Zotac zbox ci327 nano out of the box

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Recently, I saw a ghost doing a review of Sotai’s Zbox, 6w Quad – Core Celeron, palm – sized, completely silent in passive heat dissipation, and double gigabit Internet access. Ghosts used to run pfsense more often. I thought it was perfect to install lede in this product, and I found it right away. On Sotai’s official website, I looked at various series of mini pc of various models, up to 7700 with 1080 small steel cannons and down to wallet – sized mainframe rods. It seems that C series is the most suitable for soft routing. I started looking for something to sell online, and finally I got the best deal than going to amazon. I placed an order immediately when I had the stock. I also lost an nvidia shield tv to replace the millet box to watch TV.

Let’s take a look at UPS’s garbage service. My residential area is newly built and the address can’t be found directly on google maps. This is a time-limited piece for me. The delivery driver forged the receipt information in order to make a job assignment, causing me to run to the airport and take it myself.

Together with nvidia shield tv, it can be said that it is the best 4k HDR android box at present. The Chinese version is rather poor, and google’s whole family is harmonious. The posts in the forum are basically of the first generation. In a couple of days, I’ll see if I can send a new shield tv out of the box +root.

Let’s talk about the highlights of CI327: dual gigabit ports, completely mute passive heat dissipation, DP+HDMI+VGA supports two 4k 60hz+ one 1080p 60hz. The CPU is Apollo Lake Celeron N3450, TDP 6w, capable of hardware decoding H.265 10bit. The overall circumference of the machine is 127.6mm * 126.6mm * 56.6mm, and the volume of 0.92l is more than half smaller than that of deskmini.

Open the box directly and look at all kinds of accessories first. The driver is still a CD – ROM. If you make a bad comment, it is estimated that the price of the whole machine is too low to give it to the U disk. Compared with deskmini, it has its own wifi card and antenna, which is highly praised + 1. Vesa bracket, praise + 1. The power adapter is very small. The three-phase plug is a little inconvenient.

The main engine is square, honeycomb design, simple but not low. Four slots on the back make it easy to install the bracket in four directions.

The four sides of the side are also honeycomb design, front power key, three-in-one card reader, audio interface and two usb 3.0 interfaces.

On the back is wifi antenna interface, double gigabit network interface, Bluetooth 4.2, and three usb interfaces, of which two 2.0 are turned yellow. If they are not marked, they will be considered usb 3.1. The video output has DP+HDMI+VGA, which is highly praised.

Passive heat dissipation, filled with a lot of iron bumps, is very thugs in his hand, have a sense of senior, this is very clever.

Compared with the deskmini, you cannot choose your own cpu, there is no m.2 ssd interface, and the only things you can DIY are memory and 2.5 inch SSD.

The four legs are also screws for fixing the back plate. The front face is stamped with a cross screw, but it is actually rubber and can be screwed directly by hand.

There are heat conduction patches on the back plate, covering the memory and SSD areas respectively, and the wire drawing part is made of metal to help dissipate heat.

The built-in network card is intel AC3165. One antenna is screwed on the back of the chassis and the other is pasted on the inside of the chassis, which is basically enough.

The minimum that the new SSD can buy is 120G, so choose the cheapest one. Memory is DDR3L low-voltage notebook bar, supporting 1600 and 1866, mine is 1600 8G single bar.

SSD fixing bracket needs to be screwed with several screws. If it can be changed into a snap-in type to completely avoid tools, it will be praised by + 1.

The whole machine is less than 2 kg and basically portable.

Lede is written on SSD under PE, 120G is a bit wasteful. There are 16G 32G SSD on ebay, but they are all miscellaneous cards. lede soft routing is for stability, not for mice.

With koolss in cool soft, direct 8k 60fps without pressure, hard routing brush Merlin estimates reluctantly.

6.5W, Last Praise.

To sum up: Sotai mini pc has a complete product line, of which C series is mainly silent. This CI327 can play a variety of roles. It is a sufficient pc host to install win10 home to process documents and send and receive email. On the TV side, 4k+h.265 hardware decoding can be a perfect kodi/plex player. When using network hardware, pt, nas and lede are almost all – powerful. All I need is koolss in lede, which has the functions of advertisement removal and multi-dial network speed superposition, so it is directly brushed as a soft route. The price of 1,500 RMB for the whole machine can be used to buy high-end hard routers, but the hardware level and playability cannot be compared with traditional routers. In addition, students interested in zbox C series can wait for CI329 of Q2, and the cpu will be upgraded to N4100 of gemini architecture.

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