The most powerful WI-FI package? ORBI RBK53 Experience, Exhaustion and Instructions for Use

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Purchase motivation

As more and more machines are installed in the home, the performance test of wireless routers is becoming more and more severe.
There are quite a few routers that have been disturbed over the past few years. From the original TP-LINK classic wr841n ( I recently painted DD-WRT a little bit more ) to Leike NW736, the network signal has been unsatisfactory. I have tried to use TP power cats, but it is getting weaker and weaker. I have also tried Huawei Glory WI-FI ( this product doesn’t support port forwarding? ); After that, I accidentally entered WNR2000 V3 on an east side ( I also brushed DD-WRT, but I still couldn’t reach the function I wanted), began to contact Netgear products.

Let’s introduce Netgear

After using so many brands, the net gives me the feeling that I don’t often drop off the line. Although it still drops off sometimes, the chance is much less and the operation is simple and convenient.

After a few years, I went to R6300 V3 and R7000 again. although I have never used ASUS, the reliability of ML’s powerful screening device is really good. It is not bad to use it within a certain range, but it may be a structural problem in the home. There are many load-bearing walls. After two or three rooms, the signal is weak.

Recently, I am really suffering from Wi-Fi signals and began to look for Wi-Fi systems.


At that time, however, there were mainly several choices.

1、UBNT Amplifi
2、Linksys VELOP
3、Google Wi-Fi
4、Netgear ORBI

Of course, so many, I finally chose ORBI
The reasons are as follows
The first is too much like my original glory WI-FI. Although the Yan value is very high and the screen is quite pleasing to me, there is no Mu-mimo, and it is a single-core CPU, so it is out.
The second appearance is also my favorite, the appearance is the most pleasing to me, the hardware is similar to ORBI, tangled;
The third reason was Google’s fear of domestic compatibility, which was removed.

The fourth one felt a little big at first sight and a little cute at second sight. A search on the Internet found that compared with MESH network products, the speed was the fastest one, and the oil pipeline was basically only praising but not belittling. That was him.

Of course ORBI is also divided into several varieties. The main culprits are RBK22, RBK23, RBK30, RBK40, RBK44, RBK50 RBK53 and commercial orbypro. In principle ( my guess ) RBK22 and RbK223 are the oldest. The difference between them is the type of two places at once.

RBK40 and 44 are the third generation. The difference lies in the number of members and the difference between two and three.
RBK50 and RBK 53 belong to the latest version. The difference lies in the number of members and the same configuration ( the main body is RBR50, the members are RBS50 and the 53 version has two members ).

In terms of price, US – Asia direct mail is the cheapest ( including postage ), but it is taxed on gg. The price of a certain east in China is too high. Later, I found an agent to take the goods directly from the government. RBK 53 is the same price as VELOP AC6600 on the east. Therefore, I also decided to enter ORBI.

Finally arrived

Pictures when I came

external packing

Actually, the packing box was not damaged. It was officially delivered directly. It was very reliable and beautiful.

Go in


Whole package


This is how it opens

Boss Duang appears

Big brother

Two doppelgangers


Close – up mystery


Chrysanthemum Department ( USB2.0, and not open for use! )


Fit, nuclear power plants have wood and are quite adorable.


Download App

There are two App mentioned here: ( 1)Orib, the exclusive of mysteries ( 2)Genie, which is universal in net

The first software ORBI must be used for the first installation, but its functions are extremely few. With only one basic setting, the equipment list, speed measurement and parental control are gone, which is very light.
Every time I open it, I have to make a loop of it to search for ORBI network. I have tried to connect it, but I can’t get into the software.

By contrast, the second software Genie is much more powerful. See for yourself.
The most important thing is that I can log in remotely after logging in to the internet account. I will never be afraid that my mother will not be able to get on the internet when I am not at home.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The first pit: unsuccessful dialing

In use, Orbi app must be used for the first installation. It will help you set all the settings ( theoretically ) with one click.
Why is it in theory, because when I first installed it, due to various problems, ppoe was simply unable to dial, because I am not a professional and I really don’t know why. Anyway, I just looked at an app and saw that the above-mentioned loop did not enter. Can’t that be skipped? Sorry, it can’t be ( I don’t know if the later version will work, but it didn’t work then )! ! ! All right, I’ll use the computer to board and operate it, okay? No, it’s still the first time for your app to set up after making a circle.

