Dell S2719H Display Out of Box

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I unpacking

After entering a used PS4, I chose a monitor, a 27-inch screen, 99%sRGB, Dell S2719H with its own stereo. The packaging style of this display is relatively simple: the internal structure adopts hard paper packaging, while the display itself is also covered with a protective film to protect it.

Monitor family photo: monitor main body, bracket, base, power adapter, HDMI cable and product specification warranty card, etc.

The panel is a 27-inch TFT LCD screen (LED backlight system), with a resolution of 1920*1080(PPI:81), a maximum brightness of 250 cd/m, a static contrast ratio of 1000: 1, and a dynamic contrast ratio that can be extended to 8,000,000: 1, a visual angle of 178, and a response time of 5 ms.

As for the interface, it is integrated in the concave area at the bottom of the back, and the leftmost is the DC power interface.

The middle part is the slot of the display bracket, and the right side is two HDMI interfaces of 1.4 specifications, which can realize the switching of dual signal inputs. There is also a 3.5mm audio output on the far right that can be used to connect external speakers, but unfortunately cannot be connected to headphones.

Finally, there is a 5W hidden speaker on the left and right of the bottom of the back, with 2.0 channels.

II. Installation

First, the bracket needs to be connected with the base. The knob of the base can fix the bracket without the help of a screwdriver. Next, only the back slot of the main body needs to be connected with the top of the bracket, and tools are needed to remove it. After the installation is completed, the equipment will be powered on and the DC power interface will be plugged into the display first. Then connect the power adapter to the power cord, which is quite similar to the notebook design. In terms of other interfaces, HDMI and audio output holes are directly inserted, and the wire can be tidied through the empty slot in the middle of the bracket.

III. Appearance

On the positive side, the style of Dell’s home monitors has been inherited. In addition, the ultra-narrow border of the display can still see the progress of industrial design.

Compared with the previous generation, the back of DELL S2719H has changed greatly. the bracket does not extend to the middle. the mirror plastic back plate is shiny and beautiful, with Dell’s classic logo in the middle.

Due to the change in the design of the Dell S2719H bracket, there is no adjustment of the upper and lower height, but the horizontal angle of the display can be adjusted from+5 to-21 with a total of 26 front and rear angles.

From the side, the Dell S2719H presents an arc-shaped back plate, which would be better if it could be made thinner at the edge.

The base part, the reserved groove, can be used for wire finishing, and I will pass the HDMI wire through it.

As a computer monitor

As PlayStation Host Display

IV. Monitor Inspection

1. Color correction contrast

Dell S2719H was color corrected with the help of the 5th generation of red spider. through the comparison before and after color correction, it can be seen that the human face before color correction is pale in color. After color correction, the skin color of the portrait is softer and warmer, which also meets the 6500K color temperature standard.

2.Gamut coverage

The color gamut covers 100%sRGB and 79% RGB.

3. color accuracy ΔE

The average ΔE value is 0.82, the minimum value is 0.12, and the maximum value is 4.38. Among the 48 test colors, the ΔE value of most colors is below 1.

4. Chromaticity uniformity

In D65 standard, a color temperature value of 6500K indicates that the color is relatively accurate. The color temperature in area 8 is the closest to the D65 standard, while the color temperature in area 3 differs greatly from the standard color temperature by 3.8

5. Brightness uniformity

The gray part represents the brightness distribution. The darker the gray, the lower the brightness. If the gray is white, the brightness is relatively highest. The brightest part of the screenis inarea No.5, and the brightness difference is the largest inarea No.1, which is 15% different from the maximum brightness block of the screen.Overall, the brightness inthe upper left area of the screenis higher, while the brightness inthe middle and lower left areas is lower.

6. Gamma curve

The brightness coefficient curve of the display is close to the standard curve.

7. Color temperature consistency

The white point color temperature remains around 6800K, but compared with the standard color temperature of 6500K, the display effect is somewhat cold. In terms of brightness, the highest brightness is 216.5 and the lowest brightness is 22.3.

8. Display Rating

Gamut performance is optimal, white point, color uniformity and color accuracy are acceptable. The poor performance is tone response and contrast.

Five, real shot

1. Comparison of sample drawings

Dell S2719H and shenzhou Z7-KP5S1 rely on HDMI connection to play pictures on notebooks and compare the effects with pictures taken by NIKON D7200. From the comparison of the following four groups of samples, it can be seen that compared with Shenzhou Z7-KP5S1, Dell S2719H is more gorgeous in the color performance of the photos, making the people and objects in the photos more prominent. High color gamut can bring better color performance, for example, chameleon’s color is brighter, and in portrait, it can also bring more natural skin color. Low color gamut screens tend to supersaturate the presentation of colors in order to present more colors.

2. Visual Angle

From the visual angle, the display supports a maximum of 178 horizontally/vertically, which is not bad from the real shooting effect shown in the following figure.

3. Light leakage problem

From the light leakage control point of view, compared with the light leakage problem of Shenzhou Z7-KP5S1, the display performs slightly better. However, careful observation shows that there is a slight tendency of light leakage in the upper left corner and lower right corner.

VI. Practical Use

1. Picture editing & video processing

Often write assessments, take photos and record videos. A good display screen is also important. Compared with displays with lower color gamut, displays with high color gamut and good color accuracy can obviously make the presentation of pictures and videos more accurate and achieve the desired effect under the standardized color gamut.

2. Game scenes

(1) Computer games

The response time of 5ms is still sufficient for most FPS scenes.

Dell S2719H has a natural disadvantage in resolution. chicken games are best at 2K or 4K resolution.

(2) host games

However, for the PlayStation4 Slim, the Dell S2719H happens to match the maximum game resolution of this host: 1080P. At the same time, the frame rate of this host is 60 frames per second, so it is fully sufficient. Here I use ” Mysterious Sea Area 4: The End of Thieves” and ” Horizon: Dawn” to experience close combat PK and long-range sneaking around. PS4 can be matched with Dell S2719H. Two-channel speakers are very good.

Compared with computer games that require resolution and frame rate, PlayStation4 requires lower picture quality and better experience.

Seven, power dissipation heat dissipation

The power meter is used to carry out power comparison under standby and different brightness (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%). From the results shown in the following figure, the overall power is still very energy-saving, and the highest brightness output can be achieved in less than 20W.

Heat dissipation is the last test content. First, preheat Dell S2719H for one hour, and then use infrared temperature measuring gun to carry out real-time monitoring. As shown in the figure above, the temperature on the front side is generally higher than that on the back side. Although the lower right corner of the front is higher than 35 ℃, the overall heat control is excellent.

Viii. conclusion

In terms of industrial design, compared with the previous generation, Dell S2719H has both positive inheritance and innovation on the back. Extra-narrow borders add extra points, but the back bracket abandons the function of height adjustment. The 2.0 channel formed by the two 5W speakers can help me save a set of entry-level sound while keeping the desktop fresh. The HDMI interface allows the display to switch freely between the PS4 game console and the computer, with both functions. Screen quality gamut > >99%sRGB, white point, color uniformity and color accuracy are also acceptable.

There is naturally no pressure in daily office use, thanks to the excellent screen quality, it is also convenient to use in picture processing and video editing. The display effect of Dell S2719H can be brought into full play when PlayStation4 is used in the game scene. The main drawback is that the resolution of the display screen is only 1080P. Although PS4 has 1080P rendering capability, considering the occasional need to eat chicken, the resolution is naturally expected to reach 2K. Although Dell monitors with 2K resolution are also available, the additional cost has already exceeded other competitors, so I hope this product will have more price concessions in the future.

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