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Phanteks 314ETG installation show

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A host computer installed for friends is mainly used for multi-screen office work. It strives for stable operation and has certain requirements for the game. As a result, it has been installed this time. Chassis chose fan 314ETG, M-ATX platform to ensure scalability while taking into account the volume and heat dissipation, solid materials, simple appearance. The platform is i5-8400 + B360 + GTX 1060, and the microsatellite B360M MORTAR has been specially strengthened in power supply and heat dissipation, which is helpful for long-term operation. In order to enhance the lamp efficiency of the whole machine, three HALOS RGB lamp rings are selected to enable the common fan to realize RGB lamp efficiency. Considering the stability, the air cooling scheme was chosen for heat dissipation, and the fan that is more suitable for the chassis was replaced at the same time. The graphics card also chose the micro-star Honglong GTX 1060 with stronger heat dissipation performance.

The installed demand is as follows:
1. It has good stability and can meet the requirements of long-term operation.
2. It can meet the needs of multi-screen office and need to connect 2 2K monitors at the same time.
3. The performance of the host meets the requirements of mainstream online games, and it is also necessary to ensure smooth chicken eating.
4. Try to keep the appearance simple and steady.
5. There can be some light effects inside the chassis.

The configuration is as follows:

Cpu Intel i5-8400
Main board Microsatellite B360M MORTAR
Memory Chichi magic light halberd DDR4 3200 16G (8Gx2 )
solid state drives Samsung 960 evo256gb
Mechanical hard disk Seagate Cool Fish Series 1TB
Graphics Microstar geforcegtx1060gaming x6g
Chassis Chaser 314ETG streamer silver
Radiator Chaser TC14S
Fan Fans f120mpx3
Lamp ring Fans halosrgbx3
Power supply Pirate ship VS550

Out of the box

Intel i5-8400。

Chi fantasy light Ji memory, can be said to be RGB memory cost-effective choice, as if there is no other better choice.

This time, the mainboard chose the B360M MORTAR of Microstar. The package is in black and gray color, and the front has pictures of the product model and mortar.

On the back of the package is the motherboard diagram and description of various features, with many functions.

List of accessories, including instructions, drive CD, dragon sticker, motherboard bezel and SATA cable.

The front of the main board, black and gray color matching, looks very full, but very low – key.

The back of the main board and the surface of the PCB were treated very cleanly and were treated with matting.

The number of mainboard interfaces is enough for daily use. Compared with Z370, USB 3.1 Gen2 is added. DVI, HDMI and DP interfaces are all available even if a centralized display is used.

The very large CPU power supply radiator is larger than that of many Z370 mainboards.

Newly designed chipset heatsink.

CPU slot.

8pin CPU power supply.

4 memory slots.

PCI-E slot with metal edge.

M.2 slot.

SATA interface.

Front USB 3.1 Type-C interface, but currently there are not many chassis that support this.

Jumper area of motherboard.

Audio chip.

NCT6797D-M Super I/O chip with monitoring and basic interface.

There are various authentication marks on the back of the motherboard.

The large power supply heat sink is frosted and looks very comfortable.

Samsung 960 EVO 256GB solid state drive.

Seagate 1TB Mechanical Hard Disk.

Microstar geforcegtx1060gaming x6g.

Pirate ship VS550 power supply.

Although it is a non-modular design, it can still achieve good routing effect after combing.

The pursuer TC14S.

Simple double tower 6 heat pipe radiator with blackened fins.

The pursuer F120MP.

In order to realize the colorful RGB lamp effect of the fan, HaloRGB is selected.



On the back of the lamp ring details, you can see the independent LED lamp.

Wiring, in order to achieve a refreshing effect requires careful combing.

The English logo of the side fans.

At present, there are not many good MATX chassis. As the MATX version of 515ETG, 314ETG is still worth it.

Installed show

Install the CPU.

Install SSD.

Install memory.

From another angle, the overall black and gray color matching is more durable.

Install the CPU radiator base.

Install the radiator.

Install the video card.

The fan and the lamp ring are combined.

Omitting the complicated wire arranging steps, we can directly see the final installation effect.
The 314ETG has a delicate appearance at a 45 angle of view.

The front.


The side plate is of portal structure, and the rear part is connected with the chassis body by a rotating shaft, which is detachable and very convenient.

The top of the chassis is provided with heat dissipation holes on the left and right.

Details of cooling holes.

Power button.

Front I/O cover plate can be opened manually.

USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A x2, audio interface and cabinet RGB light effect control buttons are sequentially arranged from left to right.

Air inlet holes on the left and right sides of the front panel.

Light transmission holes transversely arranged below the front panel.

The side plates are toughened glass.

On the back of the chassis, the structure is relatively conventional, and the upper part is the main board interface and the rear exhaust fan.

Below are PCI slots and power bits.

At the bottom of the chassis, the chassis is raised with a bracket, which facilitates the air intake of the power supply and is also beautiful to look at.

Rubber foot pads are not very spacious.

Remove the side panel and take a look at the side of the chassis.

The opening on the back of the main board is relatively accurate.

The chassis is provided with more wiring holes and tie holes, which are convenient for wiring.

Set the power supply bit below.

The hard drive bit at the bottom.

Two 2.5 ” hard drive bits.

Core component area on motherboard side.

2 front intake fans.

Rear exhaust fan.

Main board power supply heat sink.

Memory and motherboard power supply lines.

Dragon soul LED.

Dragon claw LED.

The power supply line for the video card is cleverly moved from the front slot of the chassis, making it more refreshing.

Jumper area of motherboard and SSD.

Light show

Although this installation has chosen several luminous accessories such as the memory of Chi’s fantasy light halberd, the fans HALOS RGB and the micro-star GTX 1060 red dragon graphics card, the overall power supply shows that the light effect is not too dazzling and is relatively simple.

Magic magic light halberd lamp effect.

Red dragon logo lamp effect.

Dragon claw LED.

MORTAR motherboard power supply heatsink.

HALOS RGB + F120MP effect, in order to achieve a better colorful light effect, the fan blades are preferably white or transparent light guide.

Performance test

BIOS interface, familiar CLICK BIOS 5.

Hardware monitoring.

Overview of motherboards.

MSI APP Manager, you can see that the motherboard comes with very rich software.

MSI Command Center。

CPU-Z screenshot.

GPU-Z screenshot.

CINEBENCH R15.0 test results, OpenGL 126.39fps, CPU 958cb.

Chess runs points.

Samsung 960 EVO 256GB performance test.

3DMark Time Spy scored 4439 and graphics card scored 4322.

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme scored 5727 and the graphics card scored 6006.

Configuration information.

Master Lu scored 299204 for entertainment.

Certification of chicken eating.

AIDA64 + FurMark Double Copy Test, CPU temperature is about 60 ℃, GPU temperature is about 67 ℃.


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