Dell UP2716D Experience for My Dual Screen Application

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My work is related to publishing publications. The previous monitor was the normal 99%sRGB model. Although I felt no problem with it, I recently found that the color difference between the monitor and the printed image was quite large after I had to deal with some picture materials. In order to save a process of repeated color mixing in the future, I put forward a new wide color gamut monitor. Finally, the direct forum accepted this. On the one hand, Dell’s UP2716D is within the budget. On the other hand, Dell’s monitors are used to both appearance and function settings ( such as brackets, IO ports, etc. ), and they also maintain their value. It is also easy to change the forum to a higher model later.

Out of the box:
The seller sent it directly, fortunately the internal structure design was reasonable, so there was no problem.

Factory inspection report

The bracket assembly is simple

The still classic overload border panel

If you put it together, it will be finished. The size of 27 inches is almost the gold size of my office. I have tried the 32 – inch model before, but because the table distance is a little too big, 27 inches is basically the most suitable size for my desk.

Compared with the front, I prefer the back design. The Dell family’s one-piece transition setting is very classic. It seems that it hasn’t been replaced until now.

The thickness is UP series, so the thickness feels a little thicker than the u series and p series, but I feel this kind of working machine needs this kind of thick feeling.
In addition, there is a USB 3.0 HUB on this side. I remember Dell is not as good as it is on the side, sometimes on the back. In addition, if the SD card reader can be restored, it is better for this professional working model.

Turning the angle, Dell’s angle adjustment is familiar to everyone, so I won’t say much. I feel the difference here is that the vertical screen of my previous screen can only be adjusted vertically in one direction, and now the vertical screen can be adjusted left and right.


The machine I usually use for my work is actually a 2015 Macbook Pro15 ( it was awkwardly bought at the beginning of 16 years, referred to as 49 years in the national army, and a new generation of RMBP can be bought in the second half ). The mobile office with its own screen is definitely enough. However, when I work in a fixed position, I am used to plug in a desktop display for double-screen operation, and RMBP is used to store materials, search or function boxes. Then the external large screen is generally used to look at the material, of course, sometimes it may be used in reverse, but basically it is a double screen operation, which is obviously much more convenient for people like me who enrich editing and sorting.
However, there is also a problem. As mentioned earlier, the external screen color gamut is not good, so we often have to switch to the notebook screen to see the material, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes. Besides, the RMBP color gamut coverage of the 2015 version is not as good as that of the new model, so this time the UP2716D is to solve this problem.

The screen display size is compared. Although the resolution is close to each other, the UP2716D is more convenient to retrieve online materials due to its limited physical size.

As for many MacBook users who want to add a monitor, they will also consider what resolution level to choose. First of all, the best resolution is 4K, and a 27 inch 1440P resolution is also possible. Within the same viewing distance, the point distance of UP2716D is not obvious. For example, the right side of the figure below is a PDF document for typesetting.

Clip video, sometimes clip video color, there is a large screen for viewing window is obviously much better.

Do you want color correction? Seeing that forum members often discuss whether the display should be color corrected, although the individual is related to publishing, the problem of color correction is actually quite complicated. It is not simply done by buying a color corrector. For example, we typesetters were not used to color correction before, and then the printing studio and color matching master that we cooperated with were familiar with, so we often went to the scene to see if the material was readjusted. Was it very unexpected? However, such consequences are very troublesome. You will not know the final display effect until the printing plant and printing studio color – change. For professional publishing and printing studios or factories, there is a complete set of color control, so it is not done by a single equipment to buy a color calibration instrument.
Even so, I suggest to buy an entry-level color correction device such as a green spider if conditions permit. For example, I have been completely accustomed to the screen display effect after color correction. Whether there is color correction on that screen can still be clearly perceived. There are still differences between black and white gray scales and skin images, and now there are only a few hundred entry-level color correction devices. Therefore, this time RMBP and UP2716D I still use spider 5 for color correction. After that, I am going to search another color monkey for color correction. After all, it is better for wide color gamut support.

Contrast before and after color correction

According to the results of the Red Spider 5 test, the color gamut is basically 100%sRGB and 100%ARGB. After all, it is the UP series. The color brightness uniformity, brightness uniformity and color standard are excellent. After all, Sharp’s panel.

Of course, it’s useless to look at the test report, but it’s still more realistic to compare goods with goods, so my side directly compares the MacBook Pro 15, which is quite comparative.
Solid color contrast, solid color contrast in fact, in addition to the color standard, in addition to contrast and color brightness balance, entry-level products are easy to control. As far as I can see, the UP2716D color balance control is good, even some colors are better than MacBook.

Contrast light gray scale with dark gray scale

Excessive contrast of color gradation

Solid colors are over – compared. In fact, if there is a display comparison, it is obvious to the naked eye without looking at any spider’s test report.

The picture was taken on the screen and compared. After color correction, if there is any difference, I feel that the macbook is a little green.

Slight light leakage at left edge

I don’t understand why the notebook screen should be closed after someone connects the monitor to the notebook, so it can be operated with double screens.
In addition, the UP2716D is currently used by individuals, except that the screen resolution is not 4K. . . . . ( 4K model is more expensive one wave ) Then, except for slight light leakage, everything basically meets my requirements. At first, the wide color gamut felt too gorgeous when connecting to PC, but later I did not know whether to connect to MAC or to use it for a long time, so I got used to it. Recently, I dug up some of the material pictures taken before and also saw the colors not seen on the screen before. This is probably the biggest improvement.
What I hope to improve is that SD card reader slot can be added to this model for image workers in the future.

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