Pluto canyon NUC8 unpacking + xgstatinpro video card box

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Out of the box, you can feel the gaze from the belief skeleton.

However, there is no sign of skeleton on the fuselage. I don’t know if it needs to be changed to realize it.

The fuselage interface list, well, is complete to a little frenzied

Compared with the fuselage, the size of the adapter is a bit unexpected, but it is also understandable ( applause for VEGA )

As a 230 W ( 19.5 V / 11.8 A ) power supply, what can be praised is only a little ” thin.”

VESA rack can hang the main machine behind the monitor, but it seems that there are not many good monitors whose original rack does not occupy VESA holes. NUC has always considered carefully. The machine usually has an infrared receiver. Even if the machine is hung behind the display, it can be turned on by a compatible remote controller. This should make many mini – hosts that can also hang behind the display blush.

The shape of the fuselage is very similar to that of the previous generation Iris version of Skull Canyon, except the skull logo is not visible.

Turn it over and you can see the rubber feet and cooling holes.

After all, there are not many heat dissipation holes for large heating families, and the honeycomb style is consistent with the texture of the top cover.

The interface in front of the fuselage is good, but I didn’t change the SD card reader to TF after learning from the Ultrabook.

The interface at the rear of the fuselage is also full of sincerity. Although there are two Tiger Balm TB3, there is no shortage of mini-DP, and LAN is also full of two.

This note says that memory and SSD are required for use.

After opening the cover, it turns out that you are here, Brother Skull.

A luminous board is designed under the top cover, and the hollowed-out is the skull’s eye.

List of visceral areas

DDR4 memory for two laptops

M.2 interface also gives enough two

It is not difficult to guess who the two bosses behind this shelf are.

Knowing his hands were wet, he did not continue to tear them down for safety reasons. He borrowed a picture and pretended to do it.

Press the memory to prepare for power – on

With a red mirror, who do you think of

Yes, every time a Pluto Gorge is sold, a soldier will be sacrificed 76. No sale, no killing.

Faith LOGO Appears, Thanks to Intel’s Small Routine and Surprise

LOGO color can be set in BIOS, RGB can be selected, such as gay purple that old men like.

Lazy people’s favorite lightning 3 interface can be used to do many things.

For example, plug in an external video card box

Three graphics cards, test xian’m

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