ASROCK Z370 Gaming-ITX/8600K/ PHANTEKS 217 / MSI 1070TI

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I am an avid ITX small steel cannon fan, and my personal computer must be ITX small steel cannon. Only when I help my friends install the machine and consider others’ acceptance ability can I match ATX scheme.

Beliefs about fans: ITX is beautiful, small and does not occupy any space. I feel good when I look at it. It is a waste of time not to put on the desktop.

Every generation I am bound to install ITX small steel cannons, and the 8th generation Core processor is no exception.

Signature map town building

Stewed Assorted Delicacies

I placed an order in December last year for the memory of pirate ship LPX 4266. The status has always been in stock, and the ship was not delivered until January 24 this year. We have to use magic light halberd 3200 C14 first. Fortunately, the transfer to China was very breathtaking. It was delivered a few days before the Spring Festival. There was no tax! The reason why we didn’t choose to collect 100% customs declaration and postal tax on direct mail to America and Asia is also because we put together this tax-free probability, because so far more than 20 orders have been sent to me, all of which are tax – free!

Configuration list:

Intel i5-8600K processor
$       258
Raytheon Rapa branded PALLAS
Tianmao Tianjing Digital
¥       219
Main board
Hua qing z 370gaming – itx / ac
Jingdong proprietary
¥    1,309
Pirate ship avenger LPX 4266C19
$       260
Microstar gtx1070tigaming red dragon
Jingdong proprietary
¥    3,619
LITEON speed T10480g m.2nvme
Jingdong proprietary
¥    1,599
Phanteks PK – 217e Yaoshi Black
Jingdong proprietary
¥       879
Power supply
Pirate ship SF600
Jingdong proprietary
¥       714
Fan F140 – HPII
Jingdong proprietary
¥         69

Out of the box

I5-8600K is an installed cost-effective artifact this year. It has 6 cores and 6 threads. The latest BIOS version of Z370 Gaming-ITX motherboard can run 4.3G full cores by default. Of course, it is only necessary to set CPU Ratio in its BIOS with K. Hua Qing’s default automatic 4.3G considerate setting is just convenient for lazy people like me ( at first I wanted to automatically 4.3G is enough, but I didn’t expect to get a small carving, and 4.8G automatic is easy … ). When I placed my order in America and Asia, the price of 256.99 yuan was about 1,700 yuan in English. At present, Ma Yun’s films have dropped to 1,400 yuan, which is less than the price-performance ratio of i7-8700K K. Therefore, I chose this CPU and motherboard as the installation configuration of this generation.

Intel ( Intel) i5 8600K core ™ 6 – core processor

US – Asia Transshipment, No Tax 258 Dollars, Originally Still Feeling Delighted at Taking Advantage, Results After Christmas, The Price of Generation 8 Processors Now Has Been Falling All the Way, The Pieces Have Been ” duang”, ” duang”, ” duang” Dropped to 1400 Yuan, Feeling Lost Hundreds of Million.

The only good thing is – this is actually a small carving in a box of Mayer, and the physique is not at all the same level as that of Ma Yun’s family movies! 4.6G VID 1.15V, 4.8G vid1.24v. The overclocking 4.8G doesn’t even need the Override voltage, just default to Adaptive directly. The temperature is very good. The temperature of the uncapped oven is 15°C lower than that of i7-8700K K. I can’t believe it myself. In recent days, the temperature has dropped even playing chicken. The CPU temperature of 1.0 is less than 60 degrees!

The new boxed CPU naturally has perfect ears and a beautiful top cover.

Huaqing Z370 Gaming-ITX/AC motherboard

As M8I became the absence of pure blood ROGITX, asustek STRIX focused on lighting + double M.2, and there was no longer the flagship ITX motherboard of Maximus Impact series with strong power supply. Hua Qing’s single-phase 60A, 5 + 2 – phase ITX flagship small board has become the Z370 ITX motherboard with the strongest power supply.

