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NZXT H200i 1080Ti with 1300X

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First, let’s take a photo. The title is top-heavy, because all but the video card are low-end clearance specials.Display acerg237hla $ 139.00
Keymouse coolmastercs100a $ 79.00
Headset Corsair HS50A $ 79.00
Chassis nzxt h200ia $ 159.00
Main board gigabyte ab350na $ 148.00
CPU        Ryzen 3 1300X                         A$158.00
Memory Corsair 32002 * 8GA $ 167.00
SSD        WD Green 120G M.2               A$  49.00
Video Card Raised 1080Ti Public Edition $ 5699.00
Water cooled evgahybrid $ 900.00
Power supply xfxxtr550a $ 95.00

First peripheral, then host, according to the diagram on the configuration table.

Acer’s G237HL, the cheapest ips screen 1080p, 4ms can also play exciting battlefield.

Retro bracket, built-in two 1.5W stereos, back piano paint electrostatic dust absorption is very strong, does not support VESA.

The interface includes hdmi and vga, audio input and output, and power supply.

The cool RGB pseudo-mechanical keyboard feels similar to my own pirate ship mute shaft.

Can adjust the height, the disadvantage is RGB light does not support software adjustment, only a few silly adjustment mode.

Mouse also has RGB light, wife’s hand is small, this is the right one. Can adjust DPI, left side has forward and backward keys.

Because there was no need to put it outside, I chose the cheapest earphone for a pirate ship, which was quite comfortable to wear.

Bring your own hook and loop, sponge soft and hard appropriate, long-term wear without discomfort.

Two small accessories, microphone and I/O two to one.

The microphone, volume control and mute keys are all located on the rear side of the left ear. Blind operation is simple.

The adjustment range is general and Lei Jiayin should not be able to wear it.

The chassis is a slightly newer itx chassis made of tempered glass for the first time.

The selling point of the chassis is smart, which uses software to adjust the speed of fans and pumps, etc.

The first time I used itx motherboard, I didn’t have many choices for B350 platform. Asustek Microstar used it this time and chose Jijia. The result was a big pit and the bios was too bad.

The CPU chose the last bus, fortunately AMD conscience, it is very convenient to upgrade without changing the motherboard.

Memory was bought more than a year ago for 167 yuan, and the current price has almost doubled. SSD chose the cheapest M.2 interface, the small chassis is not easy to route, saving two at a time.

The graphics card was first introduced in 5699 last March. A graphics card is more expensive than other accessories combined.

Open the box. The heat dissipation of the public plate skin is still inside, because the water cooling has been changed.

This water-cooled kit can retain the faith lamp and change it into a public video card. The EVGA’s outer skin has not yet been removed.

I know that when he was a XFX brand, he only made an N card, then changed to an A card, and then the power supply came out. .

Look at the poster. The whole module supports the 4th generation haswell platform. This power supply is old enough.

Accustomed to atx mainboard and tower chassis, I didn’t expect itx chassis wiring to be so difficult. I tossed and turned all kinds of adjustment wiring, and the installation process was skipped directly.

Although this motherboard is cheap, it should not be considered as the lowest end. i/o baffle blackening looks much better. The fan logo on the chassis is not installed upside down, which is highly praised by obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It’s just like this. At least there is no cable-stayed cable horizontally, horizontally and vertically. The chassis has its own cable guide rail, which is very helpful for cable routing.

NZXT and the power sign are upside down, uncomfortable, but the side plate is not fully blocked.

Bring a sata power supply fan hub with two LED strip, one RGB.

The water cooling pipe of the front display card is inclined to pull over, destroying the overall aesthetic feeling. A tie should be fixed to ensure that the belief lamp is not blocked.

The power supply comes with this flat module cable, which hides the usb and audio cable of the front interface.

At the top is a 12cm fan with a filter screen sandwiched in between. However, there was a conflict with the main board power supply line, which was removed and installed on the cold row. The front i/o usb3.0 is dyed purple, with power supply and no restart key.

The wife was satisfied with the overall effect. She wanted to use the scenery outside the window as the background, but the glass reflected light and did not want to wear it. Moreover, the mobile phone took photos at this level.

In the corner of the study, use the most expensive skin care products to stay up the latest night, harmonious.

The monitor cannot be adjusted high or low, and the soft routing packing box is padded. RGB simple cycle effect, make do with.

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