Is it okay to set it up with Genie? Not even!

WTF? ? ? ! !

After saving money for several years, I managed to find a reliable agent and arrived at my house with difficulty. At this moment, I took off my pants. You told me that the connection was incompetent? ?

Finally, the reset solution, the thread drawing solution and the restart solution were used, and finally the login was successful and connected.


The Second Pit: Two Members Will Lose Union

The next step is to set up two places at once.
Orbi’s two places and the main body both have three antennas for interconnection. The network officials also claim that wireless backhaul is better than wired backhaul, which is also mild to Orbi’s claim of simple, high-end and future-oriented user experience.
But then the users ( many of whom are estimated to be like me ) argued with the net, and finally updated the firmware to support wired backhaul.

When I got it, the firmware was version 1.0x and there was no wired return trip. when I took the copy to the host room for installation, I found the signal was extremely weak and connected.Blue light( stable ); Suddenly againPink lamp( Lost ).

At first, I thought it was a placement problem, so I put it on the top of the bookshelf. It is true that the signal is much better. In most cases, there is no problem with the connection, but the connection will still be lost from time to time.

It’s really not that I am sensitive or old – fashioned. after several losses, I have summed up the rule that when losing a league, I have to stop at the red light first and then display it on the management page.The original red light’s two places at once dropped off the line.It didn’t take long for it to turn.Without the red light, you’re still busy and the reality drops off.When both of them turn off the line, the red light will go out and the blue light will be restored. This kind of thing happens every 6 hours.


The third pit: special firmware upgrade method?

I can’t stand this kind of situation. Contact the authorities and ask me to upgrade. So I directly pressed the upgrade in Orbi app. The whole process was completed in about 30 minutes, and all upgrades were completed, showing all devicesHas been upgraded to the latest version( the version number ).

This version can already return via cable, so plug in the cable and let him return. The thing happened again: the management page showed that: member a was successfully connected, member b could not be synchronized ( I forgot exactly how to write it ); Before long, B was successfully connected and A was disconnected. So repeatedly two busy fighting n rounds, you lost me again and again, finally disappear for a while, can connect, but! Is! Show that one is a wired backhaul and the other is not? ? ? I tm both plugged in.


All right, I called the authorities and told me to restore the factory settings and upgrade, and in order to confirm that I was upgraded successfully, I had to downgrade and upgrade first. So I reset it, opened the firmware under the website, and found that the website actually has2.1.2.18. Stunned, app showed that I had the latest version, but the website was updated. No matter what, update quickly. The three devices were all updated with trembling hands. There were three or four unsuccessful firmware uploads, and the update was finally completed.

This is great, can use, I will wash and sleep.

When I woke up early the next morning, I found that one of the two members was unable to connect.
I tried all kinds of methods, including the official brother’s special method, and was finally determined as ” your route has a problem, please enter the factory.”

So I sent the things back to the factory for replacement.

Pit 4: Online upgrade toxic identification completed

I waited about 10 days in the middle of the trip. After all, the Chinese New Year was coming right away. I was also grateful for someone to help me change it.

Ten days later, rain, express brother, I.

Second unpacking

After receiving the official exchange, this time I didn’t have the paper suitcase that was protected outside last time. I sent it directly and all corners were wrinkled.
Fortunately, the contents are not broken.

No matter, hurry up and use it. This is the first time to set up a bumpy than last time, and it is only by restarting the optical cat and ORBI back and forth that dialing is successful. This happened twice, so it’s not my problem.
This is the setting in the following, carefully pressing the online upgrade on the app until it is automatically upgraded.
When it was upgraded and restarted a few minutes ago, my heart would jump out. What should I do in case of another big New Year’s Eve, brother?

Fortunately, the update was successfully completed ( the online update version of ). I quickly backed up the settings and then restored the factory settings again.
Finally, everything was settled, and the wired return of the two members was successful.
Home Wi-Fi GET with the strongest surface! ! !