The USB Type-C of this board is lightning 3.0! Does this mean that you can play the external video card dock? In other words, ITX small steel cannons also support dual graphics cards? However, if you think about it carefully, ITX motherboards never seem to support SLI, but they are the same! Intel 8265 dual-frequency 2T2R MU-MIMO wireless network card, toughened armor graphics slot, Aoteng supports + 32 Gbps Ultra M.2.

Hua Qing’s main board was no accident, as always Made in Vietnam, madein vietnam.

5 + 2 phase power supply – at first glance, it is not outstanding, but in fact it adopts ISl69128+ISL99227 of RENESAS/Intersil. The upper and lower bridge integrated MOSFET supports 60A of ISL99227. The digital PWM control chip ISL69138 is the same as Z370 Tachi Tai Chi board and supports variable configuration: X+Y ≤7 phase / 2 path ( X+Y)VRM power supply. In addition, on the PCH side, Maxim Semiconductor PWM supplies power to VCCSA and VCCIO.

IO baffle at the back of the motherboard: the first column is the BNC interface of 2T2R, Intel Wireless-AC 8265 wireless network card antenna; Second column PS/2 interface and USB 3.0 interface optimized by keyboard and mouse; The third column is DP and HDMI output of integrated graphics card, and SPDIF fiber output. The fourth column is USB 3.0 interface; The fifth column is USB 3.1 Type-C/Intel Lightning 3.0 interface. The sixth column is 1Gbps Ethernet card and 2 USB 3.0 interfaces. The sixth / seventh column is 7.1 surround sound audio output.

Chassis PK-217E

The pursuer PK – 217e ( shift ) has a volume of 21.89 litres, a width of 170 mm, a height of 470 mm, a depth of 274 mm and a weight of   5.80kg. this is a vertical duct chassis with unique design. The SECC steel plate skeleton is stamped and painted. On the four vertical facades of the chassis frame, two toughened glass side panels and two aluminum alloy front and rear panels are installed through hooks.

The biggest advantage of ITX chassis is its small size, which can be easily placed on the desktop. Therefore, ITX with a volume of more than 15L is too large. This fan PK-217E and 21L are naturally too large in ITX chassis. However, the large volume is replaced by a large flagship game graphics card with a length of 33cm and a width of 14cm. There is still relatively sufficient space for split water-cooled water tanks and two 120 cold drain spaces. But this chassis has a big problem is that the graphics card heat dissipation is very urgent, the CPU is also very urgent when using the lower pressure type heat dissipation, only to avoid using 8700K+ turbo 4.3G above this kind of large calorific value, the magic is that I draw a piece of 8600K small carving temperature is low enough, overclocking 4.8G automatic voltage as long as 1.24V, full of a whole night but 68 degrees.

The obsidian black color I have chosen is stylish, beautiful, concise, lively, vivid and serious in appearance. This is the front of the chassis. There seems to be no gap at all. In fact, there are air intakes hidden in four directions: up and down, left and right.

As can be seen from the side view, the air inlet of the chassis is hidden on both sides of the front panel of the chassis.

The whole chassis can be seen from either side of the tempered glass side plate, and the framework inside the chassis and the structure of ITX motherboard tray can be seen.

The two front USB 3.0 connectors are located on one side of the front aluminum alloy panel of the chassis and hidden in the middle of the air inlet grid.

The rear aluminum alloy panel has a wiring hole, with USB and HDMI DP video cables above and AC power cables below.

The AC power cord is introduced into the chassis through a short power cord and plugged into the power supply through a 90 – degree switch.

The upper cover of the chassis is made of plastic, with RGB LED indicator lights for power supply, startup and restart buttons, and dust filter screen. Last year, I saw Ma Yun’s family have an aluminum alloy CNC self-made patch for this plate, but I can’t find it now.

The upper cover of the chassis is pressed with a snap-on ball that pops up automatically, with a spring hinge.

Close – up of the latch mechanism of the upper cover of the chassis.

Close – up of the latch mechanism of the upper cover of the chassis.

It can be seen that after the top cover of the chassis is opened, there is another layer of top cover inside the chassis framework, including the fixing position of the graphics card slot and the mounting hole of the IO baffle of the motherboard.

All four panels can be disassembled to facilitate chassis assembly and operation.

