Asustek XG STATION PRO external Video Card Box

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ASUS XG Station PRO external video card box, which is different from the ROG style of the previous generation of XG Station. This time, the light color style is adopted ( PA27AC also takes this route ). After all, it can be used with Apple’s Mac laptop.

There is no ROG mark in the outer box, and the font is much thinner.

Lightning 3 interface connection with 1.5m wires attached

If you see the red / green LOGO, you can have it all.

AURA divine synchronization cannot be less

Support the graphics card series, new card you buy casually, do not support calculate I lose

330W power supply, ivory bed for you to swim

Unpacking, relieved, much smaller than the previous generation

The first thing I pulled out was a small box of Koji’s version.

There are instructions and some necessary accessories in it.

The manual is very thick, but the content is very simple, only there are many languages.

The lightning line 3 of 1.5m should be next

We are not the same … ……40Gbps is very Diao have? Remember that the lightning wire attached to PA27AC seems to be 20Gbps, smack that

Tianmiao’s Characteristic Three – Plug National Standard Line

Very thick power adapter, wire is very solid, although lethality than not online red chainsaw, but picking up when the meteor hammer is absolutely no problem

Last physical size for reference

There is a plug for a small mechanism.

The expression bag plug is not dirty at all.

There is not a ROG logo on the whole body, but this plug has several meanings, so … are you an undercover from the player’s country?

Sandwich box body

The packaging adopts the consistent INWIN noble style. I feel sorry for it when unpacking without a pair of gloves.

The opening is at the back, and the non-woven fabric has proper adhesion at the interface. Tear the ThinkPad’s red lock before opening the film without losing the handle.

At the bottom of the nameplate, edge texture treatment has been exposed

The challenge was indeed very high, able to bear or endure look.

On the reference, really much smaller than the previous generation

On ASUS’s website, I checked the size and weight comparison with the previous generation.

Phobia, I miss you so much

Dustproof net is also indispensable

Look at the back interface, this time there is no LAN port, another TB3 interface can do a lot of things

Although the two baffles are destined to be torn down, they cannot be lost in details, so it is very comfortable to watch them.

Unlock switch for disassembling and assembling top cover

The power button, touch and paragraph feel are just right.

Is the top cover installed in a push-pull manner or do you prefer a little more coupling fasteners? I wonder if it is somebody else’s patent.

From this angle, the smooth surface treatment of edge chamfer can be seen more clearly.

Black objects are stretched out, and two ( one 8PIN and one 6+2PIN ) are not glue lines, but the processing of high-quality customized lines.

Look inside the circuit board through the opening.

Oh, no, it’s wrong. It’s the following one.

Use INWIN’s own fan

The low-key and introverted power indicator is very much like INWIN Chopin.

After unpacking, please bring out the GTX1080Ti that was show before and come to replace the old one.

This is probably what the fit looks like after it is inserted.

After the laptop is connected, it can be displayed on the internal screen of the laptop through the TB3 interface, and it can not be connected to the external screen, such as on the official map.

The driver installation is not complicated, basically is to find a new device, and then Windows automatic update is done

After restarting, you can show which processes are using the newly inserted solo display.

I never thought I would install 3DMark on the Beggars X1c before. Try installing one hastily.

Personally, I don’t think the run-out score is ideal. I guess the NV driver obtained from the Windows update will be conservative. I should try to install the original asustek driver. in addition, there are some performance options in the NV control panel. however, with the current performance, it should be no problem to eat chicken. the only thing that bothers me is that I thought that the 8GB memory was full enough. I plan to put X1c out of the trading area. how about the 16GB top version?

Well, it’s early morning again, think of something to fill in later.

Add the Mac platform test ha:
Because some Mac models use a card, referring to some data, it is said that RX580 and VEGA systems can be directly drive – free ( it is said that many rich bosses use R6A+VEGA to make black apples? ), here the VEGA gave it a try:

After accessing, the external GPU will be displayed directly, and it can only be used after logging out.

Asusxgstatinpro is recognized in the device and is at full speed.

One more AMD graphics card has been added to the device list. Success!

For the part of the Ncard, SIP needs to be turned off first, and Nv eGPU driver needs to be installed separately. It is more complicated, so we will study it later when we have time.

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