HHKB Static Capacitance Bluetooth Edition Evaluation

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The keyboard, which was supposed to be a computer input tool, has become a hot word in recent years. Is it the development of the electric competition industry? Is it an increase in material demand? Is it the progress of peripheral manufacturers? I think, there is a certain relationship. In a class of products, there are always products with NO.1 status. when it comes to which keyboard is the top? Some said CHERRY, others said FILCO. A small number of people said, ” HHKB” static capacitance keyboard!

In other words, we know that mechanical keyboards are different from thin-film keyboards, and we feel quite familiar with keyboards. It is the first time that we have heard of ” static capacitance keyboard”. We have to ask Du Niang for help. We don’t pay much attention to such professional terms as ” trigger due to changes in capacitance in the switch”. However, the description of ” relatively expensive high-end game peripherals” still gives us a general understanding of static capacitance keyboards.

Manufacturers of static capacitance keyboards are still relatively few compared with manufacturers and brands of mechanical keyboards. Among them, HHKB, a brand with few key positions and high price, is the brand I evaluated today. The Bluetooth version of HHKB static capacitance keyboard was searched by Du Niang before, and found that it has an inseparable relationship with ” programmers”. The search results are mostly related to programmers.

Look at this keyboard. 60% of the assigned keyboard, plus the vacancy of CTRL position, basically matches the rhythm of popular user say ” bye bye”. most game players like 60% of the assigned keyboard to be carried out. without the familiar CTRL, how can they form a team? How? So most of the game players were also kicked out. This keyboard is suitable for programmers, and not all programmers. It is mainly aimed at non – IDE users, and is more suitable for vim/emacs programmers. In addition to programmers’ usage habits and the mature layout of keyboards on the market, HHKB static capacitance keyboard can be said to be a minority of the minority. Sometimes,The more niche products are, the more stylish they are. However, when listening to the users’ comments, the unused users can only listen to their rhetoric and cannot refute it.

Today, I, a non – programmer, also started with a HHKB bluetooth static capacitance keyboard, just to experience what the ” taste” of this top keyboard is! What exactly is it like to use this keyboard?

First, the appearance is low-key and retro
HHKB=Happy Hacking Keyboard, which literally means ” happy” hacker keyboard, has become a geek’s pleasure in the keyboard after a little understanding, or paraphrase it to enjoy the ultimate pleasure brought by the keyboard. The white font with black shell is low-key and lively. Look carefully, there is also the black reflective character ” BT”, which represents the Bluetooth version.

How many people bought this ” Japan” genuine product? Thinking of Japanese keyboards, I believe most mechanical keyboard players will think of the brand ” FILCO”. Indeed, Japan’s electric competition industry is generally, and its peripherals, especially the keyboard manufacturing industry, are still legendary.

The model number and SN label, the keyboard made in Japan, have been packed in China, and the internal instructions are also available in Chinese.

The keyboard is protected by a double-sided hollow layer formed by folding the paper box on the outer package. In fact, as a keyboard with an ultra-high price, many domestic keyboards spend more thoughts on the outer package, so from the perspective of packaging, this HHKB did not bring me too many surprises.

This is all in the HKKB box. The keyboard has a low-key appearance and retro color matching. Attached are two Fujitsu batteries, a manual and a safety precautions book. Is it too crude? No key puller, no replaceable key cap? There are no stickers, but as a keyboard that can be switched by wired Bluetooth, I think there is still some lack of sincerity without data cables. Perhaps this is the style of HHKB. there will not be too many giveaways and discounts for ” top quality” items.
This is the charm of the brand. It is more like a luxury brand in the peripheral world, and it has already broken away from the category of light luxury.

Second, HHKB’s most detailed introduction and analysis
HHKB is a 60% layout design with no more than 60 keys, which is different from the familiar 60% layout keyboard for WINDOWS users:
1. the familiar capital key CapsLock position has changed to the control key.
2. The left and right control keys at the bottom edge are left blank.
3. The left and right Alt keys are not next to spaces.
4. The familiar backspace key in the upper left corner is in the second row in the upper left corner.
5. The Fn key is not in the print key position, but on the right side of the right shift key.
The above features will cause extreme maladaptation to the regular input habits of our WINDOWS users!Therefore, I will tell you the biggest characteristics of HHKB keyboard at the beginning.

