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MK3S Installation Show

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Specific configuration:
CPU:  8700K
Main board: asus ROGZ370I
Memory: Chichi slide show 3200C14 16X2GB
Video Card: Sotai 1070 Public Edition
Power supply: pirate ship SF450
Storage: Samsung 950PRO 512GB/ West 2.5 ” 1TB
Chassis: HZ MK3S
Heat dissipation: player storm captain 120RGB/ owl NF-R8X2

Installation process:
The difficulty of installing ITX box is much greater than that of ordinary box, especially if you want to see the effect of wiring, you have to spend some time and effort. I will try my best to show the whole DIY process according to the WORKLOG standard during the installation process for your reference!

First of all, according to international practice, some packaging boxes are displayed.

Hardware collective photos after unpacking.

ROG Z370I, the Intel 3 series ITX mainboard with a high image appearance rate, is selected mainly because the color matching matches the box color of MK3S.

Asustek’s motherboard looks exactly the same as that of the Z270I, except that the PCB is painted differently, which may be the reason why Intel’s 8 series came too suddenly. I still fantasize that there will be subsequent versions of M8I in this generation.

IO interface is the same as that of the previous generation.

Asustek’s motherboard interface has always been friendly. Except for CPU power supply, other main components are concentrated on one side of the motherboard, so the later wiring will be more comfortable.

CPU 8PIN interface.

A new generation of SUPREME FX audio decoding chip, later eating chicken with ASUS’s own software, can indicate the direction of gunfire.

My second 8700K, this U seems to be the most diving in Intel CPU in the past ten years! This time, I still chose the box, not for warranty or anything, just to touch a better one. The result was quite gratifying, at least I didn’t step on the thunder! There will be a test later.

The M.2 hard disk is the 950PRO 512GB from the previous machine, which is fully sufficient at present.

Seemingly asustek’s original sandwich M.2 motherboard cooling module, now some manufacturers follow suit.

Solid state drive in place, it shouted to fight for another 3 years!

Memory in order to match the motherboard, the Chichi RGB slide projector is selected, after all, it can synchronize the divine light.

Due to production needs, 16GX2 C14 version is selected. memory is really expensive these days!

Not only can the lights be synchronized, the color matching and the motherboard are also quite matched.

The chassis panels of MK3S are assembled independently. after splitting some panels, the installation opportunity is much more convenient!

I have customized the micro-motion version, and personally feel that the appearance will be more harmonious, although the hand feeling is not as good as the mechanical switch.

The USB3.0 module of this box needs to complain. It is really difficult to take care of it by using thick and hard wires like ordinary boxes. I hope the author can plug in a USB3.0 customized cable like IO module for players to choose and upgrade.

Select a relatively thin silver-plated wire, so that some wires can be directly pressed under the main board to reduce the exposure of wires.

In order to match the color of the box, the fan of the box uses owl NF-R8.

Refer to other players’ fan screw fixing methods, do you think it’s a little bit of work?

The power supply continues to use the old pirate ship SF450 450,450 450W to cope with most ITX platforms at present with little pressure.

Since the top of my cabinet has an opening, I installed the power supply in reverse and turned it into an independent air duct.

The personal thread arranging method is to use the power support frame as a thread arranging buckle, and all the wires pass through this place.

Unified buckle in the shelf, can adjust the front exposed wire unification and coordination.

24PIN routing details, for ordinary silicone wire or something can’t through the bottom of the motherboard routing.

The radiator is made of player storm captain 120RGB integrated water cooling.

Before this, I read a lot of related posts. If MK3S adopts water cooling, it seems that only this one is the most suitable, because the length of its water pipe and the fan position in the middle of the box are just right.

Because of the balanced production, the price of large-capacity solid-state drives is not very realistic. It is more practical to choose ordinary mechanical hard drives.

In order to fill the hard disk holder! I found some impotent partners (bad disks) for the hard disk! Ha ha ha! Just for stuffing!

