Do you still remember the Lianli V600?

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In the early years, the doors were all Lianli chassis. I have always liked Lianli. This installation also comes from receiving a long-thought box – Lianli V600 Red, which is regarded as a very classic box in Lianli’s early days. After starting with this box, I wanted to install it very much. Before, ITX was installed in a small chassis with almost zero expansion performance. There should be more possibilities after MATX is changed this time.

Tell me about the idea of building. As a late-stage dog, I also want to play games. Therefore, the CPU must be strong enough to watch the 1700X of agricultural enterprises and 8700K of toothpaste factory. Both sides have their own advantages and the price is basically the same. Of course, the toothpaste factory may be more expensive. Plus, I bought 8100 before and felt it was too uncomfortable to install the 19 * 19 board myself. This time, I chose a farm enterprise. This time, I got on the bus. It was an autumn bus. This is also a road to trouble.

First talk about configuration:

CPU: AMD 1700ES newly purchased

Memory: pirate ship platinum ddr4 3000 8G*2 original

Motherboard: Huaqing B350 Newly Purchased

Graphics card: Mingxuan 1050Ti Original

Power Supply: Antec/ ANTIKE HCG 650 Newly Purchased

SSD: Lightning M.2 512 Dismantling Machine

Chassis: Lianli V600 Red Purchased Inventory Over Half a Year

Out of the box:

First of all, the chassis is one of the two chassis that I have been thinking about for a long time. At that time, I liked ITX to start with Q18Q25 and Q33. Q33 was the first one to be disposed of, and I still like Q18 – shaped chassis as a whole. This V600 is my favorite chassis before. Its color value is very high. Its front is very similar to Apple’s design. The front supports two 12CM fans and the top of the chassis supports a 14CM fan. However, there is no fan opening at the back, so the air duct is very strange. Today, it is also the rhythm of being hit by various new products, but the workmanship design of Lianli has been deeply imprinted in my heart.

Besides this V600, what we want is a V353 dumpy chassis, the front of which is full of holes. Much like apple’s design. Just like MATX case, I will start to collect one when I have the chance.

The front is full of holes and the bottom is marked with the old style of Lianli.

From the side, the side panel has a screw-free design, with good integrity.

All the interfaces are at the bottom of the chassis, two USB3.0 and one Esata interface, the earphone and microphone interfaces are separated, and the power-on key and the restart key are also included.

The dust-proof and metal foot pads of the old Lianli chassis need high praise.

Footpad close – up, chassis edge work is also very round and excessive.

The internal structure, at that time, was very fond of having two hard disk cages, supporting 5 – disk hot plug. Moreover, it is only necessary to remove a hard disk cage in conjunction with a long video card, but it should be noted that 2.5 disk positions cannot support hot plug. I am such a late-stage dog who liked many hard disks at the beginning. I was really fascinated by this box. Now I look completely pale.

Two CD – ROMs are supported, but who still uses CD – ROMs?

The two hard disk cages, Q18/Q25, were all of the same design and were full of beautiful inserts. But resonance and noise are also the rhythm of death. Now I’m all in Sainas.

Hard disk insertion effect.

The power supply is located with dust-proof net under it to facilitate daily cleaning.

I like the design of the screw-free side panel very much. It is very convenient to dismantle the machine.

Talking about the newly-bought power supply, I have always been very fond of Antec brand. For those taken off the local line, the main consideration is that I must first complete the module. Secondly, considering the future is a single card, 550 to 650w power is enough. This is the choice of acquaintances below the local line. And there is another reason that this power supply will have some advantages over the normal power supply volume, even if I change ITX chassis later, I can continue to use it. Moreover, the current power supply is basically a long-term investment. Buying one can last for a long time. The 10 – year warranty also makes everyone feel more comfortable. The most important thing is that this power supply also supports HYBRID Mode mode. I really need a quiet power supply.

All kinds of data support, perhaps for me who hasn’t updated my computer for many years, this HYBRID Mode. I like it very much, the previous power supply was too noisy, and this function can make the power supply mute actively.

Behind it is the introduction of various features, Barabbas’s.

Product specification and conversion rate.

All the packages are nearby, and now all the brands are sending cable ties, which are well received.

The magic rolling belt matched with the power supply is convenient for thread trimming.

The standard wire list, high-power wires are covered with wires, but there is also a problem that leads to slightly hard wiring and affects the wiring.

There are two such power supply lines for video cards, with a design of 6 + 2 * 2.

One hard disk cable can supply power to 3 hard disks.

The overall picture of the power supply is not very big. I wonder why the current power supply can be made so compact.

The size of 86*140*150mm, compared with the size of 7P, I think this size can be compatible with more chassis, and I also do not have the requirement of double cards, this power supply is very suitable.

The whole module interface makes the wiring easier. Anyway, I don’t want to change anything else after using the whole module, so the wiring is more convenient.

The profile is very low – key, such as brand logo.

A HYBRID Mode key is additionally arranged at the position of the power supply interface to realize the overall noise level of the power supply by opening and closing, and the fan stops running after starting the HYBRID Mode mode, thus effectively reducing the noise situation.

HCG GAMER’s logo is everywhere, and the power supply is generally designed to prevent disassembly. For non-professionals I will not disassemble it. This power supply uses an all-day capacitor.

The installed effect obviously shows that the power supply is really short.

