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ryzen 2200g + asus B350M-A + extreme cold Q300L

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The packaging of AMD’s reelon 3200g processor continues its previous style. Careful students must have discovered that R5 and R3 CPU can see the whole picture of the CPU through the shi window, but R7 cannot. I don’t know if there will be any changes now, this is the first version of R7. The lower left corner of the new package has added the words ” reeon processor”.

The biggest difference is, of course, the words ” Ruilong Processor Integration Radeon Vega Graphics” in this gray area. I feel a little abrupt in style, perhaps to highlight the meaning of integrating VEGA graphics card.

Close-up of the seal. AMD Ryzen™3 2200G integrated Vega graphics card, CPU4 core defaults to 3.5G basic frequency and automatic maximum turbo 3.7g.

Domestic packaging

On the back are some trademark descriptions.

A seal was affixed to the bottom. The R7 and R5 I bought did not have this seal before, so the CPU and heat dissipation can be taken out without opening the seal. The new packaging seems to have been sealed.

The first thing that comes into view when opening the box is CPU heat dissipation.

The heat dissipation of R5 1600 is almost the same as that of the previous R5 1600. I feel that I have optimized some details. Pure aluminum dissipates heat.

Remove the CPU box.

The box contains instructions and a reminder that BIOS needs to be upgraded.

Laser stickers, and there are 2!

CPU cover is still original design, PGA package. The CPU part is still Ryzen, not Ryzen+, 14nm, which will be released soon. As mentioned earlier, CPU4 core 4 threads, default 3.5G base frequency, automatic maximum turbo 3.7G .. L2/L3 cache 2MB/4MB. CUs units consist of 8 ( 512 stream processors ) 32 texture units and 16 ROP units. The default maximum frequency is 1100MHz. The kernel comes from the United States and is packaged domestically.

Golden triangle for positioning.

Dense stitches and sleepless counting can help sleep to create all-round small steel cannons – —AMD Ryzen processor +ASUS ASUS motherboard +COOLERMASTER extreme cold chassis unpacking

Two rabbits walking alongside can tell if I am male and female.

Asus prime b3550m-a motherboard

The 400 series motherboard has not been released yet. Series 3 motherboards can directly support the new Ryzen+ and APU by upgrading bios. The assembled small steel cannon uses ASUS Prime B3550m – A motherboard. 699 yuan, PLUS only needs 679 yuan, you can also participate in 100 – 10 yuan activities. Plus the coupon reduction, 600 yuan can start with less than.

5X means 5x optimization.

The shading of ASUS Prime B35M – A motherboard is very similar to that of ASUS)PRIME X370-PRO.

The power supply part adopts six-phase power supply, the upper phase mos is 4C09B, and the lower phase mos is 4C06B. Although there is no power supply and heat dissipation for the installation, holes are reserved. If necessary, you can install it yourself.

EPU power saving chip.

Realtek® ALC 887 sound card with 8 channels

The LANGuard network is fully protected, which can prevent network static electricity and lightning strike.

Features of memory power supply.

Features of power supply for south bridge.

It is equipped with 6 SATA interfaces, but the 2 on the right will fail after accessing the hard disk with m.2. interface.

PCI-E interface, eh. . . If there is a PCI-E x1 interface after the video card is inserted, the card cannot be inserted. But now the demand for this interface is getting smaller and smaller, but it doesn’t matter.

I/O interface: 1 x DVI-D interface, 1 x D-Sub interface, 1 x HDMI interface, 4 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface ( blue ), 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 ( cyan ). It would be perfect to give another DP to build an all-round small steel cannon – —AMD Ryzen processor +ASUS ASUS motherboard +COOLERMASTER cool ultimate chassis out of the box

Other accessories ( P.S. SATA line to forget. . . )

Cool supreme MasterBox Q300L

This case is not available on JD.com for a long time. Only a small quantity arrived on Taobao, priced at 299.

Simple corrugated packaging.

Logistics is a bit tough. . . All deformed

Some features of the extreme cold MasterBox Q300L.

The appearance of the chassis adopts cellular grid design.

There is a cool LOGO on the side section.

The top panel and the front panel are both of magnetic attraction design, and the panel of the chassis itself is also of porous design, with double-layer porous dustproof.

The chassis I/O panel can be removed and installed in multiple directions. Feel free to define it. The side transparent acrylic of the front panel is not a regular square, but a concave shape is made in line with the I/O panel.

The panel fits well with the chassis frame, but it’s still a little difficult to take off the panel just by removing the screws. Fortunately, an easy opening is designed on the side transparent panel.

