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Ryzen2700x+MK3s Installer

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Configuration list

parts Model
Cpu ryzen 2700x
Main board asus strix b350-i
Hard disk 1 samsung sm961-256gb
2. Toshiba q200 (to be determined)
3. Magnesia 1100-512gb
Memory cars 2 ddr4 3000 white
Graphics nvidia gtx 2070/2080
Heat dissipation Captain 120ex+ owl nf8*2+nf-f12*1
Power supply Pirate ship sf 600 (existing)
Wire rod Yy Silver Plating Wire+4p Large
dust screen Yinxin 120 * 1+140 * 1
Monitor Dell 2515h (Existing)
Light board Custom Zelda lamp panel
Screw 3m * 35mm * 8+3m * 6mm
Chassis MK3s

The hardware collection, some parts later to not included, and I will mention some details hoping to help friends who install the machine later.

AMD Ryzen 2700x


The attached radiator, however, I don’t use it for color matching, and it seems that I can’t use it either.

The mainboard is Asustek strix b350i. At present, according to 2700x power supply standard, most of the previous generation is unqualified. However, this is qualified. I don’t want to wait for x470i before going on the market for a long time. Moreover, through comparison, there is basically no change, and this board saves money.

The memory I chose is Klevv cras 2 ddr4 3000 white. This memory is relatively small and is owned by Hynix. The reason why I didn’t choose the magic light halberd is because it emits white light for color unification. Why didn’t I choose the ruler of the thief ship? Because the money of the ruler who bought the thief can buy the magic halberd, I chose this one considering the cost performance and appearance.

Plug in the memory and processor first

SM961-256 was selected as the main hard disk. Although it is OEM, its cost performance is really high and its performance is one of the best.

The power supply is the pirate ship SF600, which was purchased in 2016. At that time, the price of the activity was low and the order was placed. The first time I saw sfx power supply, I felt really small.

The rear chassis fan is NF-R8*2. This was originally intended to select TT.Luna 8cmThe white light version of the, but it was out of stock, so if saving machine after the hardware to order in advance, this later have goods in change.

Installed on the chassis, the screws are M3*35 countersunk head +M3 nut and M3 gasket. The screws can be purchased according to the standards given by Zhao Zong.

The last two accessories, Magnum 1100-512GB sata SSD with the highest cost performance, should be used with owl NF-F14 to replace its own cold exhaust fan.

First install the power supply, by the way, mk3s must use custom line, otherwise the original line can’t walk, I customized this time in yy home, good at it, and gave me the plan directly.

I’m going to install a radiator, and it’s water-cooled. I’ve seen a lot of people use the captain 120 in the jar. I also use this for another reason. the white version emits white light to facilitate uniform colors.

Buckle radiator

Light up the test machine. It’s great to light up once. Thank you for not turning over the car.

I started to arrange the wiring below, so I won’t expose the video card, because my video card is my friend’s 1063 mine card. I’ll change it when old Huang or AMD releases a new video card.
I started to arrange the routes here. I almost collapsed. The board was too small and the space was too narrow to walk. I also encountered two fatal problems.

1. The most painful problem is the difference between AMD board and Intel board fastener. AMD fastener is installed vertically and Intel fastener is installed horizontally, which leads to the water cooling tube walking 90 degrees less than Intel’s installation method, about 4cm. This 4cm is the source of an egg pain. Due to the long and hard tube, it can’t walk according to the established route and can only protrude. It is just like a youth without a place to place it. It also indirectly leads to the installation difficulty of the cold row and affects the appearance. I will mention other alternatives below.
2. When the cold exhaust fan and the cold exhaust are fixed on the front fixing plate, the attached problems due to the fixing plate are not long enough! , I checked this screw is a 3.4mm diameter screw, can’t I can only buy a pile of 3.5mm screws from the Internet, through the gasket adjustment to the appropriate length.


From top to bottom, the back is sata power supply, mainboard 24p and graphics power supply. The graphics card here is a bit short according to my routing method. I want to fix it in the lower right corner. It is recommended that mainboard 24p also go behind to avoid confusion. Incidentally, if you go from the north, it seems that only silver-plated wires can be selected because of the thickness of the wires, but I am not sure yet, I have not turned over many posts.
Some people may ask me what the luminous panel on the right side of the chassis is, and it is also a theme luminous version of the favorite game ” Serda Wilderness Breath” customized for uniform color+faith. The brightness can be adjusted or blinking can be adjusted. I will test it here first.

By the time I got here, I had basically finished it, and the rest was to optimize the details according to my own preferences.

Close-up of Bright Parts

After all, the configuration is general, and everyone knows the performance well. Finally, the installation is completed, and the solution is in my heart.

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