Plug in the cable and find that it is really too hard and it is not very convenient to arrange the cable. Fortunately, V600 also does not support lateral penetration. You can’t see it when it’s covered.

Post effect.

Let’s talk about the mainboard, choose the cheapest one to try. All functions also support M2 PCIe Gen3*4. memory supports up to ddr4 3200+. However, I will restart when my memory is set to 2800, so I cannot enter the system. It is estimated that it has something to do with the U of ES. The board is also very small, there is no heat sink, passing a little shabby. The main board has two fan ports. Only double memory is supported.


Can see a small heat dissipation, M2 interface, etc.

I miss amd’s stitches very much. To be honest, I am really afraid of dropping the U.

On the U effect, actually bought scattered U and board is so come.

Interface list, HDMI interface is very special. Four 3.0 interfaces are generally sufficient.

SSD uses a 512 – unit Sandi X300, but NVMe speed is not supported. The victory lies in the large capacity.

The black ones are very nice. I took those blue and green ones.

Installation is also very simple. The motherboard comes standard with a M2 solid mounting screw.

Memory is also platinum DDR4 3000 16GB(8Gx2 ) for former pirate rulers. Memory is also intended to be bought in a good and long-term manner. At a time when memory is expensive, it is recommended to directly choose the one that can afford the best. Of course, at present I don’t have a motherboard that can be raised to 3000. This board has a maximum capacity of 2800. The packaging is very classic and many people have been exposed to the sun. In fact, I regretted buying less at that time. I should have bought more.

The reason for choosing pirates is also that there has always been a plot of pirates. From the beginning of the red comb, I thought the pirate’s note was very good – looking. The appearance of the pirate was only one piece, and the color value improved by 30%.

Although this memory can emit light, if you want to look better, you need to buy additional accessories. It is also more painful. Take a look at it.

It tastes like a comb when you open it.

Installation effect.

Due to the height limitation of the box, it should be noted that the V600 does not need high tower heat dissipation or integrated water cooling, so I took the heat dissipation from the original ITX platform to fill the number. The roast chicken feels ok after the temperature, which will be described in detail later.

It is smoothly loaded into the chassis and all parts of the power supply are connected. The whole thing is easy and simple. I hope it will light up once again. It was found at the back that the motherboard only has two fan connectors, which cannot accommodate so many fans. The top fan was removed at the back.

The CPU cooling fan still chooses owl, and there are many in the old house. It is characterized by temperature control and low noise. Although they do not support lighting, it is a pity. It seems that hard-working cat fans have lights now.

Test runs:

One – off lighting, no problem. I won’t talk about installing systems here, but the latest win10 has no choice. The whole machine is very quiet. Attach a desktop photo.

If you look at the configuration, the CPU that is not showing is not recognized, but it can be seen that it is 8 cores. No problem with solid graphics cards.

The entertainment master runs points, which are not bad.

CPU-Z check the CPU properties, TDP is really high.


The memory is embarrassing, at first it can only be adjusted to 2400 and then 2800, not 3000. All kinds of shutdown and restart.

The reference is 1700 when comparing scores.

AIDA64 view CPU.

It feels great to count the frames, and it must be great to make AE with this machine.

Memory test.

GPU-Z view previous mingxuan GTX-1050Ti.

Sandi X300 is behaving fairly.

3D MARK11 runs.

The C4R15 score is the first time I have used a U that can run over 1000cb. It looked like it was over 700 before. This upgrade feels very worthwhile.

Stress test:

Roast chicken for half an hour, the core is at the appearance temperature of 3.55, the temperature can also be around 20 at room temperature, and the CPU 55° fan is around 800 revolutions.

At present, we are playing a game – eating chicken. the configuration of 1050Ti and 1700 under 2K screen is basically high. Enter the game by default.

The number of frames shows that at the lowest time, the number of frames is adjusted to about 40, basically running at 50 to 60 needles, and the fluctuation is still not small. But the game feels ok.

100 RAW format photos taken by 5D3 can be output without damage, and CPU fluctuation can be seen.

Finally, it took about 2 minutes and 16 seconds. It is much faster than my 8100 before, and it sounds like nonsense. The data are for reference only.

In the end, I was forced to go on and on.

I am so tired that I admire your predecessors who took photos and wrote evaluations at the same time. After a long ordeal until midnight, it is not to say that I didn’t overclock and the only game that I tested was chicken. Maybe this configuration I installed is really a little non – mainstream, now there are few ES, I also want to experience it. The V600 case in my hand has been lying there for a long time. Take it out and enjoy it. I haven’t used amd’s processor in years, and the scores really shocked me.

Finally, for children’s shoes that are interested in ES, I would like to say that they can play with it for a while, but if they are really used, they are still a little unstable. The game has also seen restart and flashback. It should be the voltage problem at that time. It is better to lower it to 1.2. For friends who want to install computers, this is not a good time to install them. Memory is expensive and video cards are expensive. The whole machine will cost a lot more when it comes down. In this case, it is recommended that the friends who must install the machine should have one memory in place, and buy the best brand directly. The memory frequency should start at 3000 directly, which is convenient for later upgrade and maintenance of value. 1050Ti is a good choice if the graphics card is not too good. Of course, this generation of graphics card should have diving after the 2080 comes on the market. It is recommended to wait patiently. For power supply, it is recommended to choose a large brand with a 10 – year warranty.

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