It can be seen that the structure that the back of each chassis panel is fixed on the chassis frame is composed of upper and lower four tenons and tool-free two fixing nuts hidden in the chassis wiring layer.

Tool – less nuts can be screwed into the chassis frame fixing side plates.

The mushroom shaped steel business card printing tenon installed on the side plate can be stuck in the hanging hole of the side plate of the chassis.

There are a pair of tenons on the top and bottom.

The dust filter at the air inlet hidden on both sides of the front and rear panels of the chassis, the dust-proof design of this chassis is relatively comprehensive in protecting and filtering the dust at the air inlet.

The installation of the glass side plate is also fixed by four tenons in the hanging holes of the chassis frame instead of the conventional way of penetrating and fixing by nuts.

Remove the chassis frame of the four side panels. On the front of the chassis frame, there is a 14cm air intake fan until the ITX motherboard CPU supplies power.

There are two 2.5 – inch drive rack holes on the rear side of the fuselage frame, which is where this chassis has two 2.5 – inch drives installed today. Considering the development of hardware in recent years, hardware enthusiasts usually need to install 3.5 – inch hard disks before. the installation style of 2.5 – inch SSD startup disks is changed to M.2 SSD – based configuration. Japanese * * sisters who used to account for the majority have also moved to live in NAS storage.

At present, M.2 NVMe SSD is used, and the 2.5 – inch drive position is no longer used in this installation. instead, only one jianxing T10 480G NVMe SSD is installed as the startup disk.

Look at the chassis frame from another angle.

Chassis accessories, including large and small screws have transparent parts box storage.

Large and small screws have transparent parts box storage

Nylon Strap and Cushion

Microstar GTX 1070 Ti GAMING red dragon graphics card

On January 5th, before the mining boom, the magic 3699 jingdong could still use PLUS 2000-80 coupons, but now 4699 and PLUS 2000-80 coupons have shrunk to 1200 – 50 coupons.

The new GXTX 1070 Ti graphics card actually has a very Q comic booklet to teach you how to install a graphics card. There are also fancy stickers that can be used as ji/xingli boxes.

This appearance, I count on fingers, has been 3 years and 3 months since September 2014. Microstar really saves design fees, and it is hard to say whether it has even fired the appearance designer.

I am very satisfied with all the other characteristics except that the shoulder height is too wide, and the heat dissipation efficiency is very qualified.

Five thick heat pipes are definitely conscience – worthy, compared with the big carving brand, which dares to match 2 heat pipes with 1070 Ti core.

Red Dragon’s video card shoulder lamp has not been modified for 3 years, but only the RGB effect has been added. I prefer to expand the lamp band to the video card center like other brands, so it looks more beautiful.

6 + 8 power supply, in fact 1070 Ti single 8p 225 watts is enough.

Because Lao Huang locked the factory frequency of VBIOS on 1070 Ti, only soft overclocking is allowed. 1070 Ti, which was originally used as the default frequency of VBIOS that is not overclocked, is sufficient. But … after all, red dragon is not a non-public version. as a result, we quickly developed an alternative method of soft overclocking through video card App. MSI Afterburner supports the option of starting overclocking on startup, which is actually very convenient

Reasonably, although VR is going to be buried in the grave now, as the direction of VR optimization, it is more appropriate to match the graphics card with the 2xHDMI interface. although 3xDP can be connected to 3 screens, I sincerely think that the most appropriate is to cut down DVI – because DVI and HDMI can be converted point-to-point with each other ( but the highest 2K does not support it4K@60HzResolution ). However, this is the idea of my keyboard designer. After all, I am not a micro-star graphics designer. Sometimes I think the idea of the manufacturer graphics designer is very different from that of our players. – What is even more disgusting is that Gitega GTX 1070 IXOC still has 2 antique DVI ports. I really want to call the designer. Do you want DVI especially, even if you switch to HDMI, you can’t get on4K@60HzResolution ah, leave one is too much, 1070 to do two yo!

Sandwiched back plate with dragon pattern. Unfortunately, this 1070 Ti has no way to use Gaming Z to add money to light up the back plate lamp.

