My New Data Center – synology DS918+

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With the advent of the information age, data becomes more and more important. Of course, important data need to be backed up. The first reaction is just to back up the hard disk. Before that, I had a large chassis. The only thing I needed to do was to add the hard disk as soon as it was full. The following is an oversize chassis ( 650D), multiple hard disks work very noisily.Later, he took the road to itx.Pursuit ofIt’s small in size.Think againAdding more hard disks becomes more and more difficult, so NAS storage is the way to think about it.

The following is a simple NAS usage experience. In order to facilitate usage ( in fact, the ability is limited ), the black group is not considered. The first NAS is DS214paly of Qunhui, which is still in service. In addition to the smaller capacity, the overall performance is still uneven, and now it has become a document storage device, generally waiting 24 hours a day.

The second NAS is the TS-453mini of QNAP. What I like is its cooperation with Thunderbolt, which once became the main download machine. Now Thunderbolt has been abandoned and can only be in a gray state.

The third NAS is Qunhui’s DS1515+, an enterprise-class storage device that allows Thunderbolt to go online again remotely via Docker. It has now become a storage device for movies and photos ( Thunderbolt is now also obsoleteThe), plus a block SSD read cache

Product analysis

Model introduction: DS918+
DS: Chassis storage, in fact, is also rack-mounted ( this is my dreamThe)
9: bring your own 4 disc positions. an external DX517 can increase the 9 disc positions. go to the merchant and ask if you can’t use DX513 for expansion.
18: As a new model released in 18 years, it has actually been on sale in 17 years.
+: Class, in fact, there are other labels. The play home appliance, se/j entry level, and nothing behind the numbers are standard grades.

CPU introduction: intel Celeron processor j3455

Product specification

Out of the box

The unchangeable packing box is simple and environment-friendly in line with Qunhui’s style ( in fact, designers are lazy )

There is a label sticker on the top right of the front of the box and a simple LOGO on the bottom.

The DS 918+ model can be clearly seen on the label, and the 4 – core cpu, M.2 NVMe SSD cache, Btrfs file system and 4K H.264/H.265 support are shown below.

The basic parameters can be seen from the side.

It can be seen that it has passed 3C authentication, andPlace of OriginIt’s Treasure Island

There is also only one sticker on the back of the package.

Important information about the product can be seen on the sticker.

Some other functions can be seen from the other side.

There is a carrying ring on the top as usual.

The first thing you see when you open the box is the accessory box.

After removal, it can be seen that the power cord is placed separately.

The other accessories are all in one box.

In line, you can see one power cord, one power adapter, two keys, two network cables, a bag of 2.5 inch mounting screws, one quick installation instruction and one operation instruction.

External power adapter, this plank brick is always a burden.

The back side shows the input 100-240V 2A 50-60Hz and the output 12V 8.33A

The bottom is only protected by cardboard, and there is no filler similar to foam plastic.

Take out the cardboard and you can see the NAS wrapped in a simple package.

It can be seen that the bottom layer is still covered with foam plastic. Personally, I feel that there are more than 4,000 things, but the protection is still slightly thin.

Remove NAS

Due to the external adapter, the volume control is still good.

Qunhui’s abrasive tool has been used for a long time. From the front, we can see that there are 4 disc positions, each disc position has a key hole and an indicator light.

From top to bottom, there are status indicators and 4 hard disk status indicators

1 USB3.0, Power Button and Indicator

LOGO on the side only

In fact, LOGO is still the air inlet, which can be clearly seen after being disassembled.

Although the appearance is not very eye – catching, but a lot of details are in place, the corners are rounded, at least not cutting hands

The most conspicuous position behind is two 9cm fans.

The expansion ports are all concentrated in the lower part: two gigabit network ports, one USB3.0, one eSATA, one Reset button, one power interface and one safety slot

The two sides are completely symmetrical.

There are two cover plates at the bottom.

The foot pad was actually a rubber pad attached directly, and at least four large round foot pads were attached, not aluminum, but plastic

Remove the two covers

It can be clearly seen that here are the installation positions of the two SSD’s

The front panel has a total of 4 hard disk trays.