The back panel is also 4 screws and is also covered with foot pads. The chassis can be laid flat.

The bottom is also of porous design, with all external decorations removed. Do you feel like a honeycomb?

Other accessories

Ten civil ( Team) RGB light strip DDR4 3200 16G(8G×2 ) package
Samsung SM951 256G solid state drive ( MLC particles )

Ghost MAX gear! Prepare for boarding ~

Complete machine drawing

The wife’s adult made it clear that she wanted to throw it in the living room, so she added a video card.

A wife who is addicted to games


First of all, it is natural to refresh the bios, but at first glance, the update date and log of the bios are very worried that APU is not supported yet, but fortunately, after the refresh, the machine turned on successfully. It is worth mentioning that there is also a display driver dedicated to Ryzen APU on the page. By the way, I also got off together.

GPU has 4 modes, automatic, Turbo, limit and manual.

Automatic mode frequency 1100MHz

Overspeed mode 1319MHz

In limit mode, 1500MHz exceeds the default frequency of 1100 MHz by 37%, and the default video memory occupies 1G.

After searching for a long time, I finally found the place to adjust the video memory. NB configuration can adjust the video memory to 2G

Here you can choose the graphics mode, whether to turn on or off the nuclear display. The most surprising thing is to find this Hybrid Graphics option. Don’t. . . Can a mixed firefight be realized when Vega comes out of the middle and low end? !

Application test

In order to facilitate the test, I set all the states to the best in bios. The GPU frequency is based on 1500MHz, and the CPU frequency is 3.85 GHz ( p.s. CPU frequency can only be adjusted to 38.5 times the frequency on the primab350m – a motherboard. All the tests are based on these two frequencies.


APU voltage is a bit high, starting at 1.4V .. However, overclocking is still very convenient and can be stabilized at the highest frequency with slight pressure.

The default frequency for the ten – Team) RGB light bar DDR4 3200 16G(8G×2 ) package is 3200Mhz  C16. Because APU supports up to 2933Mhz. Therefore, the memory frequency is adjusted to 2933Mhz C14.

According to the basic CPU test, the difference between i5-7600K, which is also 3.8GHz, is about 5 – 7%. But the price of 779 compares with the noble price of 1599 of i5-7600K. . . Feel it yourself. . .

Uncle Lu

Uh. . . Identified. . . Not exactly. . The CPU is identified as dual – core. The graphics card was identified as Vega11. Let’s not be misled. Correct the 4 – core CPU, the integrated graphics card is Vega 8.

Sneak a minute ~ entertainment master is for reference only.


Compared with Ryzen before, the delay has been improved to some extent, especially the cache delay.


OpenGL score 76.85fps, CPU score 539cb.


3DMark cannot recognize GPU normally, and the display frequency is – 1

Fire Strike score 3055.

video game testing

Eat chicken

I forgot to change the settings when I first entered. Some settings are very high, only 24 frame cards will die.

After being changed to low ( p.s. is not very low ), the number of frames can be stabilized above 30. Much smoother.

After playing the game for about 50 minutes, the average number of frames is 37, and the fluctuation range in front is very large when some are set to high. After being changed to low, the number of frames in the latter half of the period is obviously much more stable.

Phantom radiator stably kept APU below 65 ℃. It can be seen that even APU filled with silicon grease is still very cool.

Hero of Fire

Although it is a small and unpopular game, I still enjoy it and recommend the following to everyone. This game can represent the configuration requirements of most of the following online games with better picture quality.
The configuration is adjusted to full height. The number of frames has stabilized at 60 +. Ghost stabilized at 60 ℃.


The new video card driver cannot drive Ryzen APU. Look at the version number. The current APU video card driver is version 17.7. You must download APU catalyst on the official website.

Moreover, Ryzen APU does not support WattMan at present, so it is not clear whether it will join the support later. At present, it is still necessary to adjust the frequency in BIOS.

Then we have to mention this Bluesky Frame Rate  Converter.

AMD’s exclusive benefits. RyzenAPU can also be supported. The 24 – frame movie is changed into 60 frames by black insertion technology. Now there is no need to set up the video mode in the driver.The default mode can directly open the support for Bluesky  Frame Rate Converter. The recommended configuration is shown in the figure. This is a relatively mild mode. If mode 2 mode is adopted in some cases, the picture will appear somewhat stiff.
This APU experience is over. At the current price of around 700, it is quite difficult to buy a 4 – core +GTX1030 – class video card. The performance of AMD reelon 3200g processor is enough to prove his outstanding cost performance. I believe it will certainly be favored by you who pursue cost-effective performance.

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