[HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset Experience ] The video game requires not only vision but also hearing

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This time I experienced the new game headset of Kingston’s HyperX Cloud – Alpha, saying that the problem with the HyperX model that I complained about before still exists., only from the name can’t understand its grade positioning, want to know Alpha jingdong price 899 yuan, similar game headphones belong to the middle and high end, only slightly behind the flagship HyperX Revolver black hawk, feel the official also lazy to name, simply called Alpha, Beta, Delta continue in the future?

I have experienced the same series of Cloud Silver headphones, so the details will be compared with Alpha, and finally compared with the pirate ship Void Wireless RGB and BlackBerry The One headphones.

Specification parameter
Driver: Custom Dynamic, 50mm, Neodymium Magnet
Type: earmuff type, enclosed type
Frequency response: 13Hz-27,000Hz
Impedance: 65Ω
Sound pressure level: 98dBSPL/mW at 1kHz
Total harmonic distortion ( t.h.d. ): < 1%
Weight ( including microphone and cable ): 336g
Cable length and type: detachable cable ( 1.3m ) + extension cable ( 2m )
Components: Electret Microphone
Polar mode: noise reduction
Frequency response: 50Hz-18,000Hz
Sensitivity: -43dBV (0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz )

Unpacking and accessories

The packaging design is very GAMING, with strong red and black colors, the cover is an Alpha headset makeup photo, and the product features are introduced. The difference is that it is more internationalized by adding multi-national languages including Chinese.

The biggest attraction of Alpha is undoubtedly the dual-tone cavity drive unit..

Side partners ( guaranteed relationship? ), such as Intel, as CSGO iron powder is most familiar with the NAVI, Liquid and other team logo, Simple steel gun exploded

A two-year warranty is acceptable.

Open the inner box, transparent blister packaging, feel no Silver full sponge cushion atmosphere, under a separate black accessories bag, there are 2 audio lines and storage bag, this bag is like silk wet.

Appearance list

Alpha headphones continue the design style of Cloud series, with round lines, full earmuffs and moderate sizes, which are very similar to Silver’s appearance ( HyperX designers are a bit lazy ). However, thanks to the use of leather head beams, aluminum frames, skin-like materials and other materials, the overall texture is good. Moreover, Alpha uses GAMING red and black matching this time, which is quite tart. The wires have also become a detachable design of the whole module, which is convenient to carry.


From top to bottom, first look at the head beam. The skin is made of fine artificial leather, with red lines on both sides and HyperX logo in the middle.

HyperX with reflective lines, which is different from Silver’s stitching logo, may be dark stitching, which does not reflect the logo effect ( RGB quickly ).

The red stitching with neat workmanship reminds me of Luo hammer when I see the thin red line. It is still useful to fool marketing.

The inside of the head beam is also made of high-quality leather, filled with Q – elastic soft memory sponge. HereI think the tightness of my head can be adjusted by the scale of the head beam. I suggest to loosen it a bit. Recently, my hair has been pressed and deformed by the newly-added black baron The One ( my hair is fluffy ).

The telescopic length of the head beam is as above.

The seventh gear is adjustable and the scale is clear. I am used to pulling the longest gear. The beam of the test head is firmly clamped and the head will not slide off easily.

Assembled in China

SN sequence code

Link between frame and head beam

AlphaThe aluminum frame has excellent metal texture. It is made of fine surface frosting and red anode technology. The opening above the earmuff enriches the design, so to speak.AlphaIn the most eye-pleasing aspect, Silver’s primary aluminum color pales in comparison.

Fine Scrub under Red Anode

Connecting head of aluminum frame and earmuff

Earmuffs are still made of two materials, including a red HyperX logo metal frosted round cover and a skin-like coating shell. NoteMetalThe round cover surface is easyLeaving white scurf marks that can be removed by light rubbing instead of irreversible scratches.Skin – like shellthanSilver has lost a parting line and has a more unified appearance.

The outer side of the earmuff is provided with an opening

Two audio jacks, Silver is a single microphone line removable.Alpha adopts highly modular design with 2 lines of microphone and audio.Both can be disassembled, which is of course easier to carry and take care of, and taking photos is also a worry.

The noise-reducing microphone, with its tail tightly combined with the earphone, can see the design of the reinforced base, because the microphone is not like the audio line, and it often adjusts the angle.

The maximum bending of the microphone is as above.

2 black braided wires, 1 wire control panel, 1 audio – microphone 1 / 2 and extension cord, all connectors are gold plated.

Finally, there is the earmuff part. Alpha’s earmuff leather material is obviously different from Silver’s, with more wrinkles in appearance and a circle of stitches. It is softer in hand feel ( including memory sponge ), closer to real leather in texture and better in air permeability. The anti-sweat problem on Silver has been improved to a certain extent.

The earmuff was removed and an anti-removal warranty label was affixed inside. Alpha’s 50mm neodymium-containing magnet unit was designed with a breakthrough dual-cavity drive structure. Simply put, it was equipped with sound cavities suitable for bass and mid-high notes respectively, making the sound clearer and minimizing distortion.