Because MK3S only supports graphics cards of public version length, sotai’s 1070 public version is selected.

Design of public plate segmented back plate.

I still like the design of the public version, but Lao Huang, the so-called belief lamp, can’t keep up with the trend and can’t interact with other hardware in the later period.

After the graphics card is in place, the whole machine is basically completed.

For the value of the public faith card! The bottom panel of the chassis is equipped with two silver-colored dust screens.

Screw on the bottom panel.

Fasten the other panels and the whole machine will be assembled.

Details of motherboard location.

Details of hard disk location.

Details on chrysanthemum IO.

The top panel is probably not seen by anyone who plays with this box, because customization is not supported by the author. In order to reverse install the power supply and form an independent air duct, I had a lot of trouble in making this one.

Overall machine drawing reward:

Performance test:
Because I didn’t do enough homework before, Asustek’s motherboard doesn’t support 12V RGB interface. As a result, there was no way to synchronize with the light on the water-cooled radiator, and the light could only be manually adjusted to a uniform red light in the later period, so I will not show the light effect to everyone, and some common software will be tested and run off! If the CPU does not open the cover, the 5G temperature will definitely not be able to be pressed. Under the test of the whole core OC to 4.8G, I believe the game performance of this configuration should be obvious to the small partners who pay attention to the hardware. Therefore, the game will not be tested. It is not a big problem to deal with the daily chicken eating. We can focus on the performance of the platform temperature! After all, this is an important indicator to measure a qualified small steel cannon!

The host’s power-on state, the belief lamp is a bit embarrassing!

After groping, the 4.8G(100X48) voltage of the whole core is locked to 1.18V, the voltage drop prevention is 6 levels, the current capacity is 140%, the third option P95 is operated for 3 hours, and the test is successfully passed! The physique is still good.

Standby temperature of the whole machine.

Full load temperature, AIDA64 check GPU option, pressure test for about 13 minutes, CPU surface temperature 76 degrees! The single core has a maximum of 89 degrees, which can be seen. If you want to exceed 5G, you must perform craniotomy on it later. The temperature performance on other hardware is relatively normal.

The toothpaste factory still has some strength. It squeezed 8,700 K more than 2 balls. The OC to 4.8G multi-core performance of my side has exceeded the 1700X of 8 cores. The single-core performance has always been the strength of the toothpaste factory.


Entertainment masters look at the configuration.

Entertainment master eating chicken certification runs points.

3DMARK runs.

Sweet circle, the highest temperature for public graphics cards is 82 degrees, which should be considered normal.

Installation summary:
This box is really too disturbing, this installation takes about 8 hours before and after taking photos, and it takes nearly one working day to build a machine! At the end of the article, let’s give some advice to friends who choose MK3S machine.
1. For those who are sensitive to temperature, please carefully choose 8700K, without opening the cover! It is estimated that none of the compatible radiators in this box can serve it well.
2. If this box wants to take the back thread, it must use silver-plated thread, because the thread arranging space on the back is almost compressed to the extreme.
3. For ITX chassis, the installation sequence of hardware is very important, especially for this case. For the specific process, please refer to my article. If wiring is done, I suggest to go to the bottom of the mainboard as far as possible. Wiring will really save a lot of worry. In the later period, the wires will pass through the fixed rack of the power supply in a unified way. It can have quite good effect without any tie.
4. The non-public graphics card can be considered (provided that the length of the public version is the same), and the effect should be good, because the chassis bottom is equipped with a large area heat dissipation grid, and the internal fan also forms a short air duct close to the back of the graphics card, which should not cause hot air accumulation at the chassis bottom.
5. It is not recommended to use a 3.5-inch hard disk. Installing a hard disk on the front panel will result in various flying wires. Secondly, the panel will be fixed by a snap-in way of touching beads, which will lead to great possibility of chassis resonance. ! !

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