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streacomb1 red unpacking

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Streacomb1 Won ” German Red Point Award 2017″

Cut the crap and come to the website parameters first.

In ATX version, there is still a lack of screw fittings. The official gave a supply bag to the thief. I remember it was 49 dollars. This money came quickly.

Front, LOGO of BC1. I didn’t pay attention to it when I saved it. The star anise is not sharp.

On the back, I kept the pleasure of unpacking until the last moment.

The overall thickness is very thin and very pressing.


The attachment is a leaflet, simple and concise.

Front of instruction

Back of instruction

The laser number on the back of the main body, etc.

Anodized red texture is very good, and laser technology looks great.

Side screw

PCIE fixing screw

Stainless steel is also very good.

Each hand screw is fitted with a washer to reduce friction marks.

The screw holes are equally delicate.

The rubber pads at the bottom of the two brackets are well received.

The overall thickness is about 8.20 mm.

Main body + screw fittings

The platform to be assembled feels very good when looking at it, and the assembly of the whole frame is all done by hand.

Configuration list:

Chassis: streacomb1 red
CPU:i7 7700k
Motherboard: Asus ROG M9A
Memory: Chich Trident Z DDR 4 4133 16GB ( 2x8G )
Power supply: pirate ship AX1200i
Video Card: MingxuanNVIDIA GeForce GTX1080Ti

Heat dissipation: Be Quiet DARK ROCK 3

Hard disk: samsung 960pro 512GB x1
Samsung 850pro 512gbx2
Seagate 7200 to 2tbx1

The hardware is ready, and a family photo is available.

The convenient place for an open platform is to stand up and install the wiring.

The lower power supply, considering the low probability of replacing the power supply and the hard disk in the future, plus the fact that you like to disassemble and assemble the equipment, the thief AX1200i is in place in one step, the probability of disassembling the power supply is very low, and the cable tie is fixed directly.

The hard disk only supports 1×2.5 + 1×3.5, so we built a 3.5 – turn 2.5 – pull 2 rack. The two 850pro pieces are just stuck in the middle of the rack, which is perfect. The hard disk of the family heirloom for ten years is also very flattering, plus a 3.5 warehouse disk.

3.5 Turn 2.5 Hard Disk Rack In order to facilitate insertion of silver-plated power supply line, a PCIE fixing nut is removed from an empty space, and it is directly clamped and fixed in this way to prevent shaking during moving.

Various wires of hard disk power supply return to their original positions.

After such a large power supply is installed, there is still a considerable distance between it and the hard disk. The compatibility is really good. This is one of the advantages of open platform.

Positive diagram

Install the CPU, memory module and solid rear main board rack, saying M9A is a bit anti – human


Let’s go 360 degrees without dead corners

There is about 25mm space between the main board and the rack, so it is very convenient to hide and arrange the wires.

The mainboard is fixed by a design without disassembly and can be directly clamped in, but the mainboard will have a slightly tilted angle after installing the graphics card to dissipate heat, and it can be fixed by a nut + washer.

Trial installation – water cooling mode

After the 240 cold row is installed through the transition angle, it feels not very firm and stable, so it gives up the water cooling scheme. This feeling can be designed as a combined aluminum alloy strip. It is better to fix the cold row by assembling.

Air – cooled mode ( daily mode ) – the heat dissipation is Be Quiet DARK ROCK 3. the color value, heat dissipation capability and silence are well balanced, i.e. the installation is slightly anti – human, and the german stuff has no work to say.

The fixed fan buckle is somewhat blocked on the back plate of the video card, so the video card is inserted into the second PCIE position after heat dissipation is installed and no further adjustment is required.

M9A another person think exotic places, an m 2 interface takes up two memory bits, memory can only be inserted into two, this feeling is very can’t understand

The CPU is powered by double 8PIN. This must be fully plugged in. When you return to your leisure time, you will be super – playful.

Fix one’s makeup

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