ARCTIS PRO experienced

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Compared with the complicated models of the previous generation of Sirui earphones, the layout of this generation of ARCTIS is much simpler. The previous 3 / 5 / 7 and Bluetooth versions all adopted ID designs with basically the same elements, and formed the separation and positioning through functions and uses.
The basic version of ARCTIS 3 is a traditional 3.5mm interface earphone, while the Bluetooth version of ARCTIS 3 is more suitable for mobile devices through Bluetooth function, while ARCTIS 5 is added with USB DAC, 7.1 3D surround sound effect, ChatMix and RGB atmosphere lighting, and more for the consideration of electronic games. ARCTIS 7 is expected to become the product with the highest positioning in ARCTIS series with 2.4GHz WIFI connection. When we thought that the layout of the new generation of ARCTIS series was completed, Cyrus introduced a higher-level PRO series and three models at one go.

The new edition is divided into three models: ARCTIS PRO/ ARCTIS PRO+GameDAC and ARCTIS PRO wireless edition. ARCTIS PRO/ ARCTIS PRO+GameDAC is an advanced replacement of ARCTIS 5, while arctispro wireless version integrates bluetooth and WIFI functions of the previous ARCTIS 3 bluetooth version and ARCTIS 7.

And our pig leg this time is ARCTIS PRO.

Open the package, it is still the continuation of the previous ARCTIS design, there is no obvious difference.

The support part has a surrounding braid, which can be contacted with the top of the head, thus fixing the earphone well. At the same time, this soft structure will not cause discomfort to the head due to excessive pressure.

The upper part of the universal sticker is a leather-proof Sirui Logo, with neat stitches beside it, giving people the feeling of luxury. The design of this part is the same as ARCTIS 7.

It is equipped with a wire controller, connected with its own physically defined USB cable, and DAC is also in the wire controller. There are positive and negative differences in this link cable. The earphone end has an anti-freeze port and cannot be plugged back in. There is also a short patch cord, which can be used to connect mobile phones, game consoles and other devices to the 3.5mm interface. This patch cord contains both input and output, and can be used to make phone calls or voice chat.

The earpiece can be rotated horizontally and spread out horizontally, so that the backpack will not take up too much space, and you can also use it as a travel earphone if you like. Of course, it is more suitable to hand over the job to ARCTIS 3 Bluetooth version or ARCTIS wireless version.

There is a hardware switch for volume adjustment and microphone under the left earpiece.

There is a ring of ambient light outside the receiver, which can be controlled by SSE3. The color brightness and purity are very good.

The material of the ear pad has also changed. The fiber texture feels more delicate, but the overall shape is still firm, which can wrap the ear well and leave a certain amount of internal space. The new material has good air permeability, and the weather of 20 degrees now will not make people feel bored.

The microphone is designed to be retractable and can be stowed away when not in use, which is relatively harmless. And the flexibility of the microphone is very good, basically don’t have to worry about breaking.

ARCTIS PRO is not completely plug and play, and the first installation requires downloading the software again and plugging it in again.

The driver setting function is similar to that of the previous ARCTIS 5. In addition to the equalizer, it also has high-tech functions such as dynamic range compression.

PrismSync can be used to control the synchronization of lights outside the steel mill. besides, it also supports the synchronization of mainboard video cards of micro – star. however, I can’t synchronize the whole set of rogs. On this issue, the steel mills are not on the right track. They can afford a full set of ROG which is more expensive than most mainboards. However, it is fun to set the key light response. Whether it is a game, chat or code word, the RGB of the mouse headset dances with the flick of a finger or feels very good.

The Engine application also has several fun functions, such as music equalizer synchronization, and has a special Profile for V – club games such as DOTA2 CSGO, which can display the game status, such as life value, in real time through RGB.

I used Dolby Access to test the 3D sound effects of video playback, and Windows Sonic and Dolby Atoms to test. The Amaze scene was specifically used for testing: whether it was the flapping of birds’ wings from behind or the raindrops falling on the ground, it had a very on-the-spot positioning feeling. Thanks to the wider frequency response range, the bass could descend to a lower depth, and the bass performance of thunder was quite enterprising. Although this techdemo is more showy, it is hard for ordinary movies to have such an experience, but it is still very touching.

Of course, the emphasis is on the experience of eating chicken. Although there are high technologies such as acoustic radar, there are still some limitations, especially in the case of multiple rows. Thanks to DTS HEADPHONE X 7.1, the perception of his ears has been greatly enhanced. When using traditional 2.0 headphones or speakers, he heard someone beating himself in the field. The source of fire can only be accurate to 180 degrees in the hemisphere. Sometimes he can’t accurately judge the direction, and even find shelter to hide in the wrong direction and be shot to death. However, after using ARCTIS PRO, the direction of continuous firing can be basically accurate to 45 degrees, which can better cope with finding shelter to fight back again, even if it cannot fight back, it can survive for a longer time.

Before, my computer had been using Presonus’s iOne external DAC. Although this device is good as a DAC, the microphone input only has XLR port. I’m afraid I haven’t been equipped with a microphone for trouble. I’ve been using QQ…… on my mobile phone for many rows of chickens … and I’m often despised by gay friends. ARCTIS PRO not only has a microphone, but also ChatMix function. the microphone input is used as a separate equipment sound source and then mixed with the main game sound source. wire control can be used to independently adjust the output ratio of voice and game volume. When playing games at ordinary times, the voice communication can be amplified, instead of constantly saying: louder, can’t hear clearly; In the final stage, or Camp, you need to listen to the enemy’s firing direction and footsteps. You can also turn down the voice communication volume if you don’t want to hear gay friends GGYY loudly.

ARCTIS PRO, as the high-order replacement of ARCTIS 5, has advantages in frequency response range, sensitivity of sound generating unit / microphone, and total harmonic distortion of headphones. At the same time, the details of the outside Guangxi also make ARCTIS PRO more quality.

As for the external DAC, ARCTIS PRO also has a GAMEDAC version, which internally integrates an ESS Sabre ES9018Q2C. The 32 – bit DAC has sampling specifications of PCM 32bit 384kHz and DSD 11.2MHz, signal-to-noise ratio of 121dB, harmonic distortion of -115dB, and lower 49mW with 32 ohm headphones. Can be said to be quite good, and this DAC 40Pin package size is only 5x5mm, standby power consumption is only 1mW, making it suitable for devices sensitive to power consumption and volume such as headphones. You should know that Sennheiser’s flagship Olympics also uses ESS Sabre ES9018. Of course, there are differences in version specifications, and eight of them are connected in parallel. However, this also proves to a large extent that ESS Sabre ES9018Q2C is the top level of DAC chips. It is no wonder that even IS Sabre ES 9018 The Best DAC Chip Right Now is available in overseas fever forums? The theme of the discussion.

However, this GAMEDAC version has not been launched in China. I wonder if there will be a separate DAC for me to upgrade …

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