You can easily lock it with your own key.

Hard disk tray is very convenient to take out, just gentlyToIt can be taken out easily with the last pick.

All – plastic tray frame

3.5 installation is not required, and 2.5 still requires screws.

After taking out the hard disk tray, you can see two memory slots from the side, one of which is already plugged into the memory.

DDR3L 1866 4GB of Qunhui LOGO

Does Hynix’s memory particle have an addition if it is Samsung’s particle?

Remove the fan cover from the back. Unfortunately, this is not enough to remove the fan.

The removed fan cover can be seen to be carefully designed.

It still takes a little ingenuity to take off the casing. You have to push it forward from the rear before pushing it to the side.

This shell is nothing special, black hard plastic, and its surface is frosted.

You can see the hollowed LOGO, which is actually the air inlet. I have cleaned the ash of 214play before. It is suggested to add a dust net here, which will have a good effect.

The iron hard disk cage skeleton has not been blackened and is still a bit unaccustomed.

You can see the 4 – disc socket that supports hot plug.

Each fan has a fixed baffle

Two 9cm blackening fans

3P Power Interface

Yuanshan fd129225ll – n 12v 0.12a

Nominal maximum 1900RPM, maximum noise 23dB

Below you can see the extension cord of USB3.0 on the back and the adapter card of dual SSD.

A slightly thin adapter card can be described by the word clean.

The SATA adapter will not be removed.

The extension cord of USB3.0 will not be removed either.

There was a sticker on the shielding cover of RJ45 network cable. I don’t know whether it is anti – disassembly. In order to remove the motherboard on the side, I can only tear off the sticker.

Remove the side plate on the other side

Also has hollowed out LOGO design, also did not do any dustproof treatment.

Front hard drive indicator

On the front of the blue motherboard, I personally feel that blue represents science and technology. I have not been able to figure out why the heat sink is always installed obliquely.

The back of the motherboard

M.2 has a special interface and can support NVMe protocol. PCIE channel should be used.

One white, one black, two memory slots. Now the price of memory has gone up. I went to Taobao to have a look. The so-called Qunhui original 4G capacity has sold to 580, which is really beyond my control.

The IO interface on the back is relatively simple, and the red eSATA interface in the middle is hardly used.

Onboard DOM, pre-installed system version is DSM6.1

The port chip is I211AT.

The expansion disk port chip is Marvell’s 88SE9215

Below is the part with dense components, interlaced like hills, which is basically unknown.

How does this picture look similar? Actually, the background is different from the previous one. This is the result of reassembly. There is no screw left and no obvious gap exists. The biggest fear of dismantling the machine is what is left in the end, which is embarrassing.

Stewed Assorted Delicacies

DS918+、600P 512M*2、SeagateNAS HDD 3T*4、Foscom IQ 200 C2
Empty host weight 2297g
The power adapter weighs 500g.
The weight of 4 HDD is 2466g
SSD weighs 12g, and the total weight after installation is 2297 + 500 + 2466 + 12 = 5275 g. This weight is definitely of small steel cannon grade.

At the beginning of last year, I was still trying to completely eliminate the mechanical disk. I imagined that this NAS was equipped with a T – class SSD. Later on …, I did not say it, but I cried a lot. However, we can only continue to use mechanical hard disks, and think that at least the weight will kill SSD.

Seagate NAS Special Disk, Capacity 3T, Speed 5900. The reason why I bought 3T was that if it broke down, the loss would be smaller ( actually there was no money )


According to the previous installation experience of DS1515+, the original fan was noisy. at that time, I replaced it directly. now I’d like to measure it first to show fairness. The original fan has a noise of 35.2dB after starting up.

Two A9 cat fans were found online.

Apart from the ugly color matching of cat fans, packaging is absolutely possible, and the performance is worthy of this price.

After plugging in, the noise was 38.3dB, which was embarrassing.

On a speed-down line, it finally dropped to 33.9dB. It seems that the original fan is still very powerful, and it is of little significance to change the fan. In fact, the test is not very professional, it is best to add air volume data, only for reference.