The lower right corner of the keyboard is the LOGO area, and the horizontal line between the two H’s is an active curve, which tells everyone the characteristics of this keyboard from the LOGO. My HHKB is a ” white engraved version” with black and engraved choices. The character classification is still relatively fine. I don’t have much to say for a moment. It is well understood that this is what we often call ” the right moment”. It is white, but in fact it is not. The key cap and the shell are light gray. On some large keys, the gray level is deeper and slightly blue. In the following figure, some sunlight shines. The restored color is not very accurate. It will be clearer to see the following figure.

The keyboard is powered by 2 5th batteries in Bluetooth. Fujitsu’s battery is attached to the keyboard. Note here that HHKB keyboard is also produced by Fujitsu factory, so it is only natural to use the battery produced by ourselves. I remember that the FILCO dual-mode I bought before was equipped with Panasonic battery. It seems that there is still some local protectionism in it.

The color of the key cap characters, whether gray-white key cap or gray-blue key cap, is blue-black and the character lines are thick. The thermal sublimation process is adopted, and the dispersion is well controlled, so the characters give me the feeling of atmosphere and clarity.

It is worth noting that the second functional character on the side of the key cap is also a thermal sublimation process, so it can be understood as a double-sided thermal sublimation process. Although there are only 60 keys in the 60% arrangement, the function of missing key positions can be realized through the combination of FN and keys. This is the common feature of the 60% arrangement keyboard, but the convenience of combination varies from individual to individual. The FN key position of the HHKB keyboard is controlled by the little finger of the right hand, and the combination function key is realized under the condition of not raising the hand to move. for programmers with long-term and high-intensity code words, whether raising the hand is more tired or the combination key is more tired, the answer will affect whether to select the 60% HHKB keyboard or the full keyboard.

HHKB’s keyboard has an initial tilt angle of 6 on the side, and the foot supports are second-order foot supports, which can reach about 11 when fully opened. Relatively speaking, it is still a moderate angle adjustment range. Seen from the side, the height of the keycap is basically the same as that of CHERRY factory, which is lower than that of common OEM.

The rear side of the HHKB BT version has a battery compartment, and the rear side plane of the projection is about half of the battery’s body position.

I didn’t use the battery that came with the keyboard. I chose the time-resistant lithium-iron battery that I often use for the simple reason that it has sufficient power and light weight and is suitable for portable use with HHKB.

The Bluetooth switch is a small round key that needs to be pressed for a long time when it is turned on. In addition, sleep wake-up that the keyboard does not use for a long time can be selected through DIP switch to wake up by keystroke or switch, which shows that it is still considered for carrying anti-misoperation on the keyboard.

There is a Bluetooth indicator hole between ” -” and ” =” on the keyboard surface.

The BT keyboard is not equipped with a data line. The data line is unscientific and is described as a power supply line. Because the BT keyboard does not support dual mode, this interface is only used for power supply, and no battery can be added when using the data line for power supply. I don’t think I have enough sincerity to be unworthy of the power supply line. Of course, there is no Bluetooth adapter in the original package. The interface is micro usb port, which is relatively shallow and has no problem in compatibility.

Look at the bottom of the keyboard, four small black footpads. Hidden DIP control switch, information label, three-section second-order footrest.

The hidden DIP control switch is actually an extra one that touches the cover by mistake. Having a cover also prevents it from touching when carrying it. There are altogether 6 switches in this group. After 20 days of use, I often turn on switches 1, 3 and 4. In this way, there is also a ” FN” key on the left hand side, and the ◇ key on the right side of the space becomes the WIN key.

The contents of the six switch adjustments are recorded on the information label, which is very good, because we can’t bring the instructions with us. I have also always suggested that some mechanical keyboard manufacturers can print the combined shortcut keys and light and light effect control key combination functions on the bottom of the keyboard, but people speak little and domestic manufacturers don’t pay attention to this link.

The second-order three-section footrest is also adopted on many mechanical keyboards. By closing and opening, the plane of the keyboard can be used at three angles of 6, 8 and 11.