Comprises a carved dragon backboard for protecting a rear circuit board and a front surface for radiating VRM display memory. Front VRM fins are very important, refer to the 1070 SC and FTW that EVGA willfully dropped from the first batch of BOOOOOM without VRM fins.

Pirate ship avenger LPX 4266 C19 memory

I bought this set of memory purely because – I want to know how powerful DDR4 4266 memory can be!

Indeed as expected is more than 1700 dollars of memory, incredibly have a huge carton packaging. This paper box is much bigger than all the memory module packages I have seen before.

It actually includes two dual-channel 16G memories, a fan that can be stuck on the memory slot, an replaceable fan aluminum alloy housing and fan deceleration ( resistance ) wires, instructions, screws, etc.

Fan which can be clamped on the memory slot and matched replaceable fan aluminum alloy cover shell

Dual channel 16G memory, xmp2.0426cl19 – 26 – 26 – 421.40v, samsung B Die particles.

Raytheon Rapamune PALLAS Depressed Radiator

This thing is very unpopular, but the heat dissipation efficiency is really good, reaching the level of 99 yuan 4 heat pipe side-blown tower heat dissipation, which is better than almost all 12cm down-pressure and 9cm side-blown towers, and the height of the radiator is only 62 mm or 57mm, I don’t remember.

Pirate ship SF600 SFX gold medal full module power supply

JD.com started with a 20% discount and made its own modular line. One of the only 2 classic 600 watt SFX mini full module gold power supplies on the market.


The installation process is shown in a picture. This chassis is really difficult to install.

I’ve just finished …

Turn on and light up

Performance test

CPU benchmark performance

Intel’s 8th generation core I5-8600K, 6 – core 6 – thread, 9M L3 cache, 6 – core full silent frequency of 4.1G, compared with the previous generation i5-7400, it can be said to be the toothpaste squeezed out with a sharp chop. However, 4.1G is definitely not the end point. I didn’t even adjust the voltage and ran 4.5G at the direct automatic voltage.

CPU-Z comes with its own simple detection program.



Fritz chess program


This ancient benchmark software prefers high frequency and multi – core. The silent frequency of I5-8600K has exceeded 4.5G 4790K, 6700K and 7700K, not to mention E3 1230 v2/v3/v4/v5, which used to rub the same generation of i5 on the ground for many years, has been directly exceeded by more than 20%.

Cinebench R11.5 benchmark test

The 3D rendering test is not i5′ s strong point, but the 6 – core blessing still approaches Ryzen 5 1600X and i7-5820K overclocking, exceeding the 3930K rage of the old architecture by 4.8G ..


Cinebench R15 Benchmark Test

In the 3D rendering test, the i5-8600K ranking is consistent with R15.


H.264 FHD Benchmark

Video transcoding is a typical CPU multi-core application.


This is not always the strong point of the i5 processor which does not support hyper – threading, but it still keeps a good speed through the reverse attack of the physical core.

Graphics benchmark performance


Dx12 3dmarktimespy test

Look at my 4266 memory button

In fact, it is not possible. One – key XMP parameters and internal memory timing are very bad!

The timing of automatic XMP is even less than 3200 C14 for writing and copying.

Finally, after adjusting the timing of the minor parameters, I would like to thank @ 547737657 for giving me a lot of technical guidance on the timing of the minor parameters.

Finally spit out

Hua Qing’s Z370 Gaming-ITX motherboard has the disadvantage that the DRAM voltage is 1.45V and then the next gear is 1.50V, which cannot be set to 1.47V 1.48V and 1.48 V. So I want to further impact 4400 and do not want to add 1.50V voltage, there is no solution.

The fan chaser chassis is not friendly to non-water cooled graphics cards. games with full graphics cards are basically 8 ~ 10 c hotter than bare ones. This is due to its unique graphics card installation method. It seems that there is no better solution than water supply.

My temporary solution is to buy a 25cm video card extension cord, indicating that it should be compatible with the 217 chassis, and then install the video card upside down, with the fan facing outward, i.e. side through, and then place it directly facing the wall, with the side of the video card not equipped with a glass side through board …

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