rog strix b360i machine

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Compared with ITX of Z370, ITX of b360 is more popular and can be taken under 1000. ROG+WIFI+ double M2+ integrated IO baffle +RGB are all available. .

What sao operation is printing Chinese on the motherboard? . .

Compared with AMD’s X370itx, the grade is still a little lower. the black sheep have no RGB, but it is said that the X470 will become the same.

I have to say that the loose tablets from the toothpaste factory are really 6,666,8700, and the single-core 4.6 all-core 4.3 six-core U only needs 1,700. . Of course, the B360i has no pressure for unlocking power consumption at this frequency.
Personally, I think it is good to choose 8700 pieces directly without opening the cover. It has high sex, low power consumption and no need to struggle with physical fitness. The most important thing is that it is too cheap and cost-effective.

RGB must-have memory Chi fantasy light halberd, there is no other option, but this is a bit of a waste on the 3200C14 B360i, can only run 2666 …

Turn out the screw sets bought in last year’s machine king competition. . .

I received a VR1 from a friend. This box can only be matched with a public video card. He threw it to me before using it. It was just in use.

The power supply is still the original Q08 Haiyun Prime650. I turned out a new H80i radiator. Later, I found that the VR1 plug was too water-cooled and painful. It was replaced by Transformers … This is still the diagram of H80i.

The module line is still the same, which looks a bit long. . . Silver plated wire is hard again, try my best. .

Looking around, the queen’s assessment is: it is much more beautiful than the original black cabinet!
The replacement was a great success!

It is also very nice to change the top into eclipse red, which is perfect match!

The last is the lighting effect, just like neon lights. . The graphics card blocked both the memory and the main board lights and became ambient light. …

There is nothing to say about performance. 8700 unlocking power consumption plus 1080 public edition, full load of about 300W, Prime650 is just in the best efficiency range, there is no way to temperature. if the whole core is full of 4.3G, 8700 will also have to be about 90 degrees. it is not easy to change anything. fortunately, it won’t boil water like 87K, so make use of it.

It is worth mentioning that the boot is super fast! ! ! ! Lower the head to press the switch, raise the head to basically reach the desktop, simply! ! ! This board is absolutely amazing! (The b360 series chipset is integrated with the wireless network card mac, so there is basically nothing to add.)

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