO interface, should have! It is worth mentioning that PS/2 interface is reserved for game players, which can realize full key without impact for wired keyboard.

The mainboard uses 6+4 phase digital power supply, and 8700K tubes are enough!

SUPREME FX audio module is currently standard for all ASUS’s eSports motherboards.

Z370 chip cooling module does not adopt sandwich type M.2 fixed-plate cooling module design like ATX and ITX mainboards of the same series, but it is a little pity that the black sheep’s eyes are equipped with aji forced shekinah.

Before, due to the heat dissipation of the whole machine, I did not feel this 8700K body well.

This time I moved into a big house and put a new bed for it. I’ll have to squeeze it out later.

It is still the former SM961. Due to the installation method of the motherboard, the green appearance cannot be blocked this time.

Motherboard with dual M.2 interface, installation method is exotic! Vertical! Although it may not be very elegant, the actual heat dissipation effect is very good, because it is placed right in the middle of the chassis fan and CPU radiator.

Memory continues to use the previous slide show.

Specific parameters, such as the price down, and then add two plug-in.

Memory in place.

The TC14PE of the pursuer has 5 colors to choose from. I choose white to match the color of the box.

If ITX is abandoned, there will be more radiators to choose from. For 8700K CPU, high-end air cooling is not much worse than integrated water cooling.

The feeling of heat dissipation fins is not the effect behind the anode, because it is a little mirror effect. The design of 5 heat pipes and 3 fans is very large.

If the fastener design is reasonable, there is no need to worry about crushing the motherboard and CPU!

TC14PE compatibility is still good. It is completely compatible with slide projectors. However, if the front fan is installed, it will block the light. Therefore, it is only necessary to give up the heat dissipation efficiency for the light. However, it is estimated that there is little difference.

The fan 314ETG chassis is a relatively popular body, so I will not introduce it in detail. You can see the finished product directly at the back! First it is disassembled into semi-finished products, which is more convenient to install.

The power supply continues to use the RM650X of the pirate ship. The standard power supply materials and volume are much stronger than SFX small power supply, but the price is more favorable.

The custom line adopts the same black and gray color of pirate ship.

Wires are all equipped with fixing buckles, which is a common way of wire arrangement at present.

Last time, I didn’t bother with the lights because of the car rollover, but I found that the original fan of the fan chaser’s case felt pretty good after using it. At least it is quite quiet, so for the purpose of saving money, I bought another F140XP fan (only two original chassis! Dig! ) and fans of their own RGB aperture.

The chassis is very powerful for fan expansion. 12CM or 14CM fans can be selectively installed on the front, back and top of the chassis. Unfortunately, there are only two original fans. here, the original rear fan is moved to the front, and the rear fan is replaced by the newly purchased F140XP.

Both the front and top of the 314ETG chassis have reserved space for the cold row, so the overall volume will be much larger than the conventional MATX, making it easier to install and wire! The mainboard is placed smoothly, and the reserved wire arrangement position is relatively accurate.

The graphics card still follows the previous EVGA 1080TI FTW3.

Due to the structure of the box, the lighting part of the video card did not display well before PK217. This time, I can see enough!

The graphics card also has lights on the back.

After placing the video card, the whole machine is basically assembled! The rest is to sort out the traces on the back.

For individuals, it is enough to see clearly and neatly. As for the back line, please optimize it slowly when you have time, because the devil can see it anyway!

Overall machine drawing reward:

Performance test:
I don’t know if Asustek doesn’t pay enough attention to MATX motherboard, Z370-G motherboard is not equipped with light external synchronization interface, because ROG series is really a failure! In the later period, the lighting effect on the host computer can only be played separately! Good again have matching software can realize the unification of lighting! The chassis needs to be manually adjusted by pressing the key! In fact, I prefer a uniform color, too many miscellaneous lights are just like Internet cafes. ! The original intention of this upgrade is to improve the heat dissipation of the whole machine and get a better use experience. Therefore, the game performance configured in this way will not be tested, and stability and temperature performance will be run under some common tests!

Entertainment masters look at the configuration.

Entertainment masters run points and eat chicken certification.

Pressure test of doughnuts.

Graphics card 3DMARK stress test.

3DMARK runs the score test.

Standby temperature is not comparable. This time, the full load temperature of the platform will be directly displayed! Run AIDA64, check GPU option, pressure test for 12 minutes, CPU surface temperature 66 degrees! The highest temperature of single core is 78 degrees, which is more than 10 degrees different from the previous temperature performance.

Installation summary:
For the temperature performance after this renovation and upgrade, the overall heat dissipation effect from ITX small chassis to MATX chassis is immediately effective! In particular, the M.2 solid-state disk has dropped by nearly 30 degrees compared with the previous one, and it was also obtained by environmental tests at room temperature of nearly 28 degrees! I don’t know if Asustek’s sandwich heat dissipation module is too chicken ribs, or because the current graphics card is located in the air duct between the chassis and heat dissipation, the effect is really too poor! All other hardware temperatures also tend to behave normally! The graphics card finally passed the 3DMARK stress test! After eating chicken, 1080TI will no longer be used as 1060 for low effect.

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