It is still very convenient to install the hard disk.

Slide in easily

Installing ssd is very convenient and also requires no tools.

After installation, plug in the power cord and network cable
Without power on, the power consumption is still 0.3w


Gently press the power supply, the hard disk motor starts to rotate, and the noise is particularly loud at this time.

There are two ways to find NAS in LAN. You can download the Synology Assistant installation assistant from the official website and enter find.synology.com on the webpage.

The power consumption reaches 33.77w after normal startup.

Installation is very simple, just follow the prompts

Installation system

It is suggested that all data should be deleted. Since the hard disk is removed from QNAP, the system prompts that the original data can be saved. It has been backed up before, so choose a new installation directly.

After normal installation, start to set account number and password.

After watching the interface for many years, there is no novelty any more.

The following is an introduction to several RAID modes

Qunhui’s own two RAID modes have the advantage that the hard disk capacity can be different.

There are different modes in RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 105, so there is a trade-off between speed and security.

The RAID capacity calculator provided on the official website can be used for clear comparison.

RAID10 has both performance and security, but the capacity is relatively poor.

RAID 10 was finally chosen

The new Btrfs file system is the key to the subsequent snapshot backup, so don’t make the wrong choice.

After 12T RAID 10, there is 5.23T left. It seems that expansion is still very necessary.

Two SSD can read and write cache at the same time

Two blocks can be combined into a RAID1 mode. It feels that all hard disks can be replaced by SSD and there can be other combinations, but if you look at the current price of SSD, you can only forget about it.

1G SSD cache consumes about 416KB of memory, so setting here can increase SSD life
SSD cache is set up and can be used at all times.

The situation of all disks can be seen, and the estimated life of ssd is also marked at the bottom.

S.M.A.R.T information for HDD

S.T.A.R.M information of SSD

Dsm version 6.1

Automatic updates cannot use DSM version 6.2, and can only be downloaded to the official website and updated manually.

Update successful

The kit center has changed a lot.

All kits tab

More Beta Suite Tab

Drive can easily store files and share them with others.

Combined with Qunhui’s own office function, it can be edited simply.

Drive integrates Cloud Station function, installs PC version, and can synchronize selected folders

In this way, multiple synchronizations and backups can be performed


Set up PC synchronization folder

Open the file management center, click on the corresponding file, right-click to select version history, which tastes like a time capsule.

100G capacity set in iSCSI kit
Select management tools in PC side control panel

Double – click the iSCSI initiator, and the IP of NAS entered in the target can be matched.

Entering disk management will show 100G of new hard disks

Need formatting
Click on my computer and you can see a new hard disk, which is convenient for later tests and is very convenient to use when it is a cost site.

The Old Picture Management Center

It only has simple editing function, so it is better than nothing.

Start the home directory service first.

Moments does not seem to be very different from Picture Management Center at first sight.

In fact, it has artificial intelligence and can automatically classify
However, how do you classify hard drives into car themes?

More practical video center, can display their posters

Posters can also be searched directly on the Internet.

Feeling wrong

Search again and select the correct option

This time it should be correct.
Doctor Strange’s voice is quite high. In fact, that’s it.
Import a few parts casually and add them slowly later.
Final Fantasy 15: legend of king CG

The playing effect is still acceptable, and the compatibility is much better than before.

Virtualization with VMM starts with creating clusters

Hint or Beta

Once created, the VMM’s main interface will appear

There are no virtual machines now

Can see the host running, feel memory is very tight

Create a virtual machine and prepare to install win10.

Try 2G memory first

Guest Tool system downloads automatically

Set the capacity of the virtual machine’s mirror and hard disk.

Set up the network of virtual machines

The default choice is e1000, which corresponds to gigabit virtual network card.

Don’t forget to set USB 3 .0

Virtual machine created

The set virtual machine can be seen

It shows that there is not enough memory, so the memory of the virtual machine can only be changed to 1G.

Normal opening

Pop up the installation webpage of the virtual machine

It took a long time to enter the formal installation interface.

You can see the previously preset virtual hard disk.