Headset comparison

Headphones in the picture
( Left ) Black Rank The One
( middle ) kingston hypercloudalpha
Pirate ship void pro rgb wireless

Usually play more games, so the three earphones are all pure positioning games ( I can’t really hear the sound quality ). Jingdong’s prices are 618 yuan, 899 yuan and 699 yuan respectively, which are close to the prices that can be compared with competing products ( Alpha new products have relatively high prices, and it is very likely that they will be stable for a long time after analysis according to the prices of some activities ).

Kingston’s HyperX Cloud Alpha is the smallest of the three, mainly due to the difference in the earmuff shell. The size of the user’s ears covered inside the earmuff is actually the same. In terms of appearance style, Alpha is probably the most suitable for women, while the other two are exaggerated in size and the weight is also the lightest. It has an advantage in fatigue when worn for a long time. The bright red anode is suitable for the red maniac color matching party, such as me ( pictured below ).

Since the positioning of the three earphones is quite clear, the specific choice depends on which functions the user needs. Let me summarize below: HyperX Cloud Alpha has said earlier, and is characterized by dual-tone cavity drive unit, leather material, red aluminum anode color matching, detachable wire, etc. Pirate ship VOID Wireless is different from others in that it is a wireless earphone, which is free from the shackles of wires. In addition, it supports RGB light pollution of pirate ship CUE platform. Its appearance is avant – garde, and its lines are tough. Its disadvantages are that it uses ABS plastic, and its texture is slightly poor. Then it lacks wireless response speed, endurance time and driving stability. After all, it is wireless. The One brand of Black Knight is not as famous as the other two brands. The metal head beam and leather material are similar to HyperX Cloud Alpha, and then it features 7.1 channels, although the independent sound card is virtual.

Experience sharing

Wear a picture.

The room is relatively small, the focal length of 60 is relatively large, and the scene is incomplete. The red anode version of Jonspovr2 I am using now is very compatible with HyperX Cloud Alpha.

My favorite FPS is CSGO, there is no chicken fire in China, and the bonus pool abroad is second only to DOTA. There are 500 daily AIM BOT gun training maps. at present, the national costume is stable between mai mai and AK. the friend code A27TG-XLFJ can be added by friends of CHH. the stock will not be dried up. it is low and is not a RMB player.

When applying for a trial, I talked about it. I think CSGO has the highest requirement for earphone listening and position discrimination in all electronic games. First, the CSGO map is small and complicated, and information needs to be obtained through ” walls have ears”. For example, the position of box 1 / box 2 of CT station in Area B of inf Town can hear the movement of Banana Road T, and then the alarm point or prop can be used to prevent rush. Even the awp opening sound can inform the CT teammates on the stand in time. Second, the prop aggravates the complexity of the situation. The effect of smoke and flash in CSGO is self – evident. Under the impact of the waves of smoke and flash, CT vision is greatly affected. At this time, it is more important to listen to the sound to distinguish the number of feet and the situation of firearms, and to consider whether the soul is mixed with smoke. In short, the situation in CSGO is chaotic and complicated. Therefore, the title writing of the video game requires not only eyesight but also hearing to increase the information collection ability. It can only be said that the real chicken eating is just starting in terms of competitiveness, and the slow rhythm is more entertaining, mainly due to the fire of the host.
How about the sound quality of HyperX Cloud Alpha? My first feeling is sharp. The pressure of AK’s CSGO’s first main battle gun under Alpha is sharp. Pirate ship’s VOID is more sedate and stuffy. Alpha’s voice is clearer. For example, the voice of women is clearer than that of men when reading an article by express delivery. According to some headphones, the voice of women is more clear than that of men ( the description may be inaccurate and metaphysics cannot be written ). Alpha is good at medium and high tones, highlighting sounds such as guns, footsteps, flashing rings, etc. The special effects of other bass sounds are weakened, and contrast contrast is used to enhance the player’s listening ability, regardless of whether the sound quality is suitable. It is indeed helpful to the electric competition and conforms to the original design intention of the isolation structure of the new two-tone cavity. In addition, enhancing mid-high pitch is not a unique feature of dual-tone cavity Alpha, and it is similar to the sound quality of Cloud series Silver headphones.

Recently, I visited CSGO. Coincidentally, I saw several topics about HyperX Black Hawk Headset. It was said that the sound of this headset was very clear and far away. I could hear the blue door opening at the entrance of Hall A in cache Dead City. If it is really of great strategic value, for example, CT likes to press the blue door in front, T can directly seal the smoke white car, and then pack up and clear the A pack point. Because the default defense is usually A and two CT, I specially tested it and heard it at this position. But the sound is too light, if there is a slight interference from other sounds, it will be covered up, including his own footsteps. HyperX Cloud Alpha is clearer than the other two earphones, but it will only burn well and will not be of decisive help. It is estimated that Black Hawk is similar, otherwise it will really become a divine earphone.

Return to the ears of wheat, alacrity

As from SilvThe old users of HyperX Cloud from er have done better in the overall appearance, details and materials of Alpha.For example, the GAMING red anode is made and the earmuff leather is replaced with more comfortable material. compared with Silver, the sweating condition is also improved, and the appearance material is unique.Disadvantages seem to be easier to get dirty. A look at computer photos shows how all the dust is adsorbed ( although my family does have a layer of dust ). In terms of sound quality, either the innovative dual-tone cavity structure or the consistent targeted design of HyperX Cloud earphones, in short, it highlights the mid-high notes and enhances players’ listening ability, while bass is not good at it, which is worthy of the title of game earphones.

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