FILCO Ficke Cheese Green 87 Dual – Mode Hand Second Generation Unpacking

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[ Preface ]
The mechanical keyboard has changed a lot back and forth. Recently RGB has suffered from serious aesthetic fatigue. It has slowly returned to simplicity. I still feel that the large F without light is low-key and durable. Faith top-up 87 double-mode cheese green is also a small wish. The following is a simple unpacking process.

Unpacking ]

The series of uniform packaging was similar to the MINILA design before. PositiveThere is no product display chart, it seems that I still have confidence in my own products.

The wireless connection is Bluetooth, and the delay is to be detected.Original MX green shaft supports dual mode and win10

Bluetooth supports switching between 4 different devices, which is generally between 2 devices for me.

The place of origin is Baodao

Without the seal, it is impossible to determine whether it is single – handedly. This is the most worrying thing.

Directly see the keyboard body, the inner box is also blue color matching.

Keyboard, dust cover, 2 5th batteries, USB cable, key puller, a set of replacement key caps and instructions

SONY’s battery has not been seen for a long time.

Pure white USB cable does not feel very stain – resistant, but it is generally not used either.

Unfortunately, the interface is not gold plated.

7 green replacement key caps and 1 green handle key puller

The font looks very comfortable, not as unconventional as some brands.

Cross hole, no light transmission design

Very special key puller, thin steel wire is convenient to clip in.

It is very convenient to pull up the small key cap.

Pull up the big key cap is also very stable

There are too many contents in the manual. I really didn’t read it carefully.

Remove keyboard

Self – contained dust cover, unfortunately made of plastic

[ Display ]
one integrated mass

LOGO on the side

Arc human engineering design

87 is an advantage over 104 in volume and a reasonable comparison of keys over 67.

Two function indicators: case / pairing, number / power

Usb interface

Bluetooth switch

There is no other interface

Pure white floor

White non-slip mat

White tripod

Effect of tripod opening

The layout is still very reasonable

DIP switch and reset key

Battery compartment

[ Use ]The height of the foremost part is 2.9cm

The highest part of the rear is 4cm.

The height after opening the support is 4.7cm

The milk white key cap does not feel very stain – resistant.

Original green shaft

Code word is absolutely enjoy late at night, is touching voice

The effect of the game is general. Let’s play on the Red Axis.

After a long delay, the necromancer reached 50.

[ Summary ]

1. The delay effect of Bluetooth is not obviously felt, and the desktop is liberated due to the absence of a root line.

2. Non – flooding, plug and play, very convenient;

3. Although there is no light, the green is very eye-catching and endurable.

4. White is not very stain-resistant and needs regular care.

5, the price is not very friendly, one step in place, less detours.

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