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abee AS Enclosure RS01 installation show

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A small steel cannon for personal use, the machine was installed when Asus X370-I was first put on the market. Recently, I had time to process the photos at that time, so I have this article. Since they are used by themselves, they are all high-end faith accessories. abee AS Enclosure RS01 is a chassis I like very much. the whole host is built on this platform. the combination of Ryzen 1700X CPU + GTX 1080 Ti can meet various needs of daily games and office work, and its performance can be said to be very strong. Owl radiator and fan ensure silence while providing strong heat dissipation performance, while pirate ship SF600 power supply ensures the stability of power supply when the machine runs for a long time. The whole machine meets its own expectations in terms of performance, materials, color value and workmanship. The machine is very fond of itself when it is finally completed.

The installed demand is as follows:
1. The parallel processing capability is better, and can meet the requirements of parallel operation of various office, design and graphic processing software.
2. Pursue extreme size and appearance without sacrificing hardware performance.
3. The game performance is good, can meet the requirements of all kinds of large games, at the same time need to have faith.

The configuration is as follows:

Cpu AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
Main board Asus rogstrix370 – igaming
Memory Chichi trident zrgbf4 – 3200c14d – 16gtzr
solid state drives Samsung sm961 256gb
Graphics EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition
Chassis abee AS Enclosure RS01 ASE-RS01-G-SVK
Radiator Owl NH-D9L
Fan Owl nf – s12apwm
Fan Owl nf – a12x15pwm
Fan Nf – a9pwm owl
Power supply Pirate ship SF600

Installed show

AMD Ryzen 7 1700X。

Chichi Trident Z RGB F4-3200C14D-16GTZR can be said to be the best choice for RGB lamp efficiency at present.

The surface of the memory heat sink adopts a metal wire drawing process, and the front and rear surfaces are different in color, the front surface is black gray, and the back surface is silver gray, so the wire drawing texture is very strong.

After waiting for a long time, rogstriX370 – igaming finally built the perfect small steel cannon of x370 platform.
The front of the package.

The back of the package.

The front of the motherboard.

The back of the motherboard.

Back connector.

Heat sink for power supply.

CPU slot.

Chipset heatsink adopts double sandwich design with M.2 hard disk in the middle.

CPU power supply.

Memory slot.

PCI slots are reinforced with metal edging.

There is also an M.2 slot on the back of the motherboard.

Many components are also arranged on the back of the mainboard.

Samsung SM961 256GB.

Evga geforcegtx1080ti founders edition, full of faith.

The belief light on the top of the video card.

8pin+6pin power supply.

The owl NH-D9L is the only choice for the RS01 to be plugged with a tower radiator while ensuring the heat dissipation performance of the CPU.

Owl NF-S12A, as bottom air intake fan.

Owl NF-A9, as the rear exhaust fan.

Owl NF-A12x15 PWM as side air intake fan.

RS01 only supports SFX power supply, so the SF600 of pirate ship was selected.

Abee AS Enclosure RS01 silver limited edition.

Abee original metal foot pad.

There are foam pads on the upper and lower sides of the foot pad.

Install SSD and remove chipset heatsink.

The back of the radiating fin is provided with a heat conducting adhesive patch.

The front of the heat sink has a black eye that can shine.

Install SSD.

Install the CPU.

Install memory.

Color matching can be said to be very harmonious.

Install the CPU heat sink.

Install the video card.

Prepare to be loaded into the chassis.

First, install the foot pads on the chassis.

Remove the side panel and top cover.

An overview of the internal structure.

Install the back cooling fan.

Secure the motherboard.

Install the power supply.

Install the upper and lower air intake fans, and conduct preliminary wiring, the effect is very refreshing.

Fix the side air inlet fan on the hard disk bracket.

After fixing the hard disk support, the installation of the whole machine is basically completed.

RS01 motherboard has a very large opening and it is very convenient to replace the radiator.

Another M.2 interface.

The SF600 air intake fan faces the other side for easy air intake.

The fan inlet at the bottom is directly opposite the turbo fan of the graphics card.

The cable is combed and fixed.

A filter screen is installed at the position of the side air inlet fan for dust prevention.

Since this machine is not used to store a large amount of data, no mechanical hard disk is configured.

Location of graphics card.

The graphics card is powered, and the original module line does not appear messy after being combed.

The belief light on the top of the video card.

At the top of the cabinet, there is no clutter.

45 angle of view.

Top of chassis.

The bottom of the chassis.

Details of chassis foot pad.

Bottom air inlet fan.

Air duct for video card.

Cable ties and cables are fixed by using the hole position at the bottom of the chassis.


The gap at the junction is really very small.

Heat dissipation holes in side plates.

The treatment beside the front panel adds a sense of design.

Rear fan and motherboard interface.

The display card position and the chassis bottom position are also provided with heat dissipation holes.

The black eye logo on the motherboard bezel.

The front face of the chassis has excellent mirror effect.

The chassis front connectors are all located at the bottom.

Front audio interface and USB 3.0 interface.

Power LED, Power LED and Power Button.

High contrast.

Light show

Abee AS Enclosure RS01 does not have side penetration, but this installation configuration still has various lamp effects.

GTX 1080 Ti Founder Edition Top Faith Lamp.

The black eye on the chipset heatsink supports AURA lamp efficiency.

Magic light halberd lamp effect.

The 3.5mm audio connector on the back has light identification.

Performance test

CPU-Z screenshot.

GPU-Z screenshot.

CINEBENCH R15.0 Test Results, OpenGL 114.08 fps, CPU 1571cb.

Samsung SM961 256GB has very good performance.

3DMark Time Spy scored 9218 and the graphics card scored 9478.

3DMark Timespry Extreme scored 4156 and the graphics card scored 4372.

3DMark Fire Strike scored 18113 and the graphics card scored 27607.

3DMark Fire Strike Extreme scored 12448 and the graphics card scored 13549.

3DMark Fire Strike Ultra scored 6757 and graphics card scored 6693.

Master Lu scored 584268 for entertainment.

AIDA64 FPU copying machine 10 minutes CPU temperature is 70 ℃, CPU fan speed is only 1080RPM, chassis rear NF-A9 speed is 1000RPM, the whole machine is very quiet.

Using FurMark to copy the machine, the GPU temperature will reach 85 ℃ after running for 10 minutes.


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