Through detailed display and analysis, it can be seen that HHKB BT keyboard, as a keyboard product with a grade of 2,000 yuan, still shows some things that should be included in this price range. for example, this PBT thermal sublimation key cap, DIP switch has anti-misoperation cover plate, humanized information label, shell and key cap are not pure white, and it is estimated that the risk of yellowing is also considered in long-term use. As for more hand feeling performance of static capacitance, it will be introduced in detail in the next chapter in comparison with domestic NIZ static capacitance keyboard.

Three, HHKB and domestic NIZ static capacitance keyboard comparison
I used to have a domestic NIZ static capacitance mechanical keyboard with 87 keys, and some called it ” A big static capacitance keyboard”, which is ” A big” of peripheral ring. I used to manufacture ” PLUM” brand mechanical keyboard at an early stage, but at present it is said to accept some orders and retail is relatively small. This one is a product of several years ago. It is a 35G wired version with 87 keys. Used to make a comparison with the legendary ” artifact” HHKB. From the color matching point of view, NIZ is whiter from the shell to the key cap, and also adopts some retro color matching of the key cap.

After all, 87 keys, FN key combination will be much less, so the second function combination on the side of the key cap is much less.

HHKB uses a Topre static capacitor shaft body with a convex part in the shape of a circular barrel. After the key cap is installed, the key depression triggering process depends on the change of air capacitance to determine the triggering. The maximum pressure is 45cN, which is slightly heavier than the 35G of NIZ.Let’s talk about the hand feeling of this keyboard. Some people say that the hand feeling of static capacitance keyboard is the hand feeling of advanced thin film keyboard. In fact, I don’t object to it. For users who need to touch the bottom of the key when typing, we accept this statement. The process of pressing down the key will cause a deformation process to the rubber bowl in the static capacitance shaft, which is similar to the rubber bowl in the thin film keyboard and forms a similar hand feeling. The change of hand feeling should be a force process similar to parabola. The difference is that in the process of pressing and rebounding, the static capacitance keyboard also has the force of a deformation spring, which will cause subtle changes to the hand feel. When the two keyboards are brand – new, the difference in hand feeling is small, but after long-term use, the difference between the working materials of the key cap of the static capacitance keyboard and the contact part of the static capacitance shaft body and the thin film keyboard will come out. The change in hand feeling of the static capacitance keyboard will be small, that is to say, it will be more durable. The heavy use of the thin film keyboard for one year will basically be very different from the original hand feeling. Finally, don’t forget one important point. Static capacitance keyboard doesn’t need to touch the bottom to trigger. For extreme users, quick typing is much faster, which cannot be triggered by thin-film keyboard touching the bottom. The biggest difference with mechanical keyboard is the feel of touching the bottom. It is definitely not as crisp and full of impact as mechanical keyboard. HHKB static capacitor feels touching the bottom on the grass, warm and cordial.

HHKB keycap caters to Topre static capacitor shaft body. Hollow cylinder is adopted in the keycap. The key to prevent the keycap from falling off is that the thickness of the two openings on the hollow cylinder changes and the keycap has a design of preventing falling off and stopping reverse. Many players will be concerned about the thickness of the keycap wall. My personal feeling is thinner. A thick keycap brings a heavy hand feeling. A thin keycap can better experience the hand feeling of the shaft body itself.

PBT keycaps blessed by thermal sublimation technology were actually made by several peripheral manufacturers 10 years ago. But now, with the development of mechanical keyboards, PBT keycaps have become a piece of cake. Let alone this pair of face heat sublimation, five-face heat sublimation has also emerged in China. The material and technology are on the one hand, but the thermal sublimation font details on the key cap show its due standard, which is no inferior to any PBT thermal sublimation technology combination on the market. Compared with its selling price, perhaps this is the due standard of the key cap.

Next, look at NIZ’s shaft body. The cylindrical shape is similar to Topre’s static capacitor shaft body, but the inside uses a cross-shaped shaft column, and the big key also uses the satellite shaft common on mechanical keyboard.

The key cap is of factory height.The cross axis column is very powerful and can be used with most key caps on the market, which is the biggest highlight of this domestic static capacitor.. Sometimes, in fact, domestic products are quite good, especially in terms of compatibility. For example, the last time I used a wireless handle to connect a TV box, I found that the domestic handle is more adaptable. Logitech F710 is not as convenient to use as the domestic one on the unconventional key position. Some foreign products, if they are well-known products, may not change for decades. They are euphemistically called ” inheritance”. Domestic products conform to the times and the market over the years. While learning from the classics, they also incorporate the elements of the times. It is more convenient to use them.