Installation officially started

The system starts setting up

I made the mirror image myself and even set up the wallpaper.

install driver

The virtual machine can still do some emergency work, such as browsing the web page.

There are two modes of snapshot protection: local and remote. Select local snapshot

Select virtual machine

Set snapshot schedule

Select snapshot policy

Snapshot protection settings complete

The surveillance camera has chosen FOSCAM IQ200.

I didn’t buy it until I saw the introduction of full HD 1080P, but I really didn’t think it was clear enough.

Open the box and you will see big eyes.

Two groups of cameras, instructions, power cables and expansion screws were not even delivered with a cable.

The whole looks rather thin.

Can’t rotate automatically, can only manually adjust the height

Scene: I will stare at you!

When working, it is only a little more than 3W, which is absolutely suitable for 24 – hour startup.
The interface of survey station is very simple.

Real – time image, timeline, webcam, recording and instructions for use 5 applications

Add a camera to the webcam

Just enter IP.

Setup successful

Effect under Light

And can record images and store them directly on NAS

The effect of night

Use the APP that comes with FOSCAM.

Under the same light, a dark night


DS file
File management
There were some problems when reading word files. Some of the contents were completely black. It felt like a format problem.
DS video
The requirement for WIFI is relatively high when watching videos on the mobile phone, so it is absolutely enjoyable to hide under the covers.
DS cam
Only some basic functions
DS photo
Handset Backup Artifact


Single port test

Write speed 111MB/s

The reading speed is 107MB/s, basically running at 1 gigabyte, and the CPU and memory utilization rate of the whole machine is not very high.

AS SSD Benchmark ran iSCSI disk scores, reading 111.42MB/s and writing 108.50 MB / s.

HD Tune Pro test read speed is only 61.0mb / s.

The network GS52EV2 switch with aggregation function is bound with ports 10 and 12.

The new network function in the control panel can combine two IP’s into one

LINK Aggregation is used to bind 2 addresses to realize aggregation.

The process of double-port polymerization is relatively simple

Test the reading speed, directly use two PCs to copy files at the same time, the problem arises: the speed is 111MB/s, which should represent the aggregation failure!
The following is a previous test of DS 1515+ link aggregation effect

The setup process is exactly the same

Double – port aggregation, reading speed 184MB/s

Four – port aggregation, reading speed 274MB/s

Intel i350t2 is selectedNetwork card, ready for direct aggregation

Specific parameters

After arrival, it was found to be a simple bag.

Network card, small baffle, installation CD

There is even a heat sink, which feels that the heat output is not small.

H500NL is two transformers.

The back is very clean.

Gigabit dual port

Two – port aggregation succeeded

The speed is still 113MB/s, so let’s stop here first, and wait till later!

Power Consumption & Noise

At night, the ambient noise is 39.9dB

After starting up, the noise is 43.4dB, and the machine is usually left in a certain corner, so the noise can be ignored.

There is still a loss of 0.3w when shutting down. Considering that you can wake up remotely, it is also normal

33.77w during normal operation

Power Options in Control Panel

Can be set up on-off plan and hard disk sleep, to further reduce energy consumption

For uninterruptible power system setting, I chose APC Back-UPS 650.

1. The biggest improvement is that the dual SSD read-write cache does not occupy the original disk location, but the original DS 1515+ can also be used, but it is abruptly reduced by 2 disk locations.

2. The whole machine comes with only 4G of memory. DMS 6.2 has many new things, but many of them have very high requirements for memory. It seems necessary to add more memory. You can go to DDR4 if you spit it out.
3. DS 918+ can be further expanded through DX 517, but it cannot be used with the previous generation DX 513. I don’t know what’s the secret.
4. The mechanical disc can’t play any tricks any more. Now they are all looking for maximum capacity. The next 3T is for large capacity. The following is a list for reference only.

Personally, I like Seagate Cool Wolf’s 6T new model. Please note that it is N0033, not N0041 before. The best one can go to the West for gold plate. There is a 12T 3999 on Jingdong.

The following are the specific data of Seagate Cool Wolf. If you don’t require much noise, you can go to Seagate’s enterprise, and the price is lower with the same parameters.

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