2018 rearrange desktop

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First put a final picture ~

In fact, beforeThinkVision DisplayThe posts sent after the arrival of the goods had the appearance of letting go of the desktop at that time. However, due to the problems of Wifi signal in other rooms of the home, NAS connection rate, Vlan isolation and so on, several adjustments were made, some small devices to solve the problems were added one after another, and several connection methods were changed. At present, I feel that I am satisfied with the convenience of use, cleanliness of desktop, network security and signal strength of other rooms. Send a post to record ~

The current main engine, Alienware 15. To be honest, the user experience is relatively general, and what I am satisfied with at present is this 4K screen. When doing things, I can see the details of fonts and lines clearly ~ I replaced the original 1T hard disk with an Intel S3510. the system and software are installed on 128G and 256G m 2 SSD respectively, which is also considered as the configuration of all SSD. When using it, you don’t have to deliberately handle it lightly. This is the most important thing ~ The keyboard is really not easy to use, much worse than ThinkPad, and the system is not very stable ( before PS, the screen is often blue, and Pr sometimes gets stuck. Later, it was reinstalled once, which seemed much better. Next time you switch computers, you want to try the Ultrabook +ThunderBolt external graphics card solution ~

The power cord, as well as the USB uplink of the monitor, another USB connected LaCie’s radiator desktop hard disk ~
There are two cable buckles stuck under the table top, so there is no line visible above and there is no dragging to the ground below ~

Custom elbow network cable on Taobao. It looks a little tidier. There is a slight margin in length, and it is enough to draw the pen closer. ( G600 has now been replaced by MX Master 2S, so that receiver is no longer available. )

This thing has appeared many times on CHH … The shape is really good, mine is 6XXX. One problem is that occasionally it inexplicably starts to rotate at full speed. It seems that there is data reading and writing, resulting in extremely slow file opening. However, it will be ready in a moment. I don’t know why. Not all the documents I need to do things are in here, including the photos I have recorded my life since 2004 ( of course, there are backups in NAS ), mainly because I don’t want to bring some personal things with me.

Three charging wires ~ extend to the rear of the table, which is convenient to charge all kinds of equipment …

The new mouse ~ bought after reading brother ZeroDimenison’s portal post a few days ago ~ is really useful ~

Side roller Da Ai

The bottom surface also has a sense of design. Truly good products have no back surface.

On the right hand side is a display, ThinkVision T2364P, connected through the DP port at the back of the computer. The design is quite good ~ it was originally called the narrowest border, but I don’t know if it is still not. The resolution of 1080 is mainly due to the fact that some software really doesn’t support 4K and can be dragged onto the 1080 monitor.

This small speaker CHH has appeared too many times ~ connected to computer and millet box through Bluetooth ~ it is useless to connect wires because the bottom noise is very obvious when connected with wires, and it does not seem to be the pan of the display, because once I received the same from PHA-2A of Sony, it seems that I was noisy when touching the wires with my hand. It is estimated that my audio cable is too weak ~ electromagnetic shielding is not in place ( maybe not at all, because what I see is a layer of rubber … ).
The Piccadilly above is amazing ~ I bought it in 711 … I really didn’t expect 711 to have such things before I bought this ~

Next to the speaker is a small disk. I bought it at the art museum when I went to Dali’s exhibition. it was quite cheap, actually it was a porcelain disk. Used by me to put small things like USB flash drive and SD card.

There is a millet box in the back. Because it uses a Bluetooth remote controller, it is not a problem to put it anywhere.

There is a millet patch board hidden at the back, because there are many things … so there are two bigger patch boards hidden under the bookcase and tea table … the two above are network cables, one is the input of the router, the other is the output from the router to the electric cat …

On the facade beside the monitor, a pair of B&O H4 is hung, which is quite comfortable to wear. The sound quality is similar to that of Bluetooth headsets. One of the more brain-dead points is that I can’t connect to the PC via Bluetooth. I can only plug in the cable … the remote control of the city millet box hung by the small hook next to it.

Stand with graphics tablet and ThinkPad Bluetooth keyboard. Little red dot is the kind of design that is difficult to give up after learning to use ( or Alienware’s keyboard feels too bad )

Three devices can be hot switched and all mainstream systems support it. The drawback is that the structural strength is not high enough, and pressing down the keyboard will cause slight deformation. As a result, the left and right buttons of little red dot are a little soft. If only an aluminum plate had been built in …

Graphics tablet … It’s ok to use it, but the wireless module has a short battery life. The receiver is plugged into the display.

Keyboard position is Cherry MX Board 6.0~ Lightness of Red Axis ~

The table lamp bought from IKEA one year … is cheap and big bowl …

On the tea table on the left hand side were NAS and some network equipment … It was too messy to put them directly, so a wooden lattice was ordered …

On the front, it looks like this …

At the bottom is the router, CISCO’s lowest-end small business route, which is quite stable, much better than my previous Tenda, but Wifi signal is not very powerful.
So I turned off WIFI and divided it into two VLan, one of which was connected to an electric cat and one was plugged into each room, so the whole house was full of signals. Another VLan is used to connect switches to computers, NAS and other things. the WIFI of the router is placed in this VLan, which can be turned on when necessary ( there is a button on the router ) in order to shut down safely at ordinary times.

The electric cat on the wall ~300M is enough.

The upper layer is a CISCO non-network management switch, gigabit, which is used to connect PC, NAS and a Thunderbolt download treasure. I bought this because the built-in switch of the router is 100 megabytes, and I bought this because I couldn’t understand it very well, so I bought CISCO’s. I feel that although the price performance of CISCO’s products is a little lower, there are few problems, so I want to worry about it. There is no pressure to watch the 4K video previously recorded in NAS.

Download treasure, download actually sounds unstable, far worse than the thunderbolt on the PC side, but can take a mobile hard disk as NAS, movies and so on all exist in it.

The hard disk connected to the download treasure, 1TSeagate removed from Alienware.

LaCie 2Big NAS, this CHH should have appeared many times …

The final result is like this ~ I feel quite satisfied with myself.

When doing something, it’s usually messy …

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