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jonspou1 plus machine show

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A small steel cannon with price performance ratio for eating chicken is installed for friends. On the basis of pursuing price performance ratio, it strives to eat chicken with stable quality and small volume. The chassis is Chosebo U1 Plus and the platform is i5-8400 + Z370 + GTX 1060.

The installed demand is as follows:
1. The host’s performance meets the requirements of the medium image quality process.
2. The appearance should be as simple as possible without light pollution.
3. The volume of the main engine should be as small as possible.
4. The price of the whole machine needs to be controlled and the cost performance should be pursued.

Configuration list:

Cpu Intel i5-8400
Main board Hua qing Z370M-ITX/ac
Memory Chichi ripjaws4ddr42408g
solid state drives Samsung pm961 256gb
Graphics Microstar gtx1060 aeroitx 6goc
Radiator ARCTIC Freezer 13
Chassis Josebe U1 Plus
Power supply Yinxin ST30SF

Installed show

Intel i5-8400。

Chichi ripjaws4ddr42408g memory is currently a cost-effective choice.

B360/H370 hasn’t been released yet, so we can only choose Z370 at present. Hua Qing’s ITX Z370 is the most cost-effective ITX Z370 motherboard at present.

Mining continues and the price of video cards is still relatively high. In order to adapt to U1 Plus, the micro-star GTX 1060 AERO ITX 6G OC is selected, which is acceptable for work.

Samsung PM 961 256GB is still the price / performance choice.

Seagate 1TB notebook hard disk.

ARCTIC Freezer 13, the choice of price / performance ratio.

ArcTiF8 PWM PST CO8cm cooling fan.

Yinxin ST30SF.

Joseb U1 Plus.

Install the CPU.

Install memory.

Install SSD.

Install the radiator.

The fake group has a video card and a proper small steel cannon style.

Look directly at the final installation effect.
The bottom air inlet is facing the graphics card radiator.

The hard drive is located on the front side of the chassis.

The radiator is quite bulky.

Rear exhaust fan.

The upper baffle hides the power supply and redundant cables.


After covering the glass.

Rear connector of chassis.

Power button containing power indicator and hard drive indicator.

Glass side plate and hand screw.

Front USB 3.0 interface and audio interface on the side.

Front air inlet at the side.

Dust net at the bottom.

45 angle of view.

Performance test

CPU-Z screenshot.

GPU-Z screenshot.

CINEBENCH R15.0 Test Results, OpenGL 151.48fps, CPU 958cb.

Samsung PM961 256GB has very good performance.

3DMark Time Spy scored 4306 and graphics card scored 4243.

3DMark Timespry Extreme scored 5891 and graphics card scored 6253.

Master Lu’s configuration list.

Master Lu runs points for entertainment.

Certification of chicken eating.

AIDA64 + FurMark Double Copy Test, CPU Temperature About 69 ℃, GPU Temperature About 63 ℃.


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