How to choose HyperX Alpha and Black Hawk S game headphones?

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I. Suggestions on Purchase
The new HyperX Alpha has been on the market for more than a week. It’s straight to the point. Let’s get to the point:
– Black Hawk S all-purpose headphones, high and low audio performance can be, video games are suitable.
– Alpha Game Headset! Suppressing bass is more suitable for long-term games, for listening to songs without bass performance such as female voice, and for watching movies lost to black hawk s.

Suggestions for purchase:
1. If your greatest need is to eat chicken and play games, then choose Alpha.
2. If you have Black Hawk S, then there is no need to buy Alpha, unless you have sufficient budget and want to eat chicken and play games for a long time, then you can enter.
3, if the game time is not long every day, usually like to use computers and headphones to listen to music and watch movies, then choose the black hawk s right.
In fact, Black Hawk S has already made a detailed evaluation a month ago. This time, it is mainly supplemented by Alpha’s unpacking, focusing on the similarities and differences between the two earphones.

Second, Kingston Alpha unpacking and details
The headset packaging of Kingston Hacker series looks the same. It is not much different from the Black Hawk S I entered before. The size of the box is slightly smaller than that of the Black Hawk S box, but the color tone of black and red has not changed at all. There are still photos and introductions of earphones on the box. Many languages are introduced, but Chinese is a little less.

Packaging design of inner and outer boxes.

On the back there is an introduction to the features of alpha headphones. this time there is Chinese, but it appears in a translation language. Many small partners have already obtained this earphone through Haitao before. The domestic distribution was delayed by a beat, and only in March this year did the national version come out.

The inner box is still packed with heaven and earth covers, but unlike Black Hawk S, the inside of the box is not filled with foam, but with a hard plastic mold.

I like to see a picture of my family: earphone * 1, connecting cable * 2, separate headset * 1 and several instructions. Compared with Black Hawk S, there is an extra flannel bag.

The two wires are respectively a 3.5MM audio plug extension cord ( with wire control ) connected to the earphone, and a 3.5mm audio mother – to – sound / headset 3.5mm male extension cord. The wires are all nylon braided wires, and the connectors are all gold plated.

The double-headed 3.5mm audio interface has wire control. The control switch on the wire control is also very simple. The volume adjustment knob and the headset toggle switch are physically toggled. This cable can be plugged directly into some mobile terminals ( please note that some flagship phones of ” Gao Da Shang” have cancelled 3.5mm audio connectors ).

3.5mm audio mother to voice / headset 3.5mm male extension cord for PC use.

The left and right sides of the volume knob of the wire control are exposed, both sides can be operated, and the volume of the wire control can be made small under the same rotating disc size, which may be a clear flow when the game headphones are all keen on large wire control.

Separate wire control, it seems that Kingston earphones are all keen to adopt separate type. The microphone has sponge cover at the mouth, but Black Hawk S does not.

This is Alfa’s special flannel bag mentioned above. It is relatively light and thin, and may not have a very good protection effect. So it is still not easy to put it in the bag, and it can only be used for dust prevention.

The Kingston Alpha Headset, in fact, is not as handsome as Black Hawk S in appearance. Perhaps I prefer round earmuffs. Alpha is oval earmuff appearance, head beam is single layer, and ” HX” LOGO and aluminum alloy frame on both sides of earmuff are quite eye – catching.

The head beam is marked with ” HYPERX”.

Red wire goes up and down, connecting the upper and lower leather of the head beam.

The red aluminum alloy hollowed-out bracket feels like the exclusive feature of Alpha Headset, otherwise it looks similar to Hurricane Headset. The hollowed-out bracket ensures firmness and lightweight at the same time.

The aluminum alloy bracket can be adjusted according to different head types, and the adjustable length on one side is 4cm.

Alpha’s aluminum alloy bracket and earmuff connection have also been improved and upgraded compared with hurricane. Some people say that the bracket connection of the latter is vulnerable.

There are an audio cable interface and an earphone interface under the left earmuff.

The head beam has a good flexibility in front, back, left and right.

The faintly visible vocal unit, the breakthrough ” two – tone cavity technology” as it is called in the propaganda, is described in detail in our listening sense.

The outer skin of the earmuff is made of artificial leather and filled with memory sponge, which is very soft.

The earphone is connected with an earphone and an audio cable, and the audio cable has a paper label on the part connected with the earphone and is different on the connector, so the double prompt should not be wrong.

The headset is made of hose material, which can be adjusted by appropriate bending.

There is ” CLOUD ALPHA” on the label on the inner side of the head beam. The following figure also shows the limited dot groove on the inner side of the metal bracket.

The inner side of the head beam is also made of leather, with a maximum width of 3.8cm ..

Through unpacking display and detailed pictures, we can roughly understand some characteristics of this Alpha headset. There is no virtual 7.1 channel, only 3.5MM audio interface, and no special sound effect support. There are only volume adjustment and headset switch on the wire control. It can be said that Alpha is a relatively simple game headset. As for the ” two – tone cavity technology” advertised, it sounds mysterious, and I will give you details in the listening link.

III. Comparison of Appearance and Packaging between Black Hawk S and Alpha
Black Hawk S uses a round earmuff, Alpha uses an oval earmuff, and the shape and color scheme of the earmuff are shown in the following figure.

On the inner side of the earmuff, the material of the contact surface between Black Hawk S and skin is finer, and Alpha’s skin is deeper, but there is not much difference in wearing it.

Black Hawk S is a double-layer head beam design, Alpha is a single-layer head beam, and the wearing comfort is good. Both of them must be more comfortable. Then I choose Black Hawk S, and the ” wearing feeling” on the head is smaller ( the small here does not mean the size of headphones, but describes the discomfort of wearing headphones ). For headphones, if you feel no wearing feeling is the highest level.

For the leather part contacted by the fall, the difference between the two earphones is not too great. The width of Black Hawk S is about 4cm, the inside of Alpha’s head beam is about 3.5cm, and Black Hawk S is slightly wider.

Black Hawk S has a large wire control with sound effect selection, virtual 7.1 channel, volume adjustment, headset switch and headset volume adjustment. Compared with alpha’s wire control, it is much smaller, only volume adjustment and microphone switch.

In contrast, Black Hawk S can choose 3.5MM audio interface or USB interface, while Alpha only has 3.5MM audio interface. However, note here that if Black Hawk S wants to use the virtual 7.1 sound effect, only the USB interface can be selected, because the wire control can be regarded as an external USB sound card.

In terms of packaging accessories, I prefer black hawk s foam protection. I think it is better than alpha’s hard plastic mold, but alpha has an extra flannel storage bag, and black hawk s does not.

Four, Kingston alpha listening and analysis
The hearing of headphones is the first, and the color and appearance can be put in the second place. However, this Alpha headset mainly relies on the ” two – tone cavity technology” for its excellent listening sense. After listening to this headset for more than a week, I also made a comparison with my Black Hawk S and got the feeling summary at the beginning of the article.

The following figure is a propaganda dynamic diagram on the purchase web page of jingdong alpha earphones, showing the structure of single-tone cavity sounding unit and double-tone cavity sounding unit with pictures.
Single tone cavity: high, medium and low tones are mixed in one cavity: )

Two – tone cavity: separate bass from high and medium bass;

It seems that this ” two – tone cavity technique” is consistent with my summary. Alpha gives me a sense of high and mid-range performance, which is even clearer than Black Hawk S on these two frequencies. HoweverAlpha’s bass performance is not very satisfactory to me, the flexibility is weak, the dive is not very deep. When bass sounds in the ear, it is bound to have a certain impact on the sound perception of high and medium frequencies. Therefore, after bass is suppressed, the high and medium tones are heard more clearly in the ear. This is Alpha’s ” scheming”.
Because of this sense of hearing, Alpha has become a very suitable earphone for electric competitions. For example, in our most common FPS game, after heavy sniping, you will hear obvious shooting sound accompanied by certain bass continuation. Alpha can restrain bass ( euphemistically called ” adjustment” ) to better listen to footsteps and other environmental sounds.

If you listen to too much bass, your ears are especially tired. Almost earphones feel uncomfortable when listening to bass. Better earphones also boom when listening to bass for a long time, so playing games with earphones, especially FPS games, will become very tired after a long time.Alpha, to put it bluntly, suppresses bass, so compared with other headphones, players will be more comfortable playing at the same time.
Alpha Headset has high resolution, good performance of medium and high pitch, strong ability of image formation ( in plain English, ” positioning” and listening to voice and defending positions ), good performance in the game, and suppression of bass. For these reasons, it is believed that it can become the internal reason of ” chicken eating artifact”.
Of course, the ” two – tone cavity technology” is not all advantages. Alpha’s deliberate suppression during bass tuning may also enhance bass effect by changing the size and structure of the internal bass cavity. What I want to say is that we don’t need to believe in any technology, sound, and it is good to listen comfortably.
Five, Kingston alpha advantages and disadvantages analysis and summary
Advantages:1. Excellent performance of high, medium and bass, good resolution; 2, headphones work OK, packaging accessories are in place; 3, suitable for long-term games ( compared with other game headphones )
Disadvantages:1. Bass is suppressed; 2, headphones are not suitable for audio and video; 3, only 3.5mm audio interface. ( Of course, you can also try Alpha’s USB sound card for Black Hawk S, but you have to have a Black Hawk S headset first. )

Summary: Kingston Alpha Headset is a high – resolution, mid-range headphones with good performance in details. It uses a separate sound cavity for bass and has been suppressed to make the characteristics of this headset more suitable for games, rather than positioning omnipotent. Therefore, this earphone is suitable for long-term game players. For players with obsessive-compulsive disorder outside the game, if you want to give attention to both game audio and video, it is better to add more budget to Black Hawk S.

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