DeraPCIe NVME 1.6T SSD Evaluation!

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The product specifications of the official website originally included other models, but our data center does not have them at present.

DERA D5450 body and half-height baffle

The DERA D5450 is a half-height PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe SSD with a gray-black full-cover heatsink on the front.

DERA D5450 heatsink has a sticker ( with model number and SN code ) on the upper beveled edge and dera LOGO.

Rows of neat rows of radiating fins, very heavy said

There is no back panel on the back of DERA D5450.

Air vents are reserved in the baffle plate, and heat radiating fins are added, so that a reasonable arrangement of air ducts can have good heat radiating effect.

Disassembling was done by my friend himself. The front particles and the main controller were all contacted with the heat conducting pad and the heat sink. The largest chip was the main controller chip – Taishan

Close up


test data

In order to test D5450, I used 3 platforms for this test. Three test systems: win7_x64, win10_x64, winserver_x64;; Five kinds of testing software: AS SSD Benchmark 2.0, CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1 && 5.5.0, IOMeter 1.1.0, attoddisk benchmark 2.4.6, TxBENCH 0.95

There are two test platforms 1 runningwin10_x64、winserver_x64

Test platform 2, runwin7_x64

First, let’s have a summary of test data, except for iometer’s test results, which are posted below.

IOMeter 1.1.0 Test Chart 4 Series
The following is a screenshot of the test software corresponding to the test results table

       Crystal diskmark test

Asssd benchmark test

Attodisk benchmark test
TxBENCH test, only to find that I have a wrong parameter, 128KB to 1024KB …


DERA D5450, as the first PCIe NVMe SSD of purple light group, should be said to be the first PCIe NVMe SSD product made in China in the true sense. it is beyond my expectation to be able to achieve a test result close to Intel’s P4600 or even somewhat superior to some tests. it reminds me of the sentence of iron man Ritoni stark: ” Jarvis, before we learn to walk, we must learn to run first.” To achieve such an effect, its core component – Ziguangdeli’s master control chip TAI ( Taishan ) has played an important role. After the 3D NAND chips stored in Yangtze River are replaced normally and completely, the storage industry chain produced in the whole country can be basically set up and formed. When the time comes, I may also evaluate the D5450NVMe SSD that has been fully domestically manufactured.
I expect Ziguang Group to bring us more surprises in the near future. Its significance is not only that we can use better, faster and more practical SSD and memory, but also that Ziguang Group will quickly become China’s largest independent brand flash memory manufacturer. The real significance of this is that the Chinese – made storage has officially begun to be raided by the whole army, and China’s intelligence has built another city!

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