Alienware Area51 ThreadRipper

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When receiving the goods, it looked like a very strong big wooden box. although I knew the Area51 was huge, I was a little surprised at first sight and it was very heavy. . .

This box needs a hammer.

Under the small public lift guest, compare the size

The best thing is to open the box.

The US version of Area51 actually gives away a keyboard and mouse. Although it is not so good, it is better than nothing, Guohang actually gives you an empty box to occupy. . . I don’t know what Dell thinks. It looks a bit shabby.

The original box containing the keyboard and mouse was empty.

The first impression is full of texture, industrial sense, technological sense and aesthetic feeling

The rear port is as follows
2 RJ-45 Killer Networks E2500 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
2 high-speed USB 2.0 ports
Six First Generation Ultra High Speed Class A USB 3.1 Ports
1 2nd Generation Ultra High Speed Class A USB 3.1 Port
1 second generation ultra-high speed class c USB 3.1 port, using 15 W PowerShare technology
1 SPDIF Digital Output Port ( TOSLINK )
1 line input port ( blue port )
1 front left / right / headphone port ( green port )
1 center channel / subwoofer port ( orange port )
1 left / right rear surround sound port ( black port )
1 left / right surround sound port ( white port )

The graphics card has 4 outputs, of which 3 are DP and 1 is HDMI.

16A power interface, equipped with 1500W gold medal power supply

Front panel port

The bottom is used for mounting the base, because the chassis is tall, so it is more stable to mount the base.

It’s just random stuff, instructions, drive discs, power cords, PCIE2 wires

Take a picture, line up and unpack

The appearance of opening the side panel, compared with DIY cool RGB host, is weak, crude, or simple

The route is quite messy, to be honest. . .

Dell’s water cooling is officially described as follows: Alienware – equipped ultra-quiet pump, which uses double ceramic bearings, durable nylon tubing and 2850RPM pump circulation. Even voltage regulators and chipsets come with passive radiators, so the system will never overheat even if it is overclocked.

The memory I brought with me is as follows. I always thought it was Hercules before I bought it, so I bought two Hercules before the machine arrived. I didn’t think it was magnesium light. . .
I thought I’d replace it all with 3,000 hacks. I’d like 5,000 or 6,000. I’d better forget it and make do with it.

Self – contained SSD, because there is only one M2 and 256G is a bit of a waste of interface.

Network card, PCIE

Water cooling fan

1500W Power Supply to Prepare for SLI

The chassis is iron. . . So, it’s really heavy, nominal 28kg.

On the other side open, can put 3 3.5 inch hard disk, a 2.5 inch hard disk, standard 2 t.

Buy upgraded materials

Sony’s UJ267 Blu – ray Disc Burner can burn 100G Blu – ray Disc instead of the original DVD
This is the original DVD burner removed.

HGST 12TB Helium Hard Disk, Warehouse Disk

Remove original SSD, Toshiba brand, performance unknown

There is a jelly-like thermal grease on the back.

Samsung 960 Pro Ready to Launch

Transfer thermal grease to New SSD

After upgrade

Smooth lighting

BIOS is rich in functions, including overclocking. It is simple and easy to use. Even beginners can overclock easily.

Next, the keyboard and mouse will be started, and this set will only be put together.
RGB mechanical keyboard for tea shaft

The keyboard is very textured, the whole piece of aluminum alloy, not to mention the details of workmanship

Magnetic keyboard hand support greatly improves comfort

In contrast, the mouse is generally

The other one on the picture is the old Logitech game keyboard, which has been used in office for many years.

The other two Logitech office mice, MX series, bought a master too big for the first time, and bought an anywhere

Key mouse photo, Filco is the first mechanical keyboard bought, and the other small wireless Bluetooth is used to cooperate with notebook external screen, which feels good.

Next, I ate a chicken suit. I felt like a toy. I didn’t have any eggs, so I gave it away.

Lei Ren’s mobile power supply must have been contracted by Dell. I don’t know if it will really be boom.

The Bluetooth headset is well packaged and has a Blattice.

When I opened it, I felt as if it was not worth the price. I didn’t bother to listen and gave it away as soon as I received it.

Display unpacking, U2718Q, 4K, 60HZ, HDR support, blue light protection, narrow bezel
I originally used a U3415W hairtail screen and a P2715Q 4K display, both for work and entertainment. P2715Q has turned a little yellow after 2 years of use, and its border is too wide to keep up with the times. Replace it.Dell has a new hairtail screen, which improves the resolution, but I think this oneU3415W can continue to exert waste heat.

The narrow side looks really nice

A messy scene of unpacking.

This is the previous working scene. One X1C is connected to one Type C hub, and then two monitors are connected, one horizontal and one vertical. It is very useful for both office and entertainment.

The chair has been bought for several years. The quality is very good. After sitting for so long, there is no problem and no sound. Praise!

The X1C 2017, which has been in service for almost one year, has seen the 8 – generation U version of the 2018 version come out again, which is out of date again so soon. . .

It was a high-end match. At that time, I bought such a configuration at the highest. It cost 1.5w for i7 7600U+16G+ original 1T SSD.

This Belgin socket is very popular. It has been used for many years, with high power, good workmanship and various protections. And now it has new national standards. This universal socket is even more precious.

This hub is very popular. It’s from a friend. It’s light, thin, small and all aluminum alloy. It supports charging X1C and 4K output. However, it is estimated that it is still not available in the market and will not be available until some time later.
X1C is a necessary device for this book! A lot of problems have been solved.

HDMI, Type C charging port, earphone microphone, gigabit network card

Four USB ports for USB3.0, one C, three A, and SD and TF high-speed card readers on the side.

The limited edition of Chiphell mouse pad was snapped up by 2 people.One for use and one for standby

Logitech’s 3D design mouse is also a very useful weapon, wireless

Samsung’s fast wireless chargers have too many wireless chargers on the market. I only recognize the brand of big factory.

The workmanship design of a large factory is not comparable to that of 100 yuan.

At the same time support iPhoneX and Samsung S8+, convenient! However, iPhoneX does not support fast charging

It has been a habit for many years that Apple and Android are both holding hands.

This is canon’s bluetooth keypad bought a few years ago. it works well with a notebook. it can be used as an ordinary calculator, can send the calculation results to a computer with one key, and can also be used as a computer wireless keypad.

X1C storage solution, two 128G U disks and a Samsung 2TB solid statemobileHard disk

Small size, fast transmission speed, with encryption!

Qunhui’s 415+ NAS has been in stable service for several years.

It is well maintained and provides data service in a corner in silence.

UPS essential to NAS

The NAS hard disks bought a few years ago are now available in 10T sizes.

Old speaker, the oldest one in Dongdong, should be 10 years old. The classic bookcase of M200MKIII is still beautiful now.

The so-called limited edition in those days is still on sale, I don’t know how to limit it.

The dedicated AC68U is stable and does not drop off the line.

16A power cord, black and thick.

Compare the plug of 10A and 16A

Belgin board under the fierce force, actually also plugged in the big guy, but for the sake of harmony, or bought a switch line

It looks like this when connected

At first, I was worried about whether the power of so many electrical appliances would exceed the standard. In fact, 2500W is a distant figure.

Take a photo and remember the old monitor before leaving.

Power on, simple lighting effect, uniform lighting and excellent visual effect


The following is the effect of changing the new monitor to look more harmonious and narrow border.

After the X1C data is copied, it is ready to be stuffed into the bag.

After the mainframe is placed under the table, the available space on the table is much larger.
Some details, metal texture, although it is a large piece of plastic

Alien logo, I believe the little gray people, UFO, area 51, zeta star, so it looks familiar and friendly.

The style of the keyboard is so harmonious with the design of the host computer.

The resolution and frame rate of the display are almost enough for 60HZ working games.

Change the desktop to suit the occasion.

The light effect control software is very powerful, playing slowly, can tune out countless kinds of collocation, but I like the simplest, don’t like light pollution, also don’t like RGB

Just to show the color of the lower lamp, I don’t like RGB.

Let’s show it, although it’s very flashy and colorful.

In the test phase, if you are too lazy to bother, take a simple test such as the common master Lu. master Lu should not laugh at it.

The original dual-channel 16G memory is upgraded to 4 channels after 4 8G.

Master Lu, the original SSD, cannot display it. . .

The following are the test scores for non-upgraded memory and hard drives

The following are the test scores after upgrading to 4 8G of memory and Samsung 960Pro 1T solid state drive

Does the processor have such a good B?

The video card has been tested several times, and the scores are different each time. This is the highest ranking tested.

Looking at this picture, I feel so full, and the feeling of toothpaste being squeezed out is almost the same

Memory, the original magnesium light is inconsistent with the added Hynix timing parameters. It will be used and replaced later.

This is the speed measurement of Samsung 960 Pro 1T, which is similar to the official nominal data.

Performance Test of Graphics Card and CPU

Briefly introduce the random special control software, temperature monitoring, performance setting and lighting effect.

The light can be set as host + keyboard + mouse, can be combined, and can be set separately, providing very rich personalized customization.

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