IV. Summary of Experience in Use
As a peripheral enthusiast, I always watch people discussing how HHKB works. people with HHKB blow it to the sky. people without HHKB make it worthless. I can’t get in at ordinary times because I always insist that I haven’t used it and have no right to speak. people who haven’t used it well have no right to speak. This time, I have HHKB, and I have also used this keyboard well ( it took about 2 days to use the 60% non-conventional keyboard ). After 20 days of use, I will summarize it.
1. HHKB BT versionBluetooth connection is stable. This stability is shown on the one hand in the stable recognition of continuous fast keys, and on the other hand in the distance. It is different from the Bluetooth mechanical keyboards springing up in China in the past two years. Even if I am in the opposite office with a corridor in the middle, I can input the recognition accurately.
2. HHKB BT keyboard has a low-key appearance and solid workmanship. In particular, the key cap can be encircled and the Topre static capacitor shaft is mature and stable. I did not disassemble it this time. I saw some disassembled pictures and pictures on the dial. the PCB board and solder joints made me feel relieved.
3. HHKB feels like ” chatting” with a girl of seventeen or eighteen.I won’t brag about how good the feel of static capacitors is. It’s a personal matter to prefer the feel, but I will still express this feeling metaphysics in easy-to-understand words so that everyone can make rational choices and all the players have a little sympathy. In my opinion, the hitting hand of mechanical keyboard is intense and straightforward, especially the bright and clear touch bottom. Whether it is black, red, green, tea or various shaft bodies, their performance is so straightforward, just like a boy of seventeen or eighteen, who can’t hide his worries, is very emotional, says what he has, and is not afraid of tigers as a newborn calf. HHKB static capacitance is more like a girl of the same age, with her own worries. The change in the handle of the pressure degree brought by the plastic bowl is like a girl’s heart that she cannot fathom. However, the moment she touches the bottom is warm, cordial, soft and unpredictable. The use of HHKB for a long time is like the feeling of loving a young girl and whispering something on her mind. The use of mechanical keyboard is more like playing a basketball match with teenagers, strong body collision and sweaty competitive fun.
4. Non – standard 60% allocation is a double-edged sword. I am not a programmer, I am not a user of lunix\mac system, I am an ordinary player using windows system. After 20 days of use, I have become familiar with the non-standard 60% allocation of HHKB. To be honest, in the first two days, I could say that I wanted to cry. Where is ctrl? BS backspace key is often pressed incorrectly, sogou input method cannot be switched, and it is inconvenient to enter numbers. These are all the initial maladaptive feelings. After all, under windows system, ctrl is used very frequently. However, all this is gradually adapted to the full situation. ctrl and backspace can accurately remember the position. When the middle is changed to the conventional keyboard, these two keys are often pressed incorrectly instead. After 20 days, I felt that the place I could not adapt to most was when inputting long numbers. I really didn’t have the convenience of a numeric keypad, which I could type blindly. This 60% has the most comfortable place, that is, the fn key is easier to find, and the little finger of the right hand is easier to hold and combine with other fingers. The two palms on the keyboard do not need to be shifted, and the normal typing time slowly gets familiar and adapts. Therefore, this keyboard is comfortable when used, but it is really uncomfortable when not used. By the way, it is worth saying that I also used to play games during the period, but playing games is not as good as working. No one waits for you in the game. The fault tolerance rate is much lower than working input. If you are slow, you lose and you hang up.Therefore, this keyboard cannot be used to play games that require common ctrl keys. please pay attention to this point.
5, the price is very high, rational purchase. I would like to put this point at the end of the summary. HHKB BT version costs more than 2,000, and some people may say that they can buy nearly 100 thin-film keyboards. This is the case for positioning high-end brand products. Hermè s bags, Maibakh sports cars and other high-end brand products can be purchased at the price of dozens or hundreds of entry-level products, but we can’t afford them, or we don’t pursue life attitude. The HHKB keyboard is mostly called ” programmer’s keyboard” on the Internet. It is also analyzed above and has certain origins and reasons. But I think, as an ordinary user, if you want to try, you need to be rational. Once you have it, you can use it well. Only after long-term use can you feel the original intention of this alternative keyboard designer.

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