Microsoft Modern Mouse

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Introduction to unpacking
Surface – style packaging is exquisite and simple.

Open the box, the mouse is supported by the environmental protection paper mold under it, and the top is completely attached by the environmental protection paper mold, which is firm and neat.
It is estimated that even if the mouse is dropped at a high altitude, it will still remain intact.

Taking out the family photo of the Ming Dynasty book, since it is powered by battery, there is no data line.

The mouse adopts grey spraying technology, and the frosted surface has a delicate touch like skin.

Just two buttons, there is nothing to say ~

The Logo with Window at the tail is small and exquisite.

Using metal rollers, the impression is aluminum alloy, with 24 touch force feedback and fine rolling.

The bottom surface of the mouse is still as simple as before.
There is a power card strip with some product descriptions on it. It is a very clever design. The review regulations give consideration to both aesthetics and cost reduction.

Simple back, battery compartment on the left, bluetooth button and blue shadow window on the right.

Very clever battery compartment design, with the hand on the tail, the front can be tilted out and the compartment cover can be removed.
The battery compartment cover is magnetically adsorbed at the bottom, with fine design.

The mouse is upside down and slightly tilted.

There is a small white light above the roller, which will light up when it is switched on and will not light up when it is in normal use.

Blue Shadow Window

As the mouse is not very big, it feels relatively ordinary to my big hands.

A magnificent dividing line

Use brief comments
1. The United States, not square things;
2. Good tactility, clear key feedback and clear scroll wheel paragraphs;
3. The positioning is accurate and completely meets the daily office use. PS also has no problem.
3. Ergonomics, what is ergonomics?
4. function, just two keys + scroll wheel don’t talk about function ~

This mouse positioning should be similar to Magic Mouse, and personal feeling is better than Magic Mouse.

As for the value is not worth buying:
Travel as an official: 80 / 100;
As a gamer: Not recommended

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