However, I was still happy too early. The next morning, I woke up and found that Nima was broken again. This time it was even stranger. The blue light was on, but I still couldn’t connect to the main engine.

I feel dizzy \ _ ( tsu ) _ /

I called customer service and the other party said. “You’d better not upgrade online.”。
This is like GTR telling car owners: ” You’d better not start with catapult.”
Then why did you set it up?

Then he added: ” Blue lights sometimes indicate that they are connecting.” I was surprised, after all, the instructions said:

Blue light

Well, the solution is to connect the two places at once, restore the factory settings of each place at once, and then reinstall the firmware.

But the problem is, because the name of the whole set of Wi-Fi is the same, although I connect to my Wi-Fi, but I don’t know whether it is connected to the subject or the two places at once, to know that the two places at once were in a disconnected state, if connected to the subject, it is impossible to enter the address of the two places at once. Anyway, after a long period of torture, omitting tens of thousands of words, the two members were finally reset and reassembled.
Everything in the past was due to the problem of online update.


Use feeling

Since then, Wi-Fi has entered a stable state, and basically there has been no large-scale regular network disconnection. ORBI is not to blame for some small and sporadic network disconnection because it is impossible to determine whether it is caused by problems with networking equipment.
After that, whether it is restart caused by unexpected power failure, manual shutdown, or unexpected network cable is pulled out, the two places and the host can identify each other quickly after reconnection, and then they can operate stably.

As for the load capacity, there are currently 40 sets of equipment commonly used in our family. Although we have not tried to connect them at the same time, there is no problem when the whole family uses them together.
I put a member in the east room, and hung up the computer with the Plex server on. I connected the millet box to the mainframe to see 1080 without pressure, and the 4k source has not been tested for the time being. In addition, on ps4, it is also Plex and drag and drop without pressure, which is impossible in the original glory Wi-Fi.

In terms of download capability, since my home is 100m optical fiber, Thunderbolt 11m/s, I understand that it is not clear if I run out of bandwidth and go up again.

Under the same two places at onceI watched 1080 from Plex to PS4, while the iPad was projected to Apple TV, plus I remotely controlled Plex’s server from MacBook pro without delay.

This, I think, has already met the requirements of daily use.

To sum up, this Wi-Fi system is still very powerful. As long as it is properly installed, the rest will be left unattended.

Of course, at this price, you may say that the price can already reach r9000.


Yes, but this depends on the coverage. I finally chose ORBI and did not make any mistakes.

I also took great pains for these two wired.


The problems that have arisen before can be summarized as follows:
1. Make sure app is set first, originally for the convenience of users, but the computer settings are blocked, which reduces the user’s ability to solve problems when there are problems ( I was suddenly confused when I saw that others were set on the website, and I was forced to use APP anyway when there were problems );
2. The problem with the online upgrade system has caused me endless pain. This problem is also officially believed to exist. Otherwise, people will not be told not to upgrade online.
3. There are problems with optimization, including GUI. What I have seen here is clearly that the two places with missing links are connected. Those places without missing links are missing links. According to analysis, there is a problem with GUI, which is why I only use English and dare not use Chinese.
4. ORBI app is under – optimized, which is also Net gear’s App. Genie said that it is connected, and ORBI app gave me half a day’s detour.
5, intelligent but not fully intelligent, busy and host coverage boundaries fuzzy, in busy and host and busy in the middle of the zone, the signal is in the same strong / weak, networking equipment have no choice, suddenly cut off all of a sudden, even no traffic situation; This is especially serious under the combination of one master and two members. I believe that one master and one member also exist. AndBecause it’s the same name, I can’t know which member I’m using, resulting in clearly standing in front of the host, the signal is still weak, because I’m connected to the member. At this time, only turn off Wi-Fi and reconnect, greatly reducing the smoothness of use;
6. The expansion is very weak, and there is no other expansion except for the official app that cooperates with Disney circle. This is not comparable to other Net gear that can brush ML.

However, on the whole, there is nothing to hide from the flaws. This is still a good Wi-Fi, strong and reliable ( if